Things Are Looking Up for Ripple and Its Virtual Token

Positive events recently marked the existence of cryptocurrency exchange, Ripple, and its virtual token, XRP.

Ripple reportedly took some huge steps to achieve new milestones for its growth. It inked several new agreements with banking institutions and payment systems.

PayPal in Japan, which has one million retailers and ten million users, reportedly signed up to RippleNet.

Moreover, Ripple has announced that is has acquired a massive stake at money transfer service provider, MoneyGram, aside from introducing on-demand liquidity.

To be nearby the US regulators and to conduct productive talks with them, Ripple has also established a new office in Washington, D. C.

Besides these promising developments for the cryptocurrency exchange and its virtual token, a supporter named Crypto Welson shared his bullish sentiments for the cryptocurrency entities.

On Twitter, the cryptocurrency analyst owns the handle, @CryptoWelson. He shared his views on the popular social media website, saying that he is “ultra bullish” on Ripple and XRP.

The tweet, dating October 31, 2019, shows Crypto Welson’s optimism and observation, citing that in 2018, the virtual token of Ripple had its trading price’s performance being relatively motionless.

Furthermore, XRP had been in the accumulation stage, Crypto Welson remarked.

Nonetheless, he relayed that Ripple and its virtual token are entering the bullish territory, and are prepared to enter new heights.

Crypto Welson affirmed this perspective, seeing that there has been plenty of news and collaborations involving Ripple and XRP lately.

Crypto Welson is anticipating a massive fear of missing out or FOMO on XRP soon.

Finally, Justin Bieber and his celebrity manager, Scooter Braun, are reportedly another set of promising Ripple and XRP backers.

In July, Ripple’s Xpring had an agenda of sealing a deal with the pop singer, his manager, and another pop icon, Ariana Grande, worth $500 million.

The substantial investment is reportedly aimed at finding new usage for Ripple’s cryptocurrency.

The October 30 tweet of a Twitter user, @BankXRP, appears to be alluding to this development. The message presents a video of Bieber running at famous tourist destinations.

Virtual Token1
Ripple and its virtual token, the XRP, have reportedly found another supporter in pop singer, Justin Bieber.

It also demonstrates famous film scenes having his running figure embedded on them, like those from “Trainspotting” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The phrase ‘Runs on Ripple’ is visible on the presentation, which seems to relate to the reported partnership between the “One Time” singer and the cryptocurrency exchange.

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