Ripple & PayPal: Why PayPal Is Not Supporting Ripple’s XRP

United States – As the famous US global payment service PayPal has entered the world of cryptocurrency, many customers are asking why it does not accept Ripple’s XRP. Currently, PayPal accepts over 26 million merchants and the leading digital asset with the best mainstream exposure is Bitcoin.

Over 346 million PayPal users now have the option to use Bitcoin in trading. Despite Ripple’s recent growth, the company needs to catch up to receive recognition from PayPal.

Currently, PayPal users can only hold Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies. However, they cannot transfer it to other accounts on and off PayPal. Many critics claim that the company will remain tight-lipped on the matter.

Crypto enthusiasts wonder why PayPal has skipped the fourth largest cryptocurrency now that it accepts other virtual currencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

According to the latest interview, PayPal relies on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to determine which virtual assets to support. PayPal is looking for custody and trade additional tokens. Since the global payment service provider needs to expand more products to customers, they need to stay customer-driven, especially when it comes to security.

For instance, controversy circles around Ripple’s XRP after the US regulatory system consider the digital asset a threat to security. Unlike XRP, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoi, and Ethereum have essential differences from XRP.

Will this restriction be relaxed in the future? According to some crypto critics, there’s a huge possibility that PayPal will support XRP in transactions and withdrawals anytime soon. The reaction of crypto enthusiasts has been mixed since some have publicly bashed PayPal for not giving users access to XRP.

In terms of services, PayPal and cryptocurrencies mirror features available on the rival platforms RobihHood and Square. These two companies are one of the most prominent advocates of cryptocurrencies.

In 2019, Square already supported cryptocurrency and allowed users to withdraw Bitcoins. Regarding RobinHood, its headquarters confirmed that they would soon send a green signal for Bitcoin withdrawals.

Fundamentally, Ripple’s XRP and PayPal sound more conflicting than its partnership with Bitcoin. Once Ripple gained recognition from PayPal, it can be a giant leap in Ripple breaking out of its niche. Despite many concerns, it appears that PayPal will only support XRP if it is considered a currency, not security, in the United States.

Many businesses have been somewhat anticipating PayPal’s approval of Ripple since many global banks are now using XRP for cross-border money transfers.

Ripple CEO: How the US Regulatory Uncertainty Affected Ripple

The United States – This 2020, Ripple has been poised with a challenging year. The company CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared that they are still considering leaving the US due to the United States’ strict regulations regarding XRP.

Countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, and Singapore have clear regulatory dynamics for digital assets, unlike in the United States. According to Garlinghouse, the US Regulatory system lacks cohesion and clarity.

The Ripple CEO also shared that in the US, crypto companies are competing with different regulatory environments. Some would say cryptocurrency is a commodity, while others will consider it as a virtual currency alone. However, many critics say XRP is connected to security. This claim makes it difficult for Ripple since it makes the regulatory confusing.

According to Garlinghouse, Ripple’s headquarters will stay in the US if it becomes clearer and solid. This way, they can continue to grow and invest in more businesses in the country. Currently, the US government is still not assuring to crypto businesses than Japan and the United Kingdom authorities. The US Regulatory uncertainly will affect Ripple since it is one of XRP’s strongest markets.

Nevertheless, countries like Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom give Ripple enough clarity about the firm’s safety. Also, Japan has Ripple’s major investor, namely SBI Group, one of the most prominent companies that utilize XRP for cross-border money transfers. Garlinghouse confirmed that they would soon relocate if the regulations will stay the same in the US. Ripple has many potential destinations since many governments have created assurance and clarity about how they will consider XRP.

Garlinghouse criticized the US regulators for being undecided on XRP, making it difficult for Ripple to operate better in the US. According to the CEO, the US regulation should not be a guessing game, where authorities cannot conclude cryptocurrencies as property, security, currency, or commodity.

In contrast, Asia countries are very clear about their stance on digital assets for over five years. Although Ripple resides in San Francisco, it still provides cross-border payment services for various financial partners worldwide. The company currently holds billions of dollars’ worth of XRP.

If the US government does not make any changes, digital assets like XRP can underperform, according to Garlinghouse. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is the only virtual currency with the hall pass. This situation creates an atmosphere where big banks might stop partnering with Ripple and stop using XRP-based ledgers.

Ripple Builds New Product With PayString Trademark

United States – Ripple Labs Inc. has confirmed its new trademark with PayString. PayString trademark registration is essential for electronic financial services, such as disbursing and receiving monetary gifts and remittances. Ripple uses PayString for transferring fiat and virtual currencies over a computer network.

Since the launch of XRP Ledger in 2020, the San Francisco-based firm has already established dozens of partnerships with prominent banks worldwide. Following the recent launch of Line of Credit, Ripple has announced its new PayString trademark that was submitted last November 6, 2020.

Many XRP enthusiasts believe that Ripple is currently developing new technology or product that might be suitable for e-commerce. Currently, Ripple’s XRP has overcome many obstacles and enables the company to raise new capital quickly through the XRP Ledger.

In the past weeks, Ripple released several headlines, including the massive increase of the average daily XRP volume. The headlines show a significant boost in Ripple’s sales, especially in adopting the On-Demand Liquidity.

Many critics speculate that Ripple is again working on a new interesting product. Since “PayString” has similarities to “PayID,” the trademark might also act as a universal payment identifier with a free standard. PayString’s goal might focus on increasing interoperability between different networks. Some claim that PayString can function like PayID, a standardized format that supports over 40 globally active companies, especially in e-commerce.

Currently, Ripple is the fourth most valuable Fintech company worldwide. The firm recently launched a new product called “Line of Credit,” which allows ODL customers to take out credits using XRP. This new product can help hundreds of companies overcome financial obstacles and raise better capital more conveniently using the XRP Ledger.

News reports yesterday confirmed that Ripple would continue to rise in the next months. The company is currently worth $10 billion, which is $2 billion ahead of Coinbase and $2.4 billion ahead of Robinhood. The latest release of several Ripple products enables RippleNet customers to raise capital on demand. Many critics claim that the community has a huge impact on XRP’s excellent performance.

Ripple assures the public that they will soon expand more services to more markets and customers worldwide. Through the latest Line of Credit, more people can manage their day-to-day businesses and reach more customers quickly.

With PayString, Ripple can release a reliable payment service that is essential for receiving and transferring remittances and exchanging fiat currencies and virtual currencies in real-time.

Ripple Waits for Fintech Ventures’ Clear Guidelines

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Ripple shares its insights on how it waits for Fintech ventures’ regulation. It also offers developer tools, programs, and services to incorporate money into applications or apps. The previous executive of Ripple states that funding institutions will require XRP for settlement schemes.

This blockchain company previously anticipated how Fintech ventures yearn for controlling clarification. These businesses also search for transparency to add to regulatory clarity.

As per Sydney Ifergan, a digital asset expert, Ripple is sincere when it kept on reestablishing on controlling transparency. The expert reminisced on how someone said that Good guidelines must be favourable to customer and business protection.

Aside from that, this blockchain company facilitates developer tools via Xpring. This Ripple-platform is responsible for providing developer services, programs, and tools to incorporate fiat to apps. A holder has to establish a developer user to begin.

For media, settlements, and gaming, these use cases utilize XPring Wallet, XRP/ILP, and Xpring SDK. The Protocols include XPR Settlement and Interledger Messaging. The Interledger provides possibilities to establish apps and sites with open values.

As for the XRP Ledger, it’s open, and any developers can construct on it. In doing XRP, the user has to access Language-specific libraries, available in Swift, JavaScript, and Java.

On another note, this blockchain company’s past executive stated that XRP would be in-demand for funding institutions in the future.

Reuters states that the postponement of the pending controlling permission of the “Utility Settlement Coin.” This project began in 2019, and Fnality International introduced it, and it has a fund worth 50 million EU.

Fnality International is a company established by Barclays Plc, Credit Suisse Group AG, and Banco de Santander.

Cory Johnson, the past executive, shared his displeasure on the statement. In his Twitter account, he stated that banks would need Ripple’s XRP because of the new funding scheme to come in the future.

Johnson emphasized that these changes will need transitional interference for implementation. The stated funding institutions combined forces so that Fnality will provide these institutions with the Utility Settlement Coin solution.

Initially, this platform will provide several currencies for “greater efficiency” in liquidity management. The scheme will be able to interoperate with other venture programs, and the purpose is to support Delivery versus Payment or DVP, or Payment versus Payment of PvP transactions. Also, funds in the project use real money for back-up.

As per Reuters’ article, the Utility Settlement Coin is commercially prepared, and it received its approval this 2020. On the other hand, it appears that it might obtain a reply from controllers in the first half-quarters of 2021, and it’s as per Fnality International’s CEO, Rhomaios Ram.

Johnson is aware of the probability of Ripple being an intermediate in cross-border dealings. As per CNF, the settlement solution works with lawmakers and controllers in various governments. The purpose of the teaming up is to pass the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. One of the most vital partners of Fnality International is Banco de Santander.

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, produced conjecture regarding the probabilities to collaborate with the Central Bank of Europe. Christine Lagarde, the bank’s head, urged a quicker virtual transition.

XRP Will Be an Investment Than a Currency as per Ripple

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Ripple sees XRP and other digital assets as an investment more than a typical currency. This blockchain company’s vision is that people can use XRP more instead of using it to purchase their coffee as they go to work. On another note, the past Ripple Executive states that funding institutions need XRP after the international payment platform’s suffering.

Rumours arose that the XRP of Ripple had a chance to take over Bitcoin when it comes to its utilization. The cost-wise and fast transaction outline will lead the world to a typical digital asset.

Ripple Labs established xRapid in 2018, which is an advantage that has the assurance to hasten the transactions of XRP. It leaves top digital assets, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, in the dirt. As per Ripple, it doesn’t see digital asset as a typical currency, but an investment.

Cryptocurrencies have been existing for two years already. Litecoin, Ripple, and Monero encounter to brawl for its presence from a developing threat.

Stablecoins act similarly to typical digital assets. On the other hand, the values direct real-world possessions, like gold and the US dollar. It means that these can be exchanged for a cost, and it will keep its consistency until it reaches the future.

However, because of organizations’ affluence, it aims to ponder on the market of the stablecoin. It owes its expediency for everyday-utilization with its pegged standards. Also, it immunes to variations in cost. There’s an important matter that Ripple might lose out.

Emi Yoshikawa, global operation’s senior director in Ripple, disproves that this digital asset is opposing over the prevailing cryptocurrencies, including CBDCs or Central Bank Digital Currencies stablecoin.

On another note, there’s a previous interruption to a global bank-led expenditure enterprise. It’s proof that the funding establishments have to accept XRP, as per Ripple’s past executive.

Clearmatics, a blockchain R&D corporation in London, and UBS Group AG, a Swiss bank, proposed it in 2015. The settlements project calls it “Utility Settlement Coin,” whose purpose is to give virtual versions of digital assets, and these are bank-backed.

The project targets to introduce cryptocurrencies this year, 2020. The officials from Fnality International state that it’s waiting for the authorization of the authority. The company wants to obtain the signal in quarter-one of 2021. Fnality built know-how that focuses on technology, and it’s as per Rhomaios Ram, the International Chief Executive.

A journalist named Cory Johnson, who’s the chief market tactician of Ripple from the year 2018 to 2019, stated that the postponement was proof that funding institutions need blockchain technology.

Cross-border settlement products from Ripple, like the ODL or On-Demand Liquidity, use digital asset exchanges, including XRP.

The exchanges receive cash, transfers the XRP-equivalent value in borders, and alter it to fiat currency.

Past Ripple CEO Recovers From COVID-19 – XRP Price Drops to $0.18032

California, United States – The previous CEO and co-founder of Ripple named Chris Larsen face a battle against the Coronavirus. On the brighter side, he was able to recover from the disease.

Presently, Larsen is the Board of Directors’ Chief Executive in Ripple.

XRP price drops under the level of $0.18032, listing the largest percentage-loss since Thursday, April 2. In the past 24 hours, it exchanged from $0.17785 to $0.18156.

Anchorage Custody declared that it added Ripple’s XRP to the cryptocurrency tokens for support. The assistance continues despite the company’s ongoing lawsuit.

XRP leads the group, being the second-biggest cryptocurrency on the market. Along with the digital asset are DigiByte and Maker.

Ripple Co-Founder Diagnosed With the Coronavirus Finally Recovers

The number of infected people by the Coronavirus continues to rise, having a disturbing level. It keeps in increasing every week, and people are beginning to think that there’s no safe place in the Earth right now. However, it’s vital to follow the rules.

As for people who have the Coronavirus, recovery is still probable. One of the victims who recovered was the previous CEO of Ripple named Chris Larsen.

Larsen previously tweeted and shared the significant update with everybody. He even seeks help from people, wanting more of them to donate blood. It’s to assist with antibody transplants, which is the capable method in getting resistance for the COVID-19.

Larsen was the co-founder, as well as the former CEO of Ripple. Now, he’s presently the company’s Executive Chairman in Ripple’s Board of Directors.

XRP Price Drops Under the $0.18032-Level – Decreasing 0.83%

The XRP price drops under the level of $0.18032 on April 4. It’s exchanging at the level of $0.18032 as per the Index, wherein it fell 0.83%. Moreover, it’s a large section of loss since Thursday, April 2.

The downward action drove the market capitalization or market cap of XRP to $7.95091 billion, which is the entire market cap. Furthermore, it recorded a market cap of $20.48129 billion, which is the highest. This cryptocurrency exchanged from $0.17785 to $0.18156 in the past 24 hours.

XRP had an increasing value in the previous week after gaining 3.22%. The volume exchanged was $1.13639 billion in 24 hours. Furthermore, it traded at the range of $0.1622 to $0.1859 in the previous seven days.

The XRP price is presently under 94.52%, from the $3.29-all-time-high-price in January 2018.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin price is currently at $6,774.1, which is over 0.42% on the Index. Ethereum exchanged at $143.05, having an income worth 1.72% on the Index.

The market capitalization of Bitcoin was at $124.43817 billion, while Ethereum has $15.87944 billion.

Anchorage Custody Supports XRP Even When Ripple Faces a Lawsuit

Anchorage is known as one of the prominent custodians for digital assets. It declared that it offers assistance for Ripple’s XRP, which is this blockchain company’s flagship product. It’s indeed a good update for Ripple since Anchorage only provides custody services for digital currencies that have lots of recognized interest. Aside from giving support for this digital asset, it will also offer payment networks to fascinated XRP customers.

Anchorage said that it expected support from Xpring after declaring that the company is supporting XRP. As per the management, they utilized the rippled open-source server. They also used the node application that operates the XRP Ledger, which Xpring preserves. Furthermore, the company used lengthily for a transparent and supportive XRP Ledger’s documentation.

Ripple motivated on making leading funding organizations to utilize the products. It’s amid the blockchain companies that flickered and managed official interests in the previous years. The funding institutions use XRP coin, along with other Ripple’s products, across the world. On the other hand, the company is one of the disapproved companies in the blockchain area.

Some XRP depositors assembled to refile a lawsuit against the blockchain company, Ripple. These investors were attempting to prosecute the company in the previous two years. At first, they filed a case over the company regarding XRP’s security. When the Securities and Exchange Commission didn’t state XRP as a security, these depositors decided to revise the lawsuit. Now, they accuse the company of misleading advertising and biased marketing amid other things.

The head plaintiff in the case is named Bradley Sostack. He, along with other depositors, accused Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, for violating California’s business laws. According to them as well, he should pay for the violation.

The depositors who filed the case over Garlinghouse didn’t have precise details on the difference between the initiative solutions and XPR because the company yearned to push the market’s demand. The case was unlike the original one that accused the company of raising millions via trading XRP as an unregistered security.

The CEO of Ripple, Garlinghouse, took the heat amid the filed lawsuit against the company. They accused the CEO from establishing conflicting rights to XRP depositors. As per the case, he traded millions of XRP in the year 2017 while saying that he’s holding the funds for long-term incomes.

XRP Leads While Maker and DigiByte Establish Blocks

XRP had six green candles in the previous week, wherein a piece of evidence to its increasing price is not at $0.18. It increased by over 33% when the digital asset dropped to $0.135 on March 12.

The regaining was in a rising wedge, wherein the price endures to mark higher lows and highs. In the block, this cryptocurrency broke two long-lasting support levels, which are at $0.168 and $0.176, respectively. However, the first real check is at $0.182, before the first red candle standing.

After meeting on April 2, the Bollinger Bands for the digital asset opened up, which is an indicator of boosting volatility. Moreover, the average is increasing, yet the standing is still under the XRP price.

DigiByte ranked as the 61st digital asset on the market, which is followed by the lead of XRP. It moulded the rising wedge of a sharper amount. The price for this cryptocurrency boosted by 70% since it bounced off at a $0.00309-support level. Presently, it’s exchanging at $0.0055.

DigiByte steadily traded within the rising wedge, and it established green candles on March 22. It allows the price to stop the support from turning to a $0.00520-resistance level. Furthermore, the rate at $0.0083 is possible for this cryptocurrency despite its recovery’s pacing.

Ethereum supports Maker, and it has a low-key wedge, which is similar to a rising channel. It’s stoping the fast-price increase. On the other hand, the possibilities of an alteration downwards are less probable than other digital assets.

Maker was able to boost by more than 56% since the $200-price. Now, it’s consistently going to a resistance level, which is at $412.

XRP/AUD Reaches a New High yet Ripple Faces a Lawsuit From Court

California, United States – XRP/AUD pair recorded a new high record of transaction capacity worth 7,550,335 XRP, from the 7,164,301 XRP record last time. However, Ripple is facing a case from the Federal Court. After the said case filed against Ripple, the company is to expect more.

Transaction Volume for XRP/AUD Hits a New Best High

Based on the data from the Liquidity Index Bot, the payment corridor of Ripple with Australia hit a new high in the transaction capacity. For the BTC markets, the corridor utilizes the On-Demand Liquidity fee resolution in the XRP/AUD pair. On March 12, it listed a transaction capacity worth 7,550,335 XRP. Moreover, the recent best high was worth 7,164,301 XRP.

At the start of the year, XRP/AUD pair’s corridor only registered a deal volume worth 500,000 XRP. It hit a significant milestone in February when the volume surpassed 4 million XRP. Later then, it has continued growth hitting new best highs throughout March. Furthermore, it almost doubled the capacity in the last month.

As for the Utility Scan’s data, it displays that the payment corridors of Ripple present development for all pairs. It’s in the Mexico-US corridor, along with the USD/MXN pair, a transaction capacity worth $7.073 million. Moreover, it’s when the XRP/AUD pair hit the new best high price in transaction capacity on the said date.

The trading capacity was down to $5.5 million in the previous 24 hours. Despite the decrease, the Mexican corridor still displays significant development levels. As per Daniel Vogel, Bitso’s General Director, the trade plans to handle the weekly transfers of 20% between Mexico and the United States by end-2020.

The corridor of Ripple for the Philippines listed a transaction capacity of $2.1 million in the recent 24 hours on the USD/PHP. This corridor witnessed strong development, as per Crypto News Flash. On March 8, it hit a new best high in its volume. Moreover, as per the Liquidity Index Bot’s data, the all-time high is 6,152,415 XRP for this corridor.

It’s crucial to remember that the entire transaction capacity for the payment corridors of Ripple listed a constant increase in all its pairs since March 9. As per Utility Scan, the corridors’ volume increased from 9 million to 12 million. Last year, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, stated that the customer base of Ripple might increase by 40%, while volume will be up by 600% throughout the year. Hence, the indicators are optimistic, and it might prove the CEO right.

Ripple Faces a Lawsuit Against the Federal Court

One labels Ripple as an “ongoing ICO,” which means initial coin offering, while others sneer at the general nature of the currency. Experts conveyed that over 50% of XRP units are under the executives of Ripple, which includes the founder, Brad Garlinghouse.

It goes against all the things that this cryptocurrency stands for. Cryptocurrencies are to be in a dispersed system. People who use coinages every day to get access to services and goods choose when and how they should utilize these. Furthermore, precise organizations don’t assign currencies, and these grant secrecy to traders involved in dealings.

Many claims that Ripple doesn’t follow these rules, and the United States or the US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton, from the Northern District of California, appears to decide. Primary XRP purchasers and depositors can file a suit against the business to retake conceivable losses, and it was the managing court’s decision. It’s a weighty move against this cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

The complaint is primarily between Bradley Sostack, a one-time XRP depositor, and Ripple. While the judge managing the case states its probable that the suit filed was too late, however, it doesn’t bar it from continuing.

Offenders’ first public bid to retail XRP happened before August 5, 2016, and the court cannot conclude it, as per Hamilton. The movement recognized in the disbursement doesn’t present that offenders aimed the overall public when it comes to retailing XRP. In contrast, respondents did confess various sales and bargains from 2013 in May 2015-settlement.

In the previous two years, various cryptocurrency exchanges, which include Coinbase, expressed unwillingness over proposing XRP as a tradeable coin with the controversial nature of the suspected “non-security status.” However, the company does recommend it via Coinbase Pro, which is for more pro traders.

Gemini, a New York-based digital asset exchange ruled and established by the Winklevoss Twins, took the same action.

Ripple to Face More Complaints After the California Court Decision

Since SEC began holding down on ICOs for being unlawful refuges offerings, most digital assets vigorously protected the coins due to not being securities.

Though, as a region court in California just displayed in the file counter to Ripple Labs, not being a safety may convey even more massive consequences.

If digital currencies like XRP are not retreats, the Court ruled that federal and state laws over misleading, abusive acts or unfair practices (UDAAPs) might apply. Moreover, it contains the Unfair Competition Law of California. There’s no evading the law’s long arm when it comes to digital assets in the US.

Coins categorized as securities have primarily caused in out-of-court payment fines with some exclusions, which is notably the Telegram vs. SEC case that stays continuing. Nonetheless, if UDAAP laws apply instead, the condition becomes lots more lavish for breaking companies.

Any individual might take out a lawsuit against a corporation for misleading and unfair practices. They might act as well on behalf of the whole of the customers of the company, wherein it has shocking effects on a venture.

As per the Law360, the court’s presiding in the Ripple situation is an important one. If digital assets are not securities, these will be subject to UDAAP laws. As stated, supposed class actions from supposed UCL defilements are among the top expensive and common lawsuit-types.

There might be an essential uptick in alleged class movements targeting the digital asset industry, especially in California. Moreover, it may be costly and troublesome to secure.

These lawsuit-types can shield about everything from the fine print on advertising materials to concealed fees accused by monetary institutions. As per the law, anything that something might

With several ICOs that might effortlessly consider itself as misleading or biased, the decision of the California court might send tremors via shaking commerce. For individuals who thought they escaped the securities bullet, the others might be worse.

Ripple Inks New Tie-Up with Vietnam, Japan Financial Firms

LONDON, United Kingdom – Cryptocurrency exchange Ripple has been forging significant deals lately with major international financial firms.

According to, an Internet portal delivering insights regarding the San Francisco, California-based company’s collaborations, as well as RippleNet implementations, plenty of huge financial institutions now employ the products of Ripple.

Several of these monetary establishments are committee members of RippleNet, as well.

The official brochure of RippleNet promotes the benefits of employing Ripple’s official digital asset, the XRP, on money transfer activities.

It highlights the fact that the virtual currency eliminates pre-funding in international accounts. Furthermore, the XRP allows the sending of payments 24 hours a day and seven days per week.

With these advantages, Ripple has acquired new partners recently.

SBI Ripple Asia has confirmed that it will be collaborating with SBI Holdings, Incorporated’s SBI Remit, a financial services provider based in Tokyo, Japan, and Vietnam’s Tien Phong Bank, which is also known as TPBank.

The new alliance that Ripple inked will reportedly employ distributed ledger technology to facilitate fast and affordable remittance payment transfers between Vietnam and Japan.

An official press release affirmed the new deal between SBI Ripple Asia, SBI Remit, and Tien Phong Bank, concentrating on launching the first-ever remittance service between the East Asian economic giant and the Southeast Asian nation.

On Twitter, Ripple’s XRP Research Center, which has the handle @XrpCenter, also verified the reports about the first Japan-Vietnam remittance service using #RippleNet via a tweet dated, November 15, 2019.

This message on the popular social media platform quoted the message of SBI Holdings chief executive officer, Yoshitaka Kitao, who owns the Twitter handle, @yoshitaka_kitao.

His tweet, which was posted on a similar date, featured himself saying that they at SBI Holdings will also develop remittance services that include cryptocurrencies in the future.

According to the news posted online by NewsBTC, a website delivering the latest report on Bitcoin, real-time Bitcoin price, technical analysis, up-to-date information, relevant guides, and breaking updates, Kitao acknowledged the benefits of adopting RippleNet.

He said that it would further differentiate SBI Holdings from its rivals. The Japanese company executive also lauded the progressive position of Vietnam’s TPBank towards cutting-edge technology.

Meanwhile, a press release from the Vietnamese financial institution had announced the recently concluded deal at the beginning of this month.

TPBank explained that it had previously implemented a blockchain-based domestic money transfer arrangement.

Moreover, its management relayed that it had its own intentions of making the same services between Vietnam and other nations in Asia employing RippleNet.

In a statement, Nguyen Hung, the chief executive officer of TPBank, cited that their cooperation with SBI Ripple Asia Company on the use of blockchain technology in cross-border funds transfers heralds a watershed moment in developing customer experiences.

He pointed out that this new cooperation also makes global funds transfers through TPBank more rapid, more comfortable, and more secure than ever before.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency of Ripple appeared unaffected by these latest positive developments involving the cryptocurrency exchange sealing tie-up agreements with Japan’s SBI Remit and Vietnam’s TPBank.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency of Ripple appeared unaffected by these latest positive developments involving the cryptocurrency exchange.

The XRP was treading the downtrend path nearly 2.75 percent in the past 24 hours.

The third-largest digital asset by market capitalization, apparently, has continued to trade in the same manner as the other digital coins in the broader virtual currency market.

Analysts relayed that a possible explanation for this phenomenon is that the utilization of the XRP is an optional feature for RippleNet’s users.

Even though money transfer transactions employ the digital currency of Ripple, there would be an equivalent volume of selling and buying pressure made by the operation, unless the recipient desires to hold the cryptocurrency.

Therefore, the trading price of the XRP would not be genuinely impacted at all by these momentous events, although they are surely auspicious for Ripple.


Retailers, Consumers to Benefit as NetCents Integrates Ripple’s XRP

MOSCOW, Russia – Brad Garlinghouse, the chief executive officer of cryptocurrency exchange Ripple, has announced recently that their firm has signed over 300 new partners to its RippleNet.

With international remittance service provider Moneygram already aboard, these companies are already working with the new On-Demand Liquidity offering that employs Ripple’s cryptocurrency, the XRP, for affordable and instant payments.

This week, another partner for Ripple materializes. Cryptocurrency payment gateway, NetCents Technology, Incorporated Z, has proclaimed that it has added the XRP on its platform.

On Twitter, the next-generation online payment processing service provider, who owns the handle @NetCentsHQ, confirmed the official announcement via a tweet dated November 7, 2019.

Based on the report posted online by NetCents Technology News, a website delivering the latest information about the cryptocurrency industry, and developments on NetCents Technology, the company has expressed its excitement on integrating Ripple’s digital currency to the NetCents merchant gateway.

Aside from that, the XRP will also be added to the Instant Settlement program of the firm. This latest development permits purchases at all NetCents participating merchants.

Furthermore, the integration development has reportedly started and will move into the integration trial on Friday, November 8, with the agenda of going live after that event.

The news report clarified that the XRP would only be added to the merchant platform of NetCents, and not to the NetCents Exchange at this point.

With almost US$2 billion per day in volume and a US$ 13.4 billion market capitalization, Ripple functions as a remittance network, real-time gross settlement system, and cryptocurrency exchange.

Mehdi Mehrtash, who is the Chief Technology Officer at NetCents Technology, Incorporated, acknowledged that Ripple’s XRP is a top virtual currency that possesses a high daily volume.

He also noted the fact that the digital currency of Ripple is increasingly on-demand by retailers.

Mehrtash said that Ripple sees eye-to-eye with their needs for their Instant Settlement program.

He remarked that they look forward to the official integration of the XRP to their platform, and offering it to their merchants.

According to the news posted online by U.Today, a global media organization focusing on delivering technology news, the addition of the XRP to the operations of NetCents may also impact the latter’s partnership with PornHub.

The addition of the XRP to the operations of NetCents may also impact the latter’s partnership with PornHub.

The principal business ally of NetCents is reportedly seen on expanding the list of its cryptocurrency payment options, now that NetCents has added the XRP.

In spring 2018, Pornhub reportedly partnered with the Verge digital currency platform, and integrated cryptocurrency, XVG, as the first digital coin on the adult content giant.

PornHub also introduced a futuristic promotional advertisement of the collaboration, with the slogan, “The future has cum.”

The adult entertainment juggernaut added the TRX as another option to pay for the subscriptions in cryptocurrency as well.

NetCents­­­ Technology, Incorporated provides merchants and consumers digital services for managing electronic payments.

The company is concentrated on capturing the migration from fiat currency to digital currency by using innovative blockchain technology.

In this manner, it can give payment solutions that are easy to use, hassle-free, and secure.

NetCents­­­ Technology, Incorporated works with its financial partners, exchanges, and mobile operators to modernize the consumer experience of transacting on the Internet.

It is integrated into the Automated Clearing House and registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada as a Money Services Business.

NetCents is available for deposits from 194 territories worldwide, offering its clients the freedom to choose the type of payment method they prefer.

Techpreneur Jed McCaleb Shares Personal Journey in the Crypto World

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey – Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the network system, Stellar.

He recently spoke to Michael Terpin, the founder and conference director of CoinAgenda 2019.

The event, which the Transform Group hosted, featured the Mount Gox founder and Ripple co-founder sharing his insights regarding his journey in the cryptocurrency industry.

Stellar Pioneer’s Journey to Discovering Bitcoin

McCaleb initially talked about his discovery of Bitcoin.

He informed Terpin that he merely appreciate working on objects that he finds fascinating and can alter the world for the better.

According to the report posted online by Forbes, an international media company that delivers the latest information on business, finance, entertainment, investing, leadership, technology, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship, McCaleb initially worked on eDonkey.

This peer-to-peer application is a decentralized, server-based file-sharing network meant for massive files. After this occupation, McCaleb said that he browsed the Internet.

Then, he accidentally encountered a white paper about Bitcoin on Slashdot, a social news Internet portal which initially labeled itself as a dispenser of news for geeks.

The San Francisco, California-based computer programmer and businessman exclaimed that he was quite thrilled.

It is because, before reading the authoritative report on Bitcoin, he cited that he did not think that it was probable to resolve the double-spend dilemma.

Approximately two weeks later, McCaleb established the Mount Gox Bitcoin Exchange.

On Managing the Mount Gox Bitcoin Exchange

McCaleb founded the Mount Gox Bitcoin Exchange in 2010. The headquarters of his company was in Shibuya, a major business and commercial hub in Tokyo, Japan.

McCaleb relayed that during that time, a proper technique to purchase or sell Bitcoin has not been devised yet.

He added that he set up the Mount Gox Bitcoin Exchange because he desired to experiment with Bitcoin and to learn more about it as a technological system.

The computer programmer and software developer affirmed that he found his new endeavor then as quite interesting for himself.

He also mentioned that he decided to create a Bitcoin application to understand the virtual asset’s technology better.

He later considered the Mount Gox Bitcoin Exchange as his hobby and realized that people started to utilize it.

Stellar Co-Founder’s Decision to Give up Running Mount Gox

After engaging with his cryptocurrency exchange occupation for quite some time, McCaleb realized that he was uninterested in managing the Mount Gox Bitcoin Exchange for the long haul.

He thought about finding someone to replace him as its administrator. The digital currency enthusiast shared that there was a time when he took part in BitcoinTalk.

He described this gathering as an event involving participants who were aware of Bitcoin and possessed an account.

McCaleb said that, during that time, the Bitcoin world was quite different from what it is at present.

At BitcoinTalk, he cited that he initially saw roughly 2,000 participants. Then, he later found out that this population of Bitcoin aficionados ballooned to 5,000 to 10,000 people.

McCaleb remarked that he encountered Mark Karpeles on that occasion.

Karpeles was reportedly a potential replacement who McCaleb considered to manage the Mount Gox Bitcoin Exchange.

He remarked that Karpeles appeared like he could handle the responsibility. However, McCaleb later concluded that he found his likely successor as inept.

On His Thoughts about Bitcoin Mining and Its Consensus Dilemma

McCaleb always thought about Bitcoin being a fantastic idea. Nonetheless, the Stellar co-founder remarked that the mining aspect of the cryptocurrency has always disturbed him.

He pointed out that, if a person could resolve the consensus algorithm without mining, then that would, apparently, be a better scenario.

McCaleb reasoned that it is because people spend billions of dollars on mining.

He cited that plenty of individuals do not realize how mining is such a massive drain on the economy of Bitcoin.

The technology businessman explained that it is principally because all the money has to flow out yearly to remunerate the people who perform the mining and to pay for electricity.

McCaleb affirmed that such a situation is, indeed, a considerable drag on the system, aside from the environmental issues it entails.

Techpreneur’s Fervent Admiration of Bitcoin

McCaleb went on to discuss to Terpin about how he found Bitcoin as magnificent.

Before Bitcoin, McCaleb said that he thought that there was no solution to the consensus challenge the cryptocurrency was set out to resolve.

He said that Bitcoin inspired him, just like it did with other virtual currency enthusiasts.

It made him begin contemplating the other methods on how to address the consensus dilemma, which is genuinely what Bitcoin mining was about, he cited.

Besides, McCaleb shared that he came up with the idea that led to the founding of Ripple, which he is a founder, and served as its Chief Technology Officer until 2013.

The computer programming specialist pointed out that, along the way, he and his team realized that there are plenty of other things people can do with a network, and not just a virtual token.

He said that it occurred to him that people could perform things like representing other types of value in the form of virtual fiat money, as what decentralized exchanges and stablecoins have demonstrated.

McCaleb expressed his deep appreciation of Bitcoin for being obviously and immensely decentralized.

Plus, he remarked that he also liked the fact that there is no central firm driving the cryptocurrency forward.

McCaleb described such attributes as to be what makes Bitcoin a genuinely extraordinary cryptocurrency prototype.

However, he mentioned that the virtual token is quite challenging to reproduce. He went on to describe that there is a middle ground between that aspect.

Furthermore, he said that it is similar to a completely decentralized Uber transportation service, in which there is an establishment that is assisting in getting the network started.

McCaleb said that Bitcoin makes a person think, and allows people to carry on working on the cryptocurrency until it achieves a particular stage of development.

Technopreneur’s Thoughts about Stellar and its Future

McCaleb does not consider himself as a disruptor, but he said that he finds himself drawn to things that upset the status quo.

The founder of Mount Gox Bitcoin Exchange and co-founder of Ripple launched Stellar, a network system in 2014.

This value-transfer network targets to become a faster and more affordable platform to send money.

McCaleb narrated that he raised funds to establish a team that led him to fundraising efforts, with PayPal and Stripe’s executives helping him.

He performed this measure instead of relying entirely on an open-source community. Terpin acknowledged that Stellar is among the most winning projects at building a community.

During his thirty-minute conversation with McCaleb, they dealt on the subject of airdrops, a frequently employed strategy in the blockchain sector, to disseminate digital token to people.

In spite of the aggressive airdrop strategy of Stellar, McCaleb affirmed that they had retreated lately from this measure.

Furthermore, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the open-source, decentralized protocol for virtual currency to fiat money transfers admitted that Stellar and the entire industry has yet to overcome the challenge of making network effect.

He explained that this is among the dilemmas of cryptocurrency in general.

McCaleb pointed out that he does not think that any projects have indeed performed the making of a network effect yet, especially for payments.

He said that both sides of it are necessary.

He also explained that this reality of creating a network effect is the reason why some aspects of the cryptocurrency industry are not found useful as of the moment.

McCaleb relayed that this is one of the grounds why people were interested in cryptocurrencies, though they are not employed around the world.

It is due to the lack of a massive network between cryptocurrency holders and people who are accepting these digital tokens, he pointed out.

He confirmed that this matter is a difficult problem to address.

Terpin queried McCaleb if Stellar, which relished plenty of early supporters, had any intentions of setting up an independent fund, similar to the EOS Blockchain Venture Capital Company, NEO’s New Economic Entrepreneur’s Fund, and Cardano’s EMURGO Fund.

The interviewee answered that, at this time, they do not have any of those plans yet.

McCaleb confirmed that they had bestowed grants to various firms, though they were never for operations.

At this point, he said that they are debating internally whether they should have an independent fund.

McCaleb said they might set up their own, but in a way that is not similar to the other cryptocurrency exchanges.