XRP to Hit $1.50 Without Opposition After Reaching $1.40 This Week

California, USA – XRP makes it out of the correction despite minimal losses, and it looks forward to reaching a trading price of $1.50.

After a violent spike on August 14, XRP boosted its trading price, and it looks forward to another boost after bouncing off the descending trend. It made it out of the correction, and the performance of this crypto is looking healthier, which signifies a chance for a boost. It might hit its target price as subsequent interest ascends.

When the price went down to $1.09, buyers took the chance to buy. After three consecutive days of price action and profit, the price jumped back to $1.30. Sellers are trying to move buyers out of the long positions, but it was not successful because this crypto didn’t bounce off the descending trend.

Under short-term performance, XRP can trade at $1.35, lower than its previous week’s price. There’s due on its retest, and it should have a rally of XRP if it can hit $1.40. Once it hits this price, the short-term profit-seekers will be removed from the profit-taking, letting buyers pick up the price again at $1.40.

XRP to Hit 1.50 Without Opposition After Reaching 1.40 This Week
XRP looks forward to a $1.50-trading price after it reaches $1.40
XRP might anticipate another jump since only buyers stick to the position. It will trade higher, and sellers will begin looking for price action in the short term. Sellers will start to expect a higher price, letting buyers control the price again. Once it hits $1.40, the target price will reach $1.50. This increase will be durable at the end of next week, and the performance depends on the risk-on sentiment in the crypto market

On another note, the case of the US SEC or the United States Securities Exchange Commission continues, and it will proceed to the fact discover, which the Judge set on August 31, 2021. Both parties have until the end of the month to submit necessary evidence to support each other’s allegations.

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