XRP Price Might Start a 45%-Rally – Crypto Might Survive as per CEO

CALIFORNIA, The United States – XRP earns about 50% in the previous two weeks, and it’s after Ethereum (ETH) on a steep rally. As per analysts, this digital asset is confident to move higher if it breaks a significant resistance. According to the CEO of Pantera, Dan Morehead, XRP is one of the cryptocurrency to survive long-term sustainability.

In the previous two weeks, XRP earned about 50%, and it followed Ethereum on its vertical rally higher. Experts believe that this cryptocurrency is possible to move higher after it breaks a significant resistance.

As per the digital asset trader, XRP breaks at $0.321 as its resistance, which is on a weekly scale, will start a noticeable increase higher. This trader stated that a 45.6%-movement to the price of $0.468 might take place in a couple of months.

Boosting the bull case of Bitcoin is the positivity that some traders have regarding Stellar Lumens (XLM). It’s well-documented, where the price of XRP strictly traces that of XLM and XLM to XRP.

As per NewsBTC, a trader stated that considering the previous trading volume and price action of XLM, it’s probably to trigger a longer-term in the bull trend.

The price action of XRP might be reliant on Bitcoin because of the connected nature of the digital asset market.

On the other hand, as for XRP bulls, experts began to flip bearish on Bitcoin as the chief cryptocurrency drops lower. Bitcoin is exchanging at $11,450, which is below from the $11,500 price, and it’s a first time.

Another trader assumed that Bitcoin might drop to the $9,000s, and possibly lower in the previous week. A CME gap, along with price declines were at $11,500 to $12,000. It Bitcoin is to retrace more that it has, it’s improbable that XRP will be in a green status for long.

Dan Morehead, the CEO of Pantera, thinks that XRP is one of the digital assets that will survive long-term sustainability.

As per Thinking Crypto, Morehead stated that Ripple is a productive member of the digital asset industry, regardless if everybody likes it or not.

Ripple had over half of the entire XRP supply, and it utilizes its digital asset as its payment platforms.

Morehead shared that Ripple did an excellent job, and it’s one of the big companies with hundreds of engineers establishing lots of code. He also shared how he foresees a world with 8 to 10 blockchains, and XRP is one of these.

The CEO of Pantera stated that he thinks digital assets are not necessary for fighting over one another. Plus, there are more than ample room for numerous projects to prosper.

As per Morehead, these digital assets are challenging trillions of dollar markets like cross-border currency movement, gold, wealth storage, and remittance. There’s ample opportunity, and another factor is that ETH and XRP don’t fight each other, while the company fight with the Argentine peso. He also explained that the company is competing for paper currencies, and there’s a lot of room for every digital asset,

Morehead stated that the top digital asset positions include Ethereum, Filecoin, Polkadot, Bitcoin, 0x and Augur.

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