XRP Leads to Higher Highs While Ethereum Strikes Bitcoin

United States – Following a week-long success, Ripple’s XRP seems to sit at the pivotal point and could rise to higher highs. The bellwether digital asset has endured so much this 2020 and experienced low volatility periods.

Despite the ambiguity that XRP presented during the coronavirus pandemic, analytics claim that whales are still going into a buying frenzy. Several whales have joined the network in such a short period. The continuous increase of wealthy investors behind Ripple’s XRP may seem insignificant to others, but the spike and pressure can translate into more successes and millions of dollars.

If new investors continue to pile up, Ripple will surely have the strength to move past the overhead resistance. The company knows how to turn critical price hurdles into support, so many critics believe that the world can see the pioneer cryptocurrency rise before 2020 ends.

Currently, Ripple’s XRP is the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency and is one of the fastest-growing digital assets. While this company is a late entrant into the crypto market, it still captured millions of industry players and earned huge reaps in value.

Since 2019, Ripple’s XRP has doubled in value and solved plenty of trading solutions. Many critics believe that Ripple will continue leading to higher highs since it continuously offers unique services to the users and the market.

Buyers and sellers gain confidence with XRP for its speed of completion. Other altcoins like Bitcoin sometimes experience delayed transactions, resulting in lost faith and room for fraud. Since Ripple’s XRP enables customers to complete a transaction within five seconds or less, it beats other cryptocurrencies that require customers to wait for an hour or more.

Regarding Ethereum, the digital asset appears to be breaking out, experiencing stable growth, and delivering excellent investors’ value. Since September 2020, the stability has attracted new institutions and enterprises, just like Ripple.

Both Ethereum and XRP provide the confidence and stability that businesses need during transactions. These cryptocurrencies can handle up to 15 transactions per second, which is impressive enough to give people greater confidence in partnerships and transactions.

The versatility and customization that XRP delivers fit the needs of different uses. The company allows people from different parts of the world to transfer fiat and digital currencies. Unlike Bitcoin, XRP transactions do not take many minutes, even with higher values. Many prominent banks worldwide have been using Ripple’s payment system in facilitating payments for goods and services.

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