Kraken and Binance Might Collaborate With Spark Airdrop

United States – Ripple XRP with Kraken and Binance kicked off October 2020 with a bang. Since the first day of the month, the prices continuously rise, and the cross-border remittances saw it skyrocket by more than 30% since August. Now, XRP holders will have two new exchanges to receive Spark tokens from Flare networks.

According to Flare’s official Twitter account, they work closely with Kraken, Binance, and Binance US. However, the company did not confirm anything. If so, Flare will be the most prominent platform that supports the Spark token airdrop. Since Flare is the first XRP fork, the public expects that the company is distributing Spark.

According to a report, Ripple’s partner, eToro, Nexo, Citibank, and SBI, confirmed that Ripple is thinking about supporting the airdrop. Nexo stated that they are currently inactive in communication with Flare Network’s CEO. They also posted the XRP ledger’s snapshot for the Spark distribution that will occur on December 12, 2020. Therefore, both companies still have plenty of time to prepare for the official announcement. Regarding the exchange, the platform will distribute the token in a 1:1 ration using the digital asset XRP.

At the time of publication, 18 institutions and wallets support Spark’s airdrop, and the most dominant are Poloniex, Uphold, GateHub, and CoinSpot. Among the wallets are Exodus, Ledger, and Xumm.

If XRP demand continues to rise, Flare will have more strength in breaking through barriers and fastening both parties’ decisions. Under such circumstances, prices might shoot up higher, and the company can turn many resistance hurdles into support.

Kraken and Binance’s possible collaboration was met with excitement within the XRP community. Investors became more interested in buying more tokens.

Even though some days seem to display XRP’s downtrend, many investors still pay close attention to its 50 and 100-day moving average. Since this digital asset is one of the major cryptocurrencies in today’s market, it is clear that the company will build stronger partnerships and collaborations with giant corporations like Spark Airdrop.

The XRP Ledger Foundation continuously improves blockchain technology areas, and they can support and provide resources better than the past years. Both Kraken and Binance have worked very hard over the past years to increase decentralization and performance dramatically. These two companies also remain committed to their future innovation to give faster and safer cross-border transactions in different parts of the world.

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