Ripple’s XRP Price Reaches $0.25 as a Recovery as Whales Buy It

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Ripple’s XRP price lands on $0.25, which is a first time for the crypto since February, making it a win. After the increase from $0.19, this digital asset boosts to $0.25, and some whales increase their shares in this crypto.

Ripple’s XRP, the third-biggest digital asset by market capitalization, reach $0.25, and it broke through a significant barrier, which is a psychological resistance. However, with how the founders of Ripple dump it in the market, the question is how long it can last.

The rise of XRP escorts the strong passions that frayed via the digital asset market this August. Ethereum (ETH) is at $344 now, which its highest price in June 2019. As for Bitcoin, it reached $11,000, is the highest price since last year, August 2019.

It was a while when XRP traders embraced the strong sentiment. However, the waiting time bubbled up to a bullish moment because this digital asset never reached this high price since February 2020.

This cryptocurrency may not smash any record unlike its competitors, yet the $0.25-price increase is essential for XRP. The price point is the barricade for investors and traders who are part of the XRP Army, a militant fan club.

The XRP market is entirely dissimilar from other digital asset markets. This San Francisco-based company is accountable for its creation, and it frequently dumps cryptocurrency to the market. It causes an over-supply, which pushes down the XRP price.

If the strong sentiment continues, the next resistant-point is at $0.28 until it hits $0.30. On the other hand, Bitcoin is still leading the crypto market capitalization. XRP is in good fortune unless the founders of Ripple trade a new batch.

While Bitcoin stays at the top, Ripple’s XRP takes the third place, beating USDT’s Tether in dollar terms. The sharp gains listed in the crypto-verse brought the prominent digital asset to the attention. Information from the Coinmarketcap displays that Ripple (XRP) has a price increase, ranging $0.19 to $0.25 as of today.

As XRP outpaced Tether, it became the third most appreciated digital asset in dollar terms, having about $11 billion. The exchanging volume was at 1.6 billion. The reason was unclear why there’s a surge, yet Nairmetrics noticed that whales augmented their shares in the crypto, even when this digital asset disciplined the place from Tether.

Since July 18, wallets hold 1 million to 10 million XRP, and about 30 new whales joined the stage, demonstrating a boost of 3.7%. Also, the Director of Product named Craig Dewitt exposed a P2P payment scheme on XRP, which boosted the prominence in the peer-to-peer payment.

Barry Eichengreen explained why whales were buying. He said that digital assets should not be a part of possible reasons because the leading digital asset showed appearances of being tangible properties.

Eichengreen also said those digital currencies because of the new virtual gold. Even though gold doesn’t have an inherent value, people hold its worth because other people find it worthy. The point-of-view is parallel with digital assets, and people pay actual dollars because they think others do it as well.

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