Analyst Predicts XRP to Reach $10 – Crypto to Replace Fiat in 2026

California, USA – Crypto analyst, Credible Crypto, predicts the XRP price, stating that it will reach $20 to $30 in the succeeding weeks. On another note, banking executives expect XRP, Bitcoin, and Ethereum to replace money by 2026.

XRP retained its price after bouncing back, and now it trades at $1.34. It led to an analyst’s prediction. The analyst, famous as Credible Crypto, shared analysis about the performance, and he shared it on YouTube. As per the analyst, if this cryptocurrency hits $3.40 in the next few months, the trading price will reach $10.

As per the analyst, the bullish target is $20 to $30 at the end of the bull run. The analysis relies on the decrease in sell pressure. There was no comment regarding the competition of XRP from Polkadot and Dogecoin, which are also part of the top 10 best cryptos by market capitalization.

Another YouTube content creator, Kevin Cage, shared bullish insight of Credible Crypto. According to Cage, he anticipated that price of XRP would double the price, which it did. He also added that there’s more to come.

Analyst Predicts XRP to Reach 10 Crypto to Replace Fiat in 2026
Crypto analyst predicts XRP price to go up to $30 after $3.40

Cryptocurrencies were making their way back after dropping value since May 2021. By July 2021, the market capitalization industry recorded a trillion dollars. Bitcoin had a price of over $50,000 after the second leg, while Ethereum, Cardano, and Binance Coin tries to race the king of crypto to the top. XRP is also one of the top-performing digital assets.

According to Deloitte Global Cloud’s leader, Linda Pawczuk, some findings explain the seismic shift in the funding services, which resulted in the blockchain cryptocurrency’s evolution. The report shows that 76% of funding professionals believe that Bitcoin, including XRP, might replace fiat currencies in the next ten years.

As per the report of Deloitte, participating in and supporting cryptocurrencies is not an option. It’s inevitable.

The views of Yanis Varoufakis are also similar to the IMF or International Monetary Fund. Also, “Hyberbitcoinization” is getting there.

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