EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Ripple’s Flagship Event Affected XRP Price

XRP has the best features when it comes to their bank-to-bank connections. They provide reliable speed and ease of use to the customers. Ripple has indeed taken the global approach to a higher level for serving as a tool for bank and cryptocurrency transactions around the world.

However, Ripple’s annual Swell conference did not manage to arouse positive price action for the affiliated XRP token. According to results, Swell did not create any impact on the XRP.

Swell has no impact on XRP.

EXCLUSIVE NEWS Ripple's Flagship Event Affected XRP Price FI

During the press time, the XRP has a $0.30 mark, followed by $0.28 on major exchanges. This rate is the lowest price since the month has begun.

Customers can check the Ripple value with various cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitstamp, Binance, Bitfinex, Okex, Kraken, Coinbase, and HitBTC. These platforms can also provide price history for any specific time.

EXCLUSIVE NEWS Ripple's Flagship Event Affected XRP Price FI

The weak performance contrasted with the positivity of the participants and has been a piece of controversial news between several cryptocurrency dealers online.

Ever since before, Swell relies on Ripple executives when it comes to delivering successful plans for the payment network. But then, it increasingly transformed successfully on its own. This platform has been popular online because of its smart social media experts. Their team is dedicated to boosting the sales of both XRP and Ripple.

Throughout the years, customers have considered XRP to be faster and less costly than other digital assets. It is a perfect tool for customers since it also offers lower exchange fees compared to its competitors.

However, XRP has experienced negative situations since 2018’s cryptocurrency bear market. XRP/USD is down by more than 90 percent from its all-time highs with more than $3.20.

One participant said that the said event was exciting and had an incredible opening.

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