Ripple’s XRP Boost to $0.27 – Users Set 1.1B for Spark Tokens

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Ripple gains a step over the resistance level of $0.2500 over the United States dollar or USD. It appears that XRP targets to run to the resistance level of $0.2700, which is over $0.2400. As for XRP holders, they set up about 20,000 accounts in XRPL to contribute to a forthcoming immense altcoin airdrop. Now, they have about 1.1 billion.

Ripple displayed optimistic indicators over the price levels of $0.2450 and $0.2500 over the US dollar. After establishing a base over the price level of $0.2480, it stayed over the 100 hourly SMA or Simple Moving Average.

There’s a halt over a key bearish trend line, which is to begin the previous increase. The resistance is close to the price level of $0.2460, which is on the XRP/USD pair’s hourly chart. It increased over the resistance level of $0.2500, and it exchanged to a weekly high, which has a price of $0.2580.

It’s presently amending lower and exchanging under the price level of $0.2550. There’s a halt under the Fib retracement level of 23.6%, which is a boost from the low price of $0.2372 to $0.2580.

There’s bullish support establishing on the downside, and it’s close to the $0.2475 price level, which is the previous breakout area. The Fib retracement level of 50%, from $0.2372 to $0.2580, is close to the price level of $0.2475, which is the support.

It’s probable to continue its advantage if Ripple retains over the support level of $0.2475. Primary resistance is close to the price level of $0.2540. The first significant resistance level is close to the price of $0.2580. the price might boost the resistance level of $0.2620 or even at $0.2700.

There might be a bearish movement if Ripple doesn’t succeed in clearing the resistance levels of $0.2540 and $0.2580. The initial support is establishing close to the price level of $0.2450 with an hourly SMA of 100.

As for the Sparks token issue, XRP users created about 20,000 accounts in XRPL to approach the approaching altcoin airdrop. All accounts gathered 1.1 billion XRP for the said program by Flare Networks.

As per Xrplorer, a blockchain forensics company, the accounts have a total count of 19,997, and these will receive the altcoins this year. The biggest account had 168 million XRP, while the second had 24 million.

The airdropped altcoins will be Spark, and it came from Flare Networks, a partner of Ripple. The program aims to provide a Spark token for every XRP in the qualified account, which users set in their wallet. Also, there’s a snapshot, and it is on December 12, so the airdrop can happen.

The airdropped token of Flare means it will bring smart agreements to the ecosystem of Ripple’s XRP. Crypto Eri stated that Hugo Philion, the company’s co-founder, unveiled that the goal is to enlarge use cases without moving the XRP Ledger.

Philion stated that Flare would have limited to no influence on the XRP Ledger, yet it will carry the XRP value to let users gain smart agreements.

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