Ripple Is on a Hiring Spree to Improve XRP Liquidity in Asia

Ripple is currently on a hiring spree as the company tries to expand its institutional liquidity in the Asian cryptocurrency scene. It recently revealed that tot is looking to hire an institutional market manager. According to their announcement, the candidate will be a key player as the firm expands its presence and extend its services towards the Asia-Pacific Market.

Ripple is hiring a key player for its Asian expansion

Ripple is hiring a key player for its Asian expansion

The candidate will be responsible for managing relationships with exchanges, brokers, market makers, institutions, and other financial market participants in Asia. The ideal candidate will play the head role in ensuring the smooth expansion of XRP in the region,

This announcement comes shortly after the two of the company’s executives are currently locked in a serious battle after being charged by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) because of its ICO launch. This lawsuit resulted in the massive delisting of XRP token by several major exchanges, making investing in Ripple a difficult prospect for potential investors.

Regardless, Ripple seems to be serious about XRP’s expansion to Asia. With its recent activities, analyses say that the company may be preparing for whatever outcome comes after the SEC lawsuit. 

It recently increased its investments outside the U.S., with Europe and Asia as key areas. Even before the SEC filed the lawsuit, Ripple and its executives have been vocal about possibly moving their headquarters to Europe or other possible destinations because of the tough regulatory conditions the company is experiencing in the U.S.

Ripple says it will focus on the Asian cryptocurrency market because of the huge potential in the market. Among the reasons for this is India and China, the two countries with the biggest population. 

In Ripple’s announcement, the candidate they will choose for the position will be working with a professional team experienced in finance. This will help the candidate manage and expand XRP’s utility and liquidity in the continent effectively and efficiently.

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