Garlinghouse Bullies Bitcoin while the Price of XRP Drops

USA – Despite the tumbling price of XRP, Brad Garlinghouse, the chief executive of Ripple, had the chance to bash Bitcoin, one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. There’s a massive rally as well, which is at 66%, and the Ripple Insights page became the new look of scam.

On the brighter side for Ripple and XRP, the company supports MoneyGram as it targets the Indian market. Furthermore, XRP transaction volume hits records in Mexico peso and Philippine peso.

Brad Garlinghouse Bashes Bitcoin as Ripple’s XRP Tumbles

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The chief executive of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, has been bullying Bitcoin once more on its prospective for becoming a primary payment system. In the meantime, XRP added another loss on its record this week.

According to the Wall Street Journal interview, Brad Garlinghouse was not precisely admiring Bitcoin. On the other hand, the remarks are par for the sequence coming from a company that’s endorsing its centralized payments scheme.

Garlinghouse shared to the host that Bitcoin, one of the famous cryptocurrency, is presently not good for outlays. He said that he’s bullish on Bitcoin as a store of value, yet it’s otherwise for payments. He even added that users wouldn’t want to the mentioned cryptocurrency because the coffee will be cold by the time you get it.

As per Asheesh Birla, the SVP of Ripple’s products, she agreed with what Garlinghouse said.

Udi Wertheimer, a Bitcoin maximalist, was not enthralled. He said that advertising and narrative are the most significant factors of digital assets. The store of value tale for Bitcoin was evident throughout the growth of geopolitical pressures earlier this January.

Wertheimer added that if Ripple doesn’t get the act composed, and apprise the talking points this year, it’ll end as a “flippening cardano.”

Garlinghouse failed to recognize is that Bitcoin is an excellent way of building payments if explanations such as the Lightning Network (LN) are utilized.

As per Defipulse, LN utilize increased by 275% since the last year when it comes to the whole value locked in the United States dollar or USD. As for Bitcoin, it has increased by 55% in the same era, so spectators are utilizing it.

Another solution is Liquid. It’s a sidechain allowing quick, affordable transfers between reliable entities like crypto exchanges.

Last year, Bitcoin earned 85%, yet it wasn’t one of this cryptocurrency’s top-performing years. XRP was one of the worst-performing digital assets after throwing away 47% over the same time to end in a two-year low stance.

Company coin supply handling has annoyed investors who want more limpidity from Ripple. Leading community associates have recommended hard splitting the blockchain to make it more dispersed.

Now, XRP is dropping again with a 4.5% slide back to its price at $0.22.

Immense 66% Rally in XRP Pivots on a Significant Level

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XRP didn’t have an excellent year in 2019. Last year, most digital assets posted massive gains, wherein Bitcoin earned 95%, gold had an estimate of 20% gain, and the S&P 500 assembled by more than 30%. The third-biggest digital asset dropped 50%. Moreover, all digital assets performed poorly, as per NewsBTC.

As per a notable analyst, the forecasts of XRP are a little stronger for 2020, if a significant price level can prevail in the forthcoming weeks and months.

For news site Brave New Coin and crypto markets, Josh Olszewicz, an expert, previously released a wide-ranging video analysis about XRP. After emphasizing that the digital asset has been a firm downtrend for the previous few months, he said it to a possible bull case.

If XRP achieves to break over $0.30, where the historical resistance and a downtrend line exist, it might rally 66% to %0.50 in the following months. Hence, a lot of spectators are wondering if XRP can break a price of $0.30.

Trader Galaxy stated that XRP is looking prepared to rally 20% or higher to a price of $0.28. It draws attention to the presence of a clear uptrend. The point that the asset has flicked several significant resistances to backing bodes well for the strong case.

Furthermore, another trader emphasized that XRP has begun to conclusively break out of a dwindling wedge outline that has forced price action for the previous seven months. The digital asset has overcome a straight critical resistance that has been crucial on a macro base.

The trader recommended in the below chart that he anticipates for XRP to aim the 0.382 Fib retracement of the whole dropping wedge in the coming weeks. Also, it proposed a 25% rally to $0.30.

Olszewicz stated in the video that if the digital asset can move over $0.24, which is slightly over where the trading price is, a surge amounting to $0.30 might be because of the utilization of the Ichimoku Cloud.

The notable traders that have been creepily precise in calling the price action of Bitcoin are strong on the crypto markets. It means that XRP might be pulled up with the rest of the crypto market if Bitcoin rallies.

Ripple Insights Turn into the Look of New Phishing Rip-off

Saturday XRP 3

A post on the famous scheme Coil has delivered a notice to users about the fraudulent commotion on the XRP ledger.

As per the article entitled “Alert: XRPL Memo Phishing,” the deceitful individuals took advantage of the spectators watching at a false page of Ripple Insights. Xrplorer, the author of the article, went into stating that by creating sly changes to the original page and utilizing special characters to provide an impression of legality, viewers were being deserted in the deception.

Xrplorer stated that attackers had a strategy. The author thoroughly explained the first step, which is to create a copy of Ripple Insights with special characters in the domain make, which will make it appear legal. The second step, as per the author, is to add an article concerning an immense airdrop, endorsing a “Claim” feature in XRPL. As for the third step, the author elaborated further about linking it to a Bithomp website replica with a tool to utilize the said “Claim” feature. The fake device only functions to send secret keys to the website of the attackers to take over the account.

The increase in the price of digital assets has been frequently escorted by a boost of general notice by big institutional depositors. At the end of the year 2017, experts witnessed a lot more users enter the crypto market, who never heard of digital assets or got involved with the industry. However, it also contains hackers and scammers who try to utilize cryptocurrencies bad names to create an easy buck.

Ripple-Backed Company Targets the Indian Market for Dominance

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MoneyGram, a Ripple-backed firm and a cross-border payment scheme, will target to be a leader in resounding remittances for Indian users.

After starting a tactical agreement with EbixCash, MoneyGram will target to grab the most significant market part in India, as per The Hindu Business Line. Cross-border payment schemes support the economy of India in connecting to global services. Furthermore, this Ripple-backed company targets for a more significant part of the crypto market.

MoneyGram encountered some dilemmas scattering to the Indian market, as per the CEO and chairman of MoneyGram, Alex Holmes. The agreement with EbixCash will crack the last mile dilemma of money transfers.

EbixCash is one of the hugest fintech systems, surrounding multiple preloaded general and utility payment services. Moreover, this Ripple-backed company is one of the newest partners. Hence, it connects the payment network of India with Ripple, Inc.

The San Francisco-based company invested $50 million MoneyGram last year. It continued to expand to connect the space of digital assets with typical payment networks. MoneyGram is still in the experimental stages of utilizing the ecosystem of RippleNet. The company also proclaimed plans to use the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) network. If the technical shift takes place, this company will be a suitable company to deliver the protocol of Ripple and display the benefits.

For now, this Ripple-backed firm will exploit on the amplified utilization of fintech payment solutions and electronic wallets. India also became one of the markets prepared to adopt crypto solutions. However, for those who are opposing the local utilization of cash or local payment networks.

India rejected the utilization of Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency, and the crypto market might be open for rivals. In the meantime, Libra is not a danger, as the asset was not issued yet. Moreover, the solution of Ripple might be the first dispersed solution to reach on the market.

Regardless of the still price of XRP, Ripple endures standing as a fintech solution provider. It’s launching an IPO as well in the future. However, MoneyGram remains a flagship venture as it grasps a massive share of global remittances and capitalizes on a well-known brand.

XRP price has calmed about $0.22 on comparatively small exchange volumes of $1.6 billion in 24 hours. This digital asset awaited the judgment on the status as a form of an asset-type or security. Furthermore, it kept depositor interest low, regardless of the new expectations of utilization. The usage might pick up as the company takes a share of international remittances market.

XRP Volume Breaks Histories in Mexico and the Philippines

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Ripple’s XRP, the third biggest digital asset by market capitalization, is beginning a new stand this 2020 as the ecosystem of this company endures developing. Also, the global payment network On-Demand Liquidity (ODL)in the previous quarter in 2019 was a success, wherein it gained 650% in the transaction volume.

The trend of development in the XRP liquidity volume on the ODL scheme remains to be felt at the beginning of this year. It’s mainly in developing countries with high inflation. It’s also focusing on where an evolving demand exists for more translucent solutions to proceed with cross-border payments with lesser commission charges.

As per the data posted on the Liquidity Index Bot’s official Twitter account, the transaction volume of XRP reached a new record. It broke the record as compared to the Mexican peso and Philippine peso. These are from Bitso cryptocurrency exchange and, respectively.

As per the graph, the volume of transaction of XRP/PHP pair in reached a new peak. It reached 1,442,610, and it obtained a percentage-increase of 42% this day, based on its 28-day moving trend.

The Mexican exchange company Bitso hit a new peak of liquidity as well, wherein it reached 11,138,681 million. The amount meant countless development since the introduction of the service in October last year. Presently, the liquidity volume on the Mexican exchange is at 10,398,056.

Both and Bitso has been proactive on the technology provided by Ripple. It’s positive that during this year, clients will endure boosting the liquidity volume of XRP via these exchanges. Moreover, other countries will probably pursue this digital alternative-type as well.

As reported earlier, it’s worth observing that XRP coin sales declined immensely in the final quarter of 2010 by more than 80%. It may have been one of the primary reasons why the request for liquidity from the ODL has increased significantly.

Previously, Ripple stated that it might consider an IPO. The company also indicated that it might launch an IPO in the following 12 months. There’s no hesitation that the unveiling of an IPO might be one of the events of 2020. Also, it might bring this company closer to recognized depositors, becoming a significant substance in the crypto market.

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