Top Holder Activity Indicator on Coinbase Hits 85% Buy for XRP

The “top holder activity” indicator on Coinbase has hit 85% buy for XRP. The indicator tracks the top 10% XRP balances on the Coinbase exchange. It is used to determine the extent to which these top coin holders have either changed their net position for the altcoin. A “top holder activity” indicator of 85% buy simply means that a huge majority of the top coin holders in the exchange are actually buying XRP.

Although the 85% buy score dropped within 24 hours, it is still above 75%, which is pretty impressive for XRP.  It is an indication that there is actually a lot of confidence in XRP from some of the major coin holders in the market right now. This news also comes as XRP continues to deal with growing volatility, especially over the last few weeks or so.

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