Settlement Seems to Be the Best Answer for Ripple Against US SEC

The main problem worrying Ripple (XRP) investors and traders are the company’s case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Numerous Ripple traders and investors suffered the effects of the case through the volatile XRP prices to represent the buyer’s fear of the lawsuit’s outcome. Despite positive sentiments about the case, settling with the US Securities and Exchange Commission seems the best way to go. 

According to Ripple lawyer John Deaton, the judge is about to rule in Ripple’s favor to provide the company with the notes and emails from Hinman’s 2018 speech

Settlement Seems to Be the Best Answer for Ripple Against US SEC
Ripple stock prices affected by SEC lawsuit

These findings should be enough leverage for Ripple to move SEC to a settlement. Attorney Jeremy Hogan showed a document containing the rules that SEC and Ripple would need to follow after the discovery. 

Although the last settlement was not fruitful, Sarah Netburn favours hosting the mediation between both parties. Netburn saw all the documents on camera, indicating a possibility for a settlement in April or May. 

Settlement Seems to Be the Best Answer for Ripple Against US SEC
Possible settlement agreement between Ripple and US SEC

Nevertheless, numerous cryptocurrency investors expect to resolve this lawsuit by 2022, accompanied by new standards and mandates to govern cryptocurrencies. 

On the one hand, Ripple would experience their XRP prices returning to a less volatile position, potentially increasing due to positive sentiments from investors and traders. 

On the other hand, the US SEC would relieve the tension they have with other US cryptocurrency investors regarding the volatile movements of XRP throughout the case. 

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