RippleX Launches Java Library, Their First Product for the XRP Ledger

Ripple X, an open developer platform that is backed by the firm Ripple Labs, has recently submitted its first project. They announced on Twitter that they had launched a Java library that is will connect the XRP ledger to the GitHub repository.

These projects’ technical details show that it is powered by an open-source application they dubbed as “rippled.” While this library doesn’t support a network client yet, it can support the difficult task of serialization and transaction signing of XRPL. It will also provide a useful Java binding for rippled request/response objects and XRP Ledger.

The Java library comes with a multi-module architecture built with a Java-based automation tool known as “Maven.” The people who will be using this will be allowed to convert seed phrases, public keys, and wallet addresses into the same Base58Check encoding that currently powers XRP wallets.

RippleX called the library a milestone shortly after the launch was announced. However, several users were quick in voicing out their criticisms for using the C++ as the program’s codebase. Although, one Twitter user pointed out that the “rippled” application is a complete implementation of the protocols for XRLP despite being written in C++. The library is also a partial implementation of these protocols in Java.

DevNullProd tweeted, as an explaining for what the library does:

“Libraries such as this allow developers to integrate XRPL features into existing environments. There are many enterprise solutions implemented in Java (especially in the financial world). This library will allow those to natively leverage XRPL functionality,”

This new library is yet another product from Ripple Labs. This underscores a year for new products and developments for the Ripple Labs. They appear to be heading in the direction of being an active blockchain development, riding off the relative success of its ODL tool.

The patent for their most recent launch was only submitted on August 22. It described RippleX and “Ripple Impact” as tools that are meant to facilitate electronic payments and monetary gifts in widely-accepted fiat currencies.

Aside from the patents they filed, Ripple has recently made significant moves as well. It was only yesterday that Ripple Lab’s completed sail of 4 million common shares of MoneyGram was made public. The sale was completed within a span of 15 days, while the MoneyGram was tanking significantly. A spokesperson from Ripple explained that the sell-off was not made in bad faith, doubling down that it was only spurred by a desire to reap gains from Ripple’s investment on MoneyGram.

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