Holders of XRP to Get Excited as Token Reaches All-Time High

Holders of Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP, will feel thrilled because fantastic news about the virtual token awaits them today.

On-Demand Liquidity-enabled cryptocurrency exchange, Bitso, confirmed that their liquidity index for XRP had reached an all-time high of three million XRP.

Mexican Bitso Liquidity Index Shows Ripple’s XRP token reaching All-Time High of 3 Million

Digital currency analysts may reckon this development as having not that much volume for Ripple’s virtual currency.

Nevertheless, Bitso’s data is significant, considering that it is a business employed to serve on-demand liquidity (ODL) for financial institutions utilizing XRP.

Furthermore, another essential feature of this event is the percentage rate at which the liquidity index expands.

With the liquidity of XRP skyrocketing, this trend is similar to a snowball steadily rolling downhill to serve ODL clients.

This development for Ripple’s virtual currency demonstrates a lot of promise for it. Holders of XRP certainly have so much to look forward to with these events.

Mexican Bitso Liquidity Index shows Ripple’s XRP token’s uptrend performance

The 24/7 non-stop stream featured below presents all of the latest ODL transactions. It also comprises Bitso transactions.

These events involve batches of roughly 40,000 XRP lately, and they take place every 15 minutes.

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