XRP Price Hits 4th Place – Targets $0.17-Resistance after Recovery

United States – Ripple’s XRP targets a resistance level of $0.17 after the price recovery. On the brighter side, this cryptocurrency is in fourth place after trading at $0.149. Furthermore, a trading expert shares suggestions about buying XRP while the price is low.

XRP Price Faces Recovery and Aims a $0.17-Resistance Level

XRP Price Hits 4th Place Targets 0.17 Dollar Resistance after Recovery

XRP started a modest price retrieval from the support level of $0.1280 over the United States or the US dollar. The price of XRP may surpass the resistance level of $0.1500. It might exchange to the resistance level of $0.1700. The price is showing little strong signs over the level of $0.1400 over the US dollar. The price is presently challenging a significant resistance level that’s near to the level of $0.1500, which is in XRP/USD’s hourly chart. Moreover, the coin might either endure higher to the resistance level of $0.1700 or drop to $0.1300 again.

The price of XRP surged over the resistance level of $0.1500, which is with the 100 hourly simple moving averages. The coin exchanged at $0.154, which previously modified lower. There was an opportunity under the Fib retracement level of 23%, which is a climbing move from the low price of $0.1281 to $0.1546 high.

The previous XRP price was fleeting as it searched support near to $0.1450 level. There’s a brief breakout outline forming with a resistance that’s near to the $0.1500 on XRP/USD’s hourly chart. The price may surge more if there’s a decisive break over the resistance level of $0.1500.

The succeeding resistance is near to the level of $0.1550, wherein the bulls of XRP may target a test of the resistance levels of $0.1650 to $0.1700 in the close-term. Furthermore, any other improvements might push the XRP price to $0.2000.

If XRP didn’t succeed in extending the price surge over the resistance level of $0.1500, it might decrease under the triangle support point. Timely support is near to the level of $0.1450, wherein the price may go to the $0.1400 level. It’s near to the 50% Fib retracement point of the ascending move from the low price of $0.1281 to $0.1400 high. Moreover, a break under the support level of $0.1400 might make way for a more significant price drop.

The next significant support is near to the levels of $0.1300 and $0.1280, wherein the bulls may take over. The MACD for the pair of XRP/USD is progressively earning impetus in the substantial area. While the Relative Strength Index for the pair of XRP/USD is presently rolling, it’s well over the 50 levels. The significant resistance points are $0.1500, $0.1550, and $0.1650, while the vital support points are $0.1450, $0.1400, and $0.1320. Traders are cautious in moving because they wait to witness the performance of the price action in the next days.

XRP Lands in 4th Place After Exchanging at $0.149XRP Price Hits 4th Place Targets 0.17 Dollar Resistance after Recovery


XRP is presently listing a 3.90%-gain in the previous 24 hours while exchanging at $0.149. However, it still stays in fourth place, according to Messari.

The third-biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization didn’t win third place over Tether (USDT), succeeding the vicious sell-off in the previous week, which displayed that this digital asset is falling to $0.11. It’s a level that occurred in May 2017. Temporarily, the market capitalization of most of the digital coins augmented, which is gesturing depositors loading into cash. However, the pain for this cryptocurrency may not be the end.

As per Calmly, a trader, it’s time to accrue XRP since the chart of Bitcoin is displaying strength. As per the trader, Bitcoin’s chart is showing monthly support’s accretion. Moreover, the pair hindered during the crack.

Rober Art, an XRP enthusiast who has 12.9K Twitter followers, thinks that the $0.10 price is approaching, which lets him purchase the incline chance. He’s interested in Bitcoin and XRP, as stated in his bio. Furthermore, he witnesses 1 million for Bitcoin and $200 for XRP.

The fourth-biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization worth $4.34 billion decreased by 96% from the $3.92-all-time high price. However, as per the XRP bull, it’s not a bar market but the beginning of the buildup zone. Art waited to purchase some dips. Furthermore, his newest purchasing target expected the XRP even under $0.05.

XRP losses, as well as losses from the cryptocurrency market, are due to the increasing concerns from the economic influence. The virus causes this dilemma.  While the virus spreads quickly, a software engineer and cryptographer named Nik Bouglais has advice to workers. He’s advising a work-from-home setup.

Bougalis also shared in a Tweet about how he worked with remote connection for 20 years. Now, he’s managing a team at Ripple.

Moreover, MoneyGram, Ripple’s partner, is trading all the XRP once it receives it from TheBlock, a tech company from San Francisco. Traders previously knew that MoneyGram had $11.3 million XRP, which came from Ripple. Other significant clients like goLance and NB Bank are also getting incentives.

Exchange Legend Suggests Traders – Purchase XRP During This Level

XRP Price Hits 4th Place Targets 0.17 Dollar Resistance after Recovery

Ripple’s XRP is presently under an astounding 97% from its high price, which is close to $3.3. Despite its performance, Peter Brandt, a trading legend, didn’t anticipate the third-largest digital asset to avert from colliding soon.

In Brandt’s previous tweet, the popular chartist shared his suggestion, which is to purchase more XRP while the price is at $0.00826.

Though the price goal might be entirely subjective, it’s not the first time for Brandt to make a bearish plea regarding XRP. It elaborates more on why the legend is continually at loggerheads with the community of Ripple.

When XRP was at $0.28 on February 20, Brandt precisely anticipated that it might drop to $0.20. This cryptocurrency fell to the predicted level on March 8, and it’s four days before the digital asset carnage. It caused a 50%-drop, dragging the price to $0.10.

XRP Exchanges Askew – Will Traders Expect More Downsides?

XRP Price Hits 4th Place Targets 0.17 Dollar Resistance after Recovery 5

XRP had a significant price drop of 43% from the March record, decreasing to a support level of $0.14. It dropped further to $0.111, yet purchasers manage to regain to a level that’s near the candle over $0.14. This digital asset had some procedure of stabilization as it was able to exchange over the $0.14 level for the previous six straight days. On the other hand, the impetus is evidently within the strong favor. Traders must anticipate the price to decrease more instead of increasing.

In the daily chart for XRP, this digital asset decreased under the primary support level of $0.18 in the previous week. December lows provided the support, and the break triggered the collapse of XRP. Now, it’s exchanging between $0.14 to $0.16 for six days.

If the buyers break under the $0.14 support, the following support level is at $0.127. If the bulls break over, the resistance levels are $0.18 and $0.20.

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