AU Scammer Gets a 2-year Sentence in Prison for Stealing $400K

SYDNEY, Australia – Kathryn Nguyen, the 25-year-old Australian, recently stole 100,000 XRP tokens, yet these altcoins were back in January 2018. This year, the scammer faces her punishment, which is imprisonment for two years. Aside from this incident, there are also other instances of scammers getting funds from XRP users in different ways.

Kathryn Nguyen, 25, faced allegations after stealing 100,000 XRP altcoins back in January 2018. This young adult is from Sydney, Australia. The odd thing that a lot of spectators found out was when victims just found it now when the incident happened two years ago already. With the event, she’s facing her sentence, which is two-year imprisonment.

As per the report, Nguyen scammed the account of a 56-year-old XRP user. Her strategy was to exchange the two-factor authentication, from the man’s mobile number to hers. After the exchange, she moved XRP tokens to a Chinese-based digital asset platform. After that, she exchanged the funds to Bitcoin. After trading it to Bitcoin, she sent the altcoins to different virtual addresses.

Back in 2018, when the incident happened, XRP was trading at $4 each. To sum up, the entire funds that Nguyen stole are about $400,000 in a single hack.

The authority arrested Nguyen back in 2018. They got her money and a computer. Plus, at the end of the year, they charged her. The court stated that she’s guilty of the crime last year, August 2019.

There are seldom scam incidents in Australia, and Nguyen’s case is the first digital asset fraud that the country had. As per the judge, it was challenging to try the circumstance, and send her to imprisonment. It will last for two years and three months. What’s worst was that her character references labelled her as a hard-working and generous person.

Aside from Nguyen’s case, XRP users encountered another set of scammers in a “giveaway” strategy. Now, scammers have many ways to steal from people, including YouTube and Telegram.

Internet Archive is a handy and trustworthy tool for scholars, writers, content creators, and enthusiasts. The ranking is No. 1, and the rating came from the Similarweb intelligence portal, which is under the category of Science and Education. Also, it has 65.7 million registered viewers in July 2020.

This program is the aim of XRP scammers. The troublemakers attract all naïve XRP users to join the yearly airdrop. With this scheme, the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, allegedly gives back to the community. Those who have interests they can transfer their XRP to addresses of scammers.

XRP Ledger’s researchers for transactions previously tried to compute the effectiveness of a scam airdrop. As per the assessments of the XRPLorer Forensics team, these scammers gained $60,000 daily.

These scammers use Binance’s digital asset, along with other exchanging platforms. The scamming method didn’t change at all. On the other hand, previously, XRP scammers created another scam tactic. These fraudsters mimicked Coindesk’s digital asset media outlet’s administration. They informed newsletter subscribers that Ripple initiated the XRP reallocation.

The same set of scammers imitated as they advertise EOS tokens’ reallocation.

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