Ripple’s XRP Boosts With 30 New Whales – Scammers Impersonate CEO

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Ripple’s XRP increases 3.7%, having new 30 whales in the previous weeks. With the progress of XRP in the cryptocurrency market, scammers are impersonating the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, and they target

Ripple’s XRP has 30 new whales, who were gobbling up, and it’s an indicator that some big depositors rethink this digital asset.

The number of accounts with over one million XRP boosted by 3.7% and 30 new whales appeared in the previous two weeks. As per Bob Rubiano, a cryptocurrency guru and Wall St. insider, he said that digital asset is becoming a haven for big institutions because of the United States or the US dollar’s fall. Another reason as well is the unbalanced market, leaving several non-tech depositors down on the last two quarters. These depositors hold between $240,000 to $2.4 million XRP per account, and these backed to the upward pressure of the XRP price.

XRP encountered a price increase of more than 30%, which was from $0.19 to $0.25. There were about 30 big depositors to trust that the price increase will continue. There are some more significant funds showing interest in XRP, including JPM, Blackrock, Sequoia, BH, and more.

There will be an IPO from Ripple, and primary holder of this cryptocurrency include exchanges, like Bittrex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, and Kraken.

Speculation is the main reason why there’s a boost in whales. Plus, XRP reclaimed the third place, kicking out USDT’s Tether from the position.

Ripple earned recognition from a bill proposal, which came from the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection in the US. The bill is about cross-border payments, and Craig DeWitt, the Director of Product from Ripple, declared the P2P payment scheme for this crypto.

Aside from that, this digital asset caught the attention of significant international banks, including Barclays, and Standard Chartered.

With the success of XRP these past few months, scammers are targeting Ripple, especially the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. The scam was on Twitter, and there were dozens of programmatically managed Twitter accounts, inviting naïve XRP holders to read the, please. On the petition, Garlinghouse allegedly published it using

After using YouTube to scam XRP users, another incident involved Twitter. The initiated petition is about a social activism program on behalf of Garlinghouse. However, the page doesn’t contain any appeal. It doesn’t instruct anyone to support it or do something else.

The fraud Garlinghouse extended his gratitude to the community, and there will be a giveaway. However, before holders can participate, they need to send 1,000 XRP to 300,000 XRP, or $300 to $90,00, to talk about the giveaway. There’s also a link on the website’s giveaway.

The domain of the fake site, which scammers activated was since June 2020.

It’s a good thing that the petition and established site was in a rush, which is why the essence is not a top-secret for the majority of page visitors.

However, these scammers invented more scam systems to steal XRP funds from depositors.

Tiffany Hayden, a speaker from the community, stated that malefactors created a fraud newsletter on behalf of the company, CoinDesk.

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