Ripple Files 4 Trademark Requests – Faces a Lawsuit from NPPA

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Ripple, the third-biggest crypto-asset by market capitalization, endures aggressively claiming rights over its new venture trademarks. Also, in the previous month filed four applications for a brand to USPTO or the United States Patent and Trademark Office. On the other hand, it faces a case from NPPA or New Payments Platform Australia.

Ripple remains to claim its rights on new venture trademarks keenly. This blockchain company filed four applications for in the previous month’s brands, and it applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO. The information was as per the website of USPTO.

Ripple filed the recent trademark request on August 19, and the claim is called “Ripple Impact.” The new trademark proposes to cover groups of human foundation services. It includes fundraising happenings, along with capital enhancement funding.

Ripple had another application on August 11, and it’s a batch of three requests for trademark. In this application, it includes Ripple X, Ripplex, and Ripple Impact. As per the descriptions, all three attributes mention to electronic settlement services. It also refers to financial gifts in money currencies.

Registration of trademarks intends to protect the types of electronic funding services. According to the information, all four await inspection by the USPTO.

Ripple had several trademark request filing for the flagship settlement product, the On-Demand Liquidity or ODL. As per the records, the agency accepts these filings, and it assigns it to an auditor.

Ripple’s trademark applications include “PayID,” and the company applied for two requests in June 2020. The name of the patent previously had an involvement in a legal case by a banking confederation in Australia.

In line with that information, Ripple faces a legal case from the NPPA or New Payments Platform Australia. The suit claims intellectual possessions infringement on the company’s branding, which is the “PayID” settlement.

Ripple filed several trademark requests for names, such as “Ripple Impact,” and “Ripplex. The submitted requests are purportedly pending, and the company awaits for evaluation. This information is as per the USPTO.

Ripple submitted requests regarding the company’s trademark, and it’s for RippleNet. Aside from that, there are also other applications for these trademarks wherein all three are using lower-case letters. To sum up the total, this company filed nine for the year.

One of the applied trademark requests had a legal conflict. In June, Ripple filed an appeal to use “PAYID” as its trademark too. However, NPPA filed a case against the company for the stated trademark. It’s encountering a trademark intellectual possessions case, and it’s facing it in the Federal Court of Australia.

NPPA is a company that accomplishes a settlement structure among funding establishments.

There’s no public announcement yet regarding the case of NPPA over the “PayID” issue with Ripple. The next hearing for the lawsuit is on August 26.

As per Rohan Pearce, a technology journalist, he stated that the issue is the spacing. NPPA uses it with space “Pay ID,” and it filed another without space. “PayID.” Yet the application for the “PayID” doesn’t have any registered trademark.

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