Xpring is Now Offering Crypto and Fiat Payments That Can Integrate Into Any App

Ripple’s investment division Xpring has announced that it is launching a new payments platform that will allow developers to easily integrate fiat and crypto payments into any application. The platform will offer a suite of services including Xpring’s software development kit. The kit is designed to easily allow developers to integrate any XRP app in a wide range of programming languages. Xpring also says that the platform will have a series of new tools that can be used by developers to work with XRP and Ripple’s Interledger Protocol.

According to Ethan Beard, senior vice president at Xpring, the new platform is expected to make it easier for any developer to use the XRP ledger. Beard says that the new platform will help accelerate the development of micropayments in a wide range of industries including gaming and media. However, the platform works for any type of payment. The launch of the new platform is also a significant step away from tradition for Xpring. Since it was established, Xpring has acted as the investment arm of Ripple.

Its job has primarily been to identify and acquire companies that can be strategically integrated into the XRP ecosystem. Many see the new platform as a new vertical in Xpring’s strategy and it looks like a great move for now. Beard also noted during the launch that Xpring has also added a number of new strategic partners into the XRP network. Bitpay, BRD, and Anchorage are the latest companies to add XRP as part of their offerings.

Ripple is hoping to have thousands of merchants adopt XRP as a payment option online. This would mean that more and more users will continue to use the altcoin. We have also heard reports that Chainalysis is adding XRP ledger to its blockchain analytics as well. The new platform will be a critical factor in expanding XRP usage too. The only challenge would be to make sure it takes off as expected, as soon as possible. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that Xpring has the power to make this happen.

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