Whales Relocate About $500 Million in XRP in 12 Hours in a Snap

California, USA – XRP whales transferred almost half a billion of XRP in 12 hours, since Friday to Saturday, as per Whale Alert. The transfer was when an anonymous investor moved 218,682,480 XRP, which is worth over $280 million.

XRP whales moved about $500 million worth in 12 hours. The transfer was from Friday until Saturday, and the transaction was as per a crypto tracker, Whale Alert. It’s the biggest single traction in the whale spree during the weekend, and it was after an anonymous investor transferred 218,682,480 XRP.

Aside from that, XRP traders experienced a boosting activity from Ripple after sending 65,000,000 XRP in three different transactions. Ripple has half of the 100 billion XRP, and it moved 40,000 XRP, which amounted to $51 million to the anonymous wallet.

There were relocations as well to another anon wallet worth 15,000,000 XRP. Also, 10,000,000 XRP are transferred to a third crypto wallet, which has an unknown origin. There’s another unknown transaction worth 70,000,000 XRP. Lastly, a big entity moved 20,000,000 XRP from Bittrex, a crypto exchange,

On another note, the XRP price dropped by 10%, trading at $1.23, and it recorded the biggest loss in one day. The movement moved the market capitalization of this digital asset to $59.27177B from its highest, which is at $83.44071B.

Whales Relocate About 500 Million in XRP in 12 Hours in a Snap
XRP drops by 10%, and crypto traders notice transfers to different crypto wallets.

This cryptocurrency traded in the range of $1.23230 to $1.39191, and in the previous week, there was a boost in its value after gaining 11%. Before its trading price now, it used to trade at $1.15 to $1.40 in recent weeks. Nonetheless, the volume in the past 24 hours was $6.94029B.

Despite the rally, XRP is still below its all-time high price of $3.29, which is the price where it began since Ripple introduced it in the crypto market.

As for Bitcoin or BTC traded at $49,872.1 at a market capitalization of $947.19395B, while Ethereum traded at $3,634.96 at a market capitalization of $437,71451B.

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