Analysis Reports State That the XRP Might Reach $2.55 by December, a product comparison medium, recently wrote a report on Ripple’s price prediction dating to December. If its predictions come true, it will be a jolly Christmas season for XRP holders and traders. News stated in its reports that experts from are predicting that XRP can hit as high as $2.55 by December 2022. This prediction relies heavily on the pending lawsuit case filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Ripple Labs and its two executives. If Ripple wins the case or agrees on a settlement, this prediction could be fruition. Reports State That the XRP Might Reach $2.55 by December
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This report was based on’s discussion, spearheaded by Richard Laycock and Tim Falk, with 36 experts. The panellists even went as far as 2025, and they said that Ripple might look at $3.61 per coin and $4.98 per coin by 2030. In terms of buying and holding, the opinion of the 36 is divided, though. 23% of them said that now is the perfect time to buy XRP; 45% said to wait and hold; 32% said now is the perfect time to sell.

The experts’ opinions are also divided in terms of the worth of Ripple in the future. Others remain optimistic about its bright future, even replacing SWIFT. University of Sussex Professor Carol Alexander is one of those people who saw Ripple with this future; others were not very confident about Ripple’s movement and stability in the future, though. Reports State That the XRP Might Reach $2.55 by December
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According to Matthew Harry, Digitalx Asset Management Head of Funds, XRP is enticing since it is “easily digestible and cheap to buy”, but it doesn’t have anything to offer.

Remember that the XRP’s standing and chances of winning against the Securities and Exchange Commission play a huge role in these predictions, so it is not yet guaranteed that Ripple will be hitting these massive figures.

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