SWIFT Satisfied with Ripple’s Speeds and Low Cost after a Series of Tests

Crypto Magazine Crypto Eris is reporting that SWIFT has been doing a series of tests on Ripple, and that it’s satisfied with its speed and low cost. This is definitely some great news for Ripple investors and fans around the world. According to the report, SWIFT is actually looking at Ripple as a possible option in settling payments. Despite these promising tests, SWIFT still believes that Ripple is not yet ready for the mainstream market.

Well, as you can imagine, there are of course many analysts out there who don’t believe so. They argue that Ripple has shown, in many fronts, that it has grown to a respectable coin and integration into mainstream payment systems is inevitable. Besides, if indeed Swift’s tests showed Ripple to be a low cost and fast way to settle payments, it would seem the altcoin has fulfilled two vital criteria.

The only challenge right now is that XRP liquidity is not good enough. This means that banks are not comfortable pushing billions of payments through it. The good news is that this liquidity has been growing and it’s only a matter of time before it hits the acceptable thresholds. This might, in fact, happen sooner than anticipated.

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