XRP Trades at a Price of $1.36 – SEC Disapproves to Ripple’s Motion

California, USA – XRP breaks its August high, trading at $1.36. It breaks the triangle after sighting at $1.40. Aside from that, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC declines to comply with the motion of Ripple.

XRP broke the price at $1.36 when it spiked at $1.40. This crypto already reached $1.36 back in August, but the trend was on the lower side. It broke the triangle at the beginning of the month, where it increased inside ascending channel. The support was at $1.25, and it rebounded from the price of $1.30, continuing on a higher price that will break the August high.

As for the XRP/USD pair, the resistance is at $1.40, and the price is followed by $1.50, $1.54, $1.62, and $1.72. On the other hand, the support is at $1.36, followed by $1.25, $1.20, $1.10, and $1.00. As for the RSI or Relative Strength Index, targets to go higher, which shows a bullish moment.

As for the XRP/BTC pair, the price of this crypto broke the resistance of the triangle at 2600 SAT, and it even reached as high as 2670 SAT. It moved over the dropping wedge formation, and the price pushed this crypto over the resistance, making a new high price this month.


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SEC blocks Ripple’s motion about exposing the crypto holdings of their employees.

On the short-term prediction, the first resistance of the XRP/BTC pair is at 2670 SAT, followed by 2730 SAT, 2915 SAT, and 3000 SAT. The support is at 2600 SAT, 2455 SAT, 2400 SAT, 2290 SAT, and 2155 SAT. Moreover, the RSI is increasing, which also indicates bullish momentum.

On another note, the US SEC tried to block the motion of Ripple, where they need their employees to disclose crypto holdings. Instead, SEC pushes Ripple to provide Slack Communication history that will be helpful in the investigation. The battle is ongoing with both parties fighting through motions.

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