Garlinghouse Criticizes a Reporter – XRP to Plunge as per Expert

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, snaps at a reporter from New York Times, Nathaniel Popper, after sharing a statement that Santander Bank doesn’t want to utilize XRP. In line with XRP, a cryptocurrency expert foresees that XRP will plunge.

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, replied to the statement of Nathaniel Popper, a technology reporter from the New York Times. Popper said that the Spanish Bank, Santander, hesitates in using Ripple’s XRP.

Popper targeted at Ripple’s CEO, Garlinghouse, and the reporter cited some instances by Garlinghouse back in January 2018. It’s about how banks plan to utilize XRP altcoin in the future. As per the statement, Ripple continued to state that clients use their savings to deposit in XRP, and the information came from forecasts that Garlinghouse provided.

Popper added that if depositors invest their money to XRP, the CEO discussed how funding institutions plan to utilize Ripple’s XRP. These establishments might have lost their investment for about 90%.

As a response, Garlinghouse stated how Ripple didn’t have plans in resetting their tactic. He shared in a statement that he thinks utilizing the cryptocurrency to resolve a problem that’s worth $10 trillion, which is how cross-border settlements work.

The CEO of Ripple explained further that its ODL or On-Demand Liquidity, which is previously xRapid, was responsible for over $2 billion in transactions since it launched the program. He mentioned that the volume reached 11 times in the quarter-one of this year, and he compared the performance from the recent quarter-one of the year 2019.

As per Bloxy, the Ripple explorer, the system produced about 900,000 transactions daily this year, having an increase in sales. It’s worth 3,000,000 on January 7, 2020.

The ODL presently backs more than two dozens of customers. It includes Golance, FlashFX, Viamericas, Azimo, and MoneyGram.

Popper didn’t support his situation when he mentioned the Twitter account of Garlinghouse incorrectly. Garlinghouse responded to him, stating that he needs to check and keep up with the standards of the NYT. The CEO of Ripple also clarified that his username is @bgarlinghouse, and not @bradgarlinghouse.

When it comes to the XRP price, Michael van de Poppe, a cryptocurrency analyst, he stated that it’s ripe, and it’s about to set for a pullback after hitting a significant resistance level.

This digital asset analyst stated that his 69,000 Twitter followers that he’s searching for a retracement, which is more than 27%. He doesn’t anticipate the third-biggest digital asset to take out a significant resistance level, and it’s in the short-term. He states that XRP will need to break during the considerable barrier, which is at $0.32. It will start the succeeding move, which is going to the upside.

The purchase dip zones are $0.212 and $0.245. The following resistance level if it breaks is at $0.40. The analyst expressed a doubt that this digital asset will endure rallying, yet it will be satisfying to purchase the dip.

Another expert, Trader Cheds, shares to his 79,000 followers that the rally of XRP was a trap of the bulls. He anticipates that the digital asset is to correct by over 15% in the near term.


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