SEC Continues to Fight With Ripple Despite Fair Notice Verdict

California, USA – The US SEC or the United States Securities Exchange Commission doesn’t want to give up the case, and it continues to fight legal standards, as per Ripple. Ripple shared relevant statements about the case involving William Hinman, a former member of SEC.

The lawsuit filed by SEC against Ripple continues. The last update about the case was the feedback of Ripple in a letter to the opposition of SEC. The opposition was about compelling inter-agency and the production of internal documents.

Lawyers of Ripple requested the court to compel the request. As per Ripple’s side, SEC is fighting legal standards because the court already recognized it as a fair notice defence. The side also stated that SEC is not defending its across-the-board declaration to the DPP or Deliberative Process Privilege. Moreover, SEC is stating as if the order is nothing.

According to Ripple’s side, the efforts to protect the production of important material might lead the court to dismiss the case. Ripple alleged DPP’s invocation, stating that it’s contrary to establish a precedent. It leads the disagreement to think that public policy favours the government.

SEC Continues to Fight With Ripple Despite Fair Notice Verdict
Ripple states that SEC is fighting against the law standard by being stubborn.

On another note, Ripple goes further for the jugular of the case with the contradictions created by the US SEC involving William Hinman. As per the side of Ripple, the personal views of Hinman on the status of XRP is dubious.

This blockchain company stated the recent statement ( of Hinman US SEC tried to remove. According to Ripple, Hinman admitted that before joining SEC back in 2017, the securities laws to cryptocurrencies were new, and not everyone knows a lot about it. Also, he said that he could not recall any specific work when he joined SEC about federal securities laws.

The fact discovery is moving closer, and the news about this event is increasing. Many crypto traders anticipate the coming event, thinking whether the case will finally end or not.

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