XRP Lawsuit: Up-coming Court Decision Vital for Ripple’s Win

Ripple, XRP investors, and the cryptocurrency space are waiting for Magistrate Sarah Netburn’s decision on the XRP lawsuit. On the other hand, the SEC is still trying to fight the production of relevant documents containing the 2018 speech of ex-SEC William Hinman.

John Deaton, the attorney representing 65,000 XRP holders and founder of CryptoLaw, has previously said that this will be the biggest decision in the case yet. He seems confident about his opinion on the decision. He also mentioned the upcoming on another contested set of documents, namely the Estabrook Notes.

XRP Price Ready for 33% Upswing Despite SEC Lawsuit Concerns
Attorney says the next decision in the lawsuit is huge.

In a tweet, Attorney John Deaton shared his prediction. He predicted that Judge Sarah Netburn would deny the SEC’s motion for consideration. This will affirm the judge’s ruling that the 63 Hinman speech emails be produced. The attorney then said that the Estabrook notes be handed in as well. 

In January, Attorney John Deaton expressed that some of the 63 emails likely contain notes and meetings from third parties. These likely include notes on meetings with Joseph Lubin from Ethereum and other executives from VC Working Group and ConsenSys. This evidence is likely enough to tip the balance in Ripple’s favour. 

Deaton also mentioned how this might lead to Ripple’s complete victory soon. He thinks this is the key to bringing the SEC to the negotiating table and finally ending the XRP lawsuit.

XRP Price Ready for 33% Upswing Despite SEC Lawsuit Concerns
Hogan thinks the XRP lawsuit is approaching a settlement soon.

Recently, another XRP community-friendly lawyer tried his hand at predicting the lawsuit’s outcome. After siting similar reasons to Deaton, attorney Jeremy Hogan also thinks that the lawsuit is nearing a settlement, with his best guess being around April or May 2022.

As Hogan said, Judge Sarah Netburn will be hosting the next round of settlement talks. As she has seen all the documents on camera, there’s a chance that she will see the SEC as “the problem child here,” He thinks that this will make a big difference, and having a “good mediator” will hopefully make miracles in this case. 

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