Most Successful Bank in Singapore Starts Using Ripple (XRP)

United States – One of the largest banks in Singapore, the DBS Digital Exchange, will launch a crypto exchange platform that will accept different digital assets, including Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the report, the news spread out after the publication of the exchange’s website that is immediately deleted. However, evidence has verified that the Monetary Authority of Singapore has allowed and will support the platform.

DBS is one of the most successful banks in Southeast Asia. Fortunately, its executives decided to launch a first-to-cryptocurrency exchange called DBS Digital Exchange that will allow users to trade Singaporean dollars, Japanese yen, US dollars, and Hong Kong dollars to BTC, BCH, XRP, and ETH. The company also claimed that this exchange would conduct security token offerings to help small and medium-sized firms raise funds.

DBS Digital Exchange will use its parent DBS Bank for the services for the customers’ funds. The company has deployed a DBS Digital Custody, an institutional-grade custody solution that can keep digital assets hidden and safe.

After this announcement, DBS’ spokesperson told the media that its digital exchange plans are still a work-in-progress. They are still doing plenty of research and have not received the required regulatory approvals. Until such time once the approvals are in place, DBS will keep the public updated.

Some critics revealed that the DBS Digital Exchange would be available to institutional investors directly, including the professional market makers and financial institutions. On the other hand, the retail investors can access the platform after registering as a DBS member in DBS Vickers Securities and DBS Private Bank.

The published DBS website claims that many banks, businesses, and businesses will back this digital exchange since it allows people to take advantage of an integrated ecosystem of solutions through faster and cheaper cryptocurrency transactions.

Since DBS is the most prominent commercial and retail bank in Singapore, its soft crypto/fiat trading exchange will surely attract more customers. With the DBS Digital Exchange, more people can process cross-border trading or payment quickly and cost-effectively.

By using the DBS Digital Exchange, investors can execute and confirm trades almost in real-time. This project’s main long-term goal is to convince other banks that cryptocurrencies are some of the new financial resources people need to take advantage of every day. Through this latest DBS investment, the banking system will experience further strength, especially in partnership with tech companies, and accelerate their development of new functions and services.

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