Flare Receives Crushing Responses from XRP Army for Free Altcoins

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Flare Network, a company that Ripple funded, states that receive 295 million XRP from XRP users to claim Spark altcoin. XRP users created XRPL accounts to get free Spark altcoins, which was the overwhelming answer that Flare got. Aside from that, the founder of XRP Labs discusses the company’s plans for security advancement.

Flare Networks shares that it obtained a response from the community of XRP after receiving 295 million XRP for a free token. This Ripple-funded company shared via tweet that a lot of XRP holders established their accounts in XRPL to get the free Spark altcoins.

The ecosystem of XRP responded to the blockchain company in massive action. There are over 5,400 accounts with 295 million XRP. These will get the free token, and it will happen in six days.

Ripple’s partner will provide XRP holders with a digital asset, a new one that will let them control smart agreements’ structures.

According to Hugo Philion, the chief executive of Flare Networks, the network is a new “Turning Complete Smart Contract” scheme, and it’s mixing the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This native digital asset came from XRP’s utility fork. The network also utilizes the encryption scheme of XRP, and it can simplify the practice of Flare and XRPL for XRP users.

Flare explains further that XRP depositors can still avail of the program for free Spark token.

According to the company, the approach of getting the free Spark altcoin is to prepare the “Message Key” part on the XRP Ledger’s address to the address of your Flare. If Ripple’s digital asset is at the supporting level, they can manage the claiming procedure and the distribution.

While Flare and Ripple enjoy the good news, XRP Labs has been busy establishing a security upgrade. The founder, Wietse Wind, stated that there are two security suggestions. These might face enactment as part of the Hooks’ changes, for XRPL or XRP Ledger.

The Twitter user, @consistentbenny, submitted a security application, and it might assist in stopping sharing the inventory of XRP and the addresses.

The XRP expert recommended that Wietse Wind, the XRPL Labs CEO, that there should be a blacklist feature for every XRP user in the digital wallet. Another proposal was the Xrpforensics, and it should be with the XUMM wallet.

Wind acknowledged both of the recommendations, yet it might be best to make both recommendations. It’s not only for XUMM but also to keep these in the XRPL. He preferred the “Hooks” amendment.

Wind stated that the “Hooks” changes are prolonging the digital asset’s functionality. Several developers don’t have the licenses for handling custody and plant. Also, he stated that the two ideas are within the changes in the Hooks. This change still functions, and the test will be in private.

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