Does Ripple Make XRP Holders Rich Like MoneyGram?

United States – This year, Ripple has been building stronger relationships with remittances firm like MoneyGram. According to the recent report, MoneyGram holds $9.3 million in XRP incentives during 2020’s third quarter. On Wednesday, the company revealed that Ripple paid $9.3 million, but the $400,000 has been used for trading and transaction expenses.

The partnership between Ripple and MoneyGram attracts more investors as the crypto firm continuously pumps millions of dollars into the remittance firm. Over the past few months, Ripple has shown evidence that it is heading for greener pastures.

According to Ripple, they will continue to do everything to maintain an excellent and productive partnership with MoneyGram. Since the San Francisco-based firm handed over $9 million to the remittance firm, Ripple is surely a part of MoneyGram’s success for its success this 2020.

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, congratulated MoneyGram for its digital growth transformation, and he claimed that the company would surely bring more benefits for consumers in the next years.

While everything is good for MoneyGram, Ripple’s XRP fell more than 30% this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, making some XRP holders worry. However, critics said that XRP is now facing an uphill battle, and the cryptocurrency is on its way to greener pastures.

Investors and other XRP holders don’t have to worry since the demand continuously get stronger and might even start a new upward countdown. Some reports also claimed that the XRP price could gain more strength in slicing through the overhead resistance, especially this month, when the government is opening up the economy.

Ripple uses a unique Interledger protocol, which routes payments faster and more cost-effective. It attracts more global banks and remittance companies in supporting XRP. Ripple’s overall system increases transaction processing speed for more convenient cross-border transactions.

According to Ripple, three out of five money transfer agencies worldwide are now considering XRP as a liquidity solution to provide faster money transfers for the consumers. MoneyGram and Western Union are two of the clear evidence that Ripple will continue to expand.

Investing in Ripple’s XRP may be risky and speculative, but its supply and demand this 2020 proved that Ripple continuously strives to provide a better future for its investors and partners. The company’s mission is to help all international transactions worldwide and make everything more convenient. It may be pretty ambitious, but many critics claimed that this currency exchange would not disappear in a few years.

Ripple’s XRP Approaches the Critical Resistance Level

United States – Ripple’s XRP has enjoyed a great start this October. Last Monday, October 19, the platform received a 2.3% increase at it move towards the $0.255 level of resistance. Currently, Ripple’s XRP is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. It seems that this digital asset has risen from $0.242 to a high of $0.255, which is much closer now to bitcoin. If XRP continuously cracks this level, it can jump up to 15%.

Furthermore, the accounts that hold over one million XRP has increased in the past months. Most investors currently hold between $240,000 and $2.4 million in XRP each, which brought a significant increase and upward pressure on XRP’s price. After fairly uninspiring weeks, this digital asset has seen an excellent price rise, and investors with deep pockets believe that its price will continue to rise.

There may not be an obvious strategy behind XRP’s massive increase, but its reliability for cross-border payments surely helped. According to Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, any investors turn to Ripple’s XRP as a direct response to the post-pandemic inflation threats. Some people believed that the world would experience hyperinflation, forcing investors to bet on gold and digital asset safely.

Since 2019, Ripple has teamed up with many reputable banks in different parts of the world and merge their services. This company offers a premium and convenient experience to retail cryptocurrency investors, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Ripple’s sudden gains have indeed brought a notable crypto asset to the industry. According to Coinmarketcap, Ripple’s XRP has seen a price rise in the last 14 days. Also, XRP stands very closely to Tether, making Ripple more committed to becoming the third most valuable crypto asset.

Consequently, wallets holding one to ten million XRP has been steadily increasing. Many institutions and companies have joined the platform, representing many percentages in a short period. Since Ripple’s XRP feature quicker and cheaper transactions, many people believe that this digital asset can be a reliable and long-term viable business model. It provides tangible services, including cross-border payments, that are essential in the world’s current situation.

Like Ethereum, XRP’s price will continuously ascend over the next months. While many whales have been loading up on this digital asset, the demand will still increase and reflect its prices. Despite some ambiguity that XRP presented last year, its market value still favours the industry.

XRP Price Trades at $0.243 – Exodus Supports Spark Altcoins

CALIFORNIA, The United States – The XRP price is at $0.243 after experiencing lower lows and lower highs in the previous two months. The market capitalization is more than $11 billion. As for Ripple’s partner, Flare’s Spark, users can access this digital asset via Exodus digital wallet.

XRP experienced high and lows in the previous months. With the upward breakout after the convention, the action is possible for this digital asset. It’s now trading at $0.243, having a market capitalization of more than $11 billion. In the previous 24-hours, the altcoin managed an imposing 5% increase on the charts. Plus, it’s registering an exchanging volume worth $1.8 billion.

The XRP price has been limited to a decreasing channel establishment since August started. The past few days, it witnessed that the price endured within the development by recording minor uptrends. As per the norm, the price stays in a descending channel pattern for a duration. Also, there’s a big chance that the breakout is probable to be strong.

The price is close to testing the instant support level, which is at $0.234. On the other hand, the impetus of XRP noted that it’s probable to take it to the closest resistance level at the price of $0.25. On the other hand, if a breakout happens in the approaching week, there’s a big chance for the goal to be close to the resistance level of $0.27.

The signals appeared promising for the price of XRP. The MACD signal undergone a strong crossover, and it indicated that the XRP price is probable to endure with bulls backing it. The RSI indicators signal that a similar gush found it in the neutral zone, spending some time in the oversold area.

Altcoins are probable to keep a high association status with XRP and Bitcoin. In the past year, the XRP-BTC correlation boosts from 0.66 to 0.82, which signals that the coin is vulnerable to Bitcoin’s mood swings.

The price of XRP has been a part of the dropping channel formation in the past two months. The breakout is only a matter of time. The price might stop at the pattern in the approaching weeks if the strong sentiment perseveres, and it endured to the northbound movement, heading to $0.27.

Ripple partnered with Flare Networks to introduce Spark altcoins. These two teams up with Exodus, wherein users can access Spark as well in one click.

The Exodus began back in 2015, and it’s a multi-currency digital asset wallet, which veteran settlement solution sector considers. It supports significant digital assets, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, XRP, and Eos. Now, it’s supporting Flare.

The starting version is v20.9.5, which is the Exodus Desktop wallet app. Spark tokens claimed by holders will be available in a single click. All XRP holders who considered participating in this digital asset can request Spark without the need to leave their wallets.

New features are available on mobile, Android and iOS, and PC via Mac, Linux, and Windows. Users must open the segment of XRP in their accounts and click on the special icon. Plus, the team stated that holders with an additional fee of 0.0003 XRP might be charged to do the operation.

XRP Price Is at $0.24, and It Might Grow due to Non-Profit Scheme

SAN FRANCISCO, California – The XRP price consolidates as a connection to Bitcoin develops stronger. The price is trading at $0.24, which is a boost from the $0.22-price level in the past week. On another note, the XRP Ledger Foundation aims to enhance and accept the blockchain technology of Ripple.

The XRP price had a lacklustre, having both sellers and buyers could not control the close-term. It floats within the mid-area of $0.20.

The consolidation has mainly come around the result that Bitcoin witnessed. The benchmark of digital assets struggled to earn a momentum with a price that’s between $10,200 to $11,200.

XRP moved in near tandem with Bitcoin, along with the rest of the crypto-market. It moved close to the price, and it will depend on the digital asset market. It depends on whether it recalled a strong momentum.

An analyst noted that digital asset is presently consolidating over the long-term support, which is the base. He thinks that the support might offer it with a boost. It’s possibly allowed the price to begin a rally that’s up to $0.28.

XRP is exchanging for $0.24. It’s around the XRP price that was exchanged during the past days.

The price dropped to $0.22 in the past week, yet it’s able to look for significant support. The bulls step up as it catalyzes a bullish uptrend on this level.

Bitcoin assisted the rebound as the drive if the digital asset’s benchmark from $10,200 to $10,800. It established a tailwind that lifted most other cryptocurrencies higher.

For the XRP price to endure increasing in the close-term, it’s authoritative that bulls endure defending over it as it witnesses further losses.

An analyst stated that the previous reaction of XRP to the price of $0.22 would display how bullish he supports for the digital asset while stating where the expectation will go next. This expert stated that he’s anticipating a rally of 20% or up to $0.28 in the approaching weeks.

Ripple introduced a new non-profit organization tasked with aiming mass acceptance for XRP Ledger. Depositors welcomed the enterprise by driving the XRP prices up to over 9%.

Other market candidates joined the BUIDL campaign while the defectors, such as Jed McCaleb, endure dumping the altcoins on the crypto-market. Long-time donors to the XRP Ledger introduced a new independent non-profit object to hasten the blockchain’s enhancement and acceptance.

The XRP Ledger Foundation targets to enhance various areas, like the alterations to the core code, governance, and the list of authentications to establish a lively ecosystem that encourages invention and growth.

The declaration met with enthusiasm within the community of XRP. Depositors seem to rush to trading to buy the altcoin, driving the prices up by over 9% in the previous 40 hours. Multiple technical directories recommend that the cross-border remittances digital asset has more chances to go up.

The immediate upswing established a strong engulfing candle on the 1-day chart of XRP. The type of technical design is considered a bullish formation that might help prices advance further. The information that presents daily candlestick is exchanging over the candle, and it might reverse soon from bearish to bullish.

XRP to Establish an Unbiased Bridge Asset – Price Might Disappoint

CALIFORNIA, The United States – XRP and RippleNet will establish a “network-of-networks” that will improve the advantages of individual CBDCs. As per Ripple, open procedures and the formation of standards are a simple prerequisite for CBDCs to be interoperable around the world. The price might give depositors a headache as it might drop.

Ripple discussed the necessity for a networked scheme of CBDCs or Central Bank Digital Currencies in its blog post, entitled “Interoperability Will Determine CBDC Winners and Losers.” This blockchain company clarified the COVID-19 crisis’s appearance, which encouraged the usage of contactless settlements instead of cash.

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the viewpoint of central banks across the world on delivering virtual central bank currencies. As per Ripple, it’s a question on CBDC, whether it’s part of it or not. However, central banks’ positions on cryptocurrencies, in general, shifted as per Ripple’s vice president on global operations and sales strategy, James Wallis.

As per the statement, governments that viewed digital assets as a risk. It now sees who Ripple works closely with typical funding institutions to enhance efficiency, innovative international settlement solutions that will provide advantages to ventures and individuals.

Countries, including China, have the expectations to go to production with CDBCs this 2020. These concentrate on national use cases, which will need networking as a result of the international economy.

The significant thing that every scheme should have are core functions that will let it work flawlessly with other settlement schemes. Open procedures and values should exist, as per Wallis. These can improve as Ripple becomes partners with private actors, like funding institutions, settlement service providers, and funding companies to attain interoperability.

RippleNet aims to establish a “network-of-networks” that will knowingly boost the assistance of individual CBDCs. Ripple witnesses “neutral bridge assets” as the solution to let a smooth exchange of standards between different CBDCs without the need to solve the liquidity dilemmas with cross-border transactions.

On the other hand, the XRP price outdoes the rest of the cryptocurrencies in the market after surprising Ripple depositors, which was a week ago. There’s a recovery to be in full effect, yet the altcoin fell to the bottom of cloud support, where bulls tried to grasp.

It might give pain to depositors if the digital asset tried to lose cloud support. These investors already continued to feel frustrated in the previous years.

XRP finally displayed depositors a glimpse of hope after the drop. This cryptocurrency hovered around the XRP price of $0.25, which is on the median price of 2020.

Ripple appears to go nowhere fast. The newest slow is presently predicting a storm. However, cloud support holds it, and the pain might go further to XRP investors.

XRP is presently holding the bottom support, and it loses the storm. On the other hand, the Ichimoku signal Is probable that what meets the eye.

The Japanese journalist’s signal aims to provide an immediate look at the bigger image of the crypto-market. It’s the reason why tools feature various tools and lines.

There’s another signal that this digital asset will hold strong instead of increasing higher.

Ripple Displays a Price Drop – Larsen Moves XRP to an Anon Wallet

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Ripple decreased the XRP price of $0.0039 in the previous hours. It’s marking the third successive candle as an occurred drop. There are five tools in the Top Crypto asset class, this digital asset ends up to the fourth rank, and it’s in the four-hour candle when it comes to a price change that relates to the past four hours.

The back and forth XRP price move endures for Ripple, starting at $0.2215, which is down by 4.98% or $0.0116. The XRP price might happen on a volume that’s up by 4.82%, yet it’s down by 11.99%. Ripple had the third rank in the Top Cryptos asset class, and it’s since the day before the price change of the percentage.

Ripple is near the 200-day MA or moving averages, and it might function as a price hindrance for the crypto-asset. Ripple’s volatility contracted in the previous two weeks, relating it to instability in the previous month. It’s also, if ever volatility returns, which will be something to witness. The strongest trend happens in 30 days. It displays the XRP price moving downward. It has a note that the price went up to 7 out of 14 in the past days.

Some Twitter users reacted to the performance of Ripple in the previous days. The user “lordvendettaxrp” is present for the ROI. As per this user, Ripple will provide the best ROI if they know how to be persistent. There’s no other cryptocurrency that will give them what XRP will. Despite holding 10 various cryptocurrencies.

There’s an immense hype around XRP as it began in 2017. It established a big community that carried over to the year 2018 to 2019. However, the community of depositors seems to dissolve lately.

In the short term, it might place some pressure on the digital asset in the movement of $115 million worth of XRP, and Chris Larsen transferred the amount, a Ripple executive. There’s a possibility that these digital assets from the executive’s wallet will be in the market through OTC.

Any weight this news might put on the digital asset might be offset by the secondary digital asset market trading that Ripple made in the previous month.

The price of XRP struggled to earn any distinguished impetus in the past few days and weeks. It stays stagnant in the mid-region at $0.20.

XRP is exchanging up at its present price of $0.23. This price has been exchanging during the previous days and weeks. It’s able to give $0.32 throughout the peak of the past market. It’s before it confronted immense inflows of trading pressure.

There’s a trend that boosts the digital asset up in the close-term, which is in the secondary crypto-market purchasing that Ripple conducted. They talked regarding the quarter-two 2020 update.

On another note, Chris Larsen transferred $115 million worth of XRP, and Whale Alert detected the movement. The total amount was 499,999,979 XRP, and he transferred it to an unknown wallet. However, on a tweet, he revealed that he transferred it to NYDIG.

It stays unclear whether Larsen plans to sell these or not.

Ripple Chair Transfers 500M XRP – Price to Stay Covered

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Ripple drops 5%, breaking the support area of $0.2380 over the United States or the US dollar. The XRP price is presently combining upsides and losses, which might stay capped.

Ripple began a significant drop under the support levels of $0.2440 and $0.2380 over the USD. It began a new drop after it didn’t succeed in clearing the resistance level of $0.2500. It stopped at the support levels of $0.2440 and $0.2420 to move to a bearish area.

The drop earned pace under the significant channel with a support level close to $0.2415 on the XRP/USD pair. It’s exchanging under the SMA or simple moving average of 100-hourly.

There’s a new low established close to the price level of $0.2293, and the XRP price is combining losses. It appears that Ripple is fronting hurdles close to the $0.2335 level, yet the Fib retracement level of 23.6% was from the $0.2477 to $0.2293.

There’s a significant contracting triangle established with the resistance level close to $0.2335, which is on the same chart by Trading View. There’s a clear halt over the resistance level that might direct the XRP price to the $0.2380.

The Fib retracement level of 50% from the previous drop, from the high of $0.2477 to $0.2293, is close to the price level of $0.2385. It aims to function as resistance. It’s moving to the pivot level of $0.2440.

There are probabilities of further losses if Ripple doesn’t succeed in clearing the resistance levels at $0.2335 and $0.2380. The primary support is close to the area of $0.2300.

The primary support is establishing close to the price level of $0.2280, where the clear halt under the previous low is $0.2280. It might open the gates to further move to the price level of $0.2200.

On another note, the chairman and co-founder of Ripple, Chris Larsen, moved 499,999.979 XRP to an anonymous wallet, which amounted to 115,847,491 USD. The information was as per Whale Alert.

Larsen reached on the transfer via his Twitter account, and he unveiled the anonymous wallet after transferring the big amount of XRP. As per the chairman, he moved it to NYDIG.

Larsen stated that he knows the founders of NYDIG, and he expressed how impressed he is with the institutional standards and security, which is a custody 2.0.

NYDIG offers cryptocurrency services to depositors around the world. The custody platform. The purpose of this platform is to provide satisfaction to the highest controlling audit and controlling standards. The team of NYDIG composes of pros with experience in technology, cryptocurrencies, and capital markets.

Ripple plays two roles, which is a currency and a settlement platform. It’s an open-source scheme that’s established to let cheap and immediate transactions.

Bitcoin, Ripple’s rival, never plans to be a meek settlement payment. It earned the courtesy of significant international banks, including Standard Chartered and Barclays, for global transactions.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, a Japan-based company, has an asset over $2.8 trillion, which the company declared in November 2018. It’s cooperating with Ripple to provide a global money remittance service from Japan to Brazil.

XRP Price Fails to Reach Over $0.25 – Signals to Drop Further

CALIFORNIA, San Francisco – Despite a few attempts in the previous week, the price of Ripple can’t recoil. It rejected the chance to hit over the price level of $0.25. It’s currently consolidating at $0.2425 and $0.2380 after facing a bullish resistance to come near to the price level of $0.2500.

The XRP price is altering hands at the price of $0.245, where it trailed both BTC and ETH in the previous exchanging week. The only bullish is the borderline gain against the United States or the US dollar.

The arrangements from the candlestick recommend weakness. The XRP price is trending with a downtrend, having a negative incline. The bulls didn’t succeed to close the price over the mid-BB regardless of the sequence of higher highs. Prices bounced off the lower-BB, and it’s a view, which rapidly compressed.

The higher prices’ rejection was from September 5, which is a sign that bears might be in the driving seat. Bulls didn’t succeed to inverse losses of September 5, even when there’s consolidation within the exchange range. Sellers are probable in charge as garnered from an exertion over result examination. The high price should be a discharging chance for forceful traders.

The drop under the low price of September 6, which is at $0.23, might start more losses to $0.20, or the price of $0.16 is the worse it can encounter.

Ripple faces struggles closing the price at $0.2500, which is the resistance level, and it’s over the United States or the US dollar. The price might dive if it fights to clear the barrier of $0.2500. It consolidated at the price levels $0.2425 and $0.2380, which is over the US dollar.

The XRP price began a new drop after establishing a position in the $0.2580 zone. The price broke the support levels of $0.2500 and $0.2480 to go to the bearish zone.

The XRP price stayed under the price level of $0.2480, with a 100-hourly SMA or simple moving average. It exchanged under the price of $0.2426, and it’s presently combining losses. It modified over the Fib retracement level of23.6%, and it’s from the previous decline from $0.2547 to $0.2426.

On the other hand, Ripple faced many hurdles on the upside, beginning at $0.2480. The drop is from $0.2547 to $0.2426. There’s also a significant drop establishing with a resistance that’s close to the price of $0.2515 on the XRP/USD pair. The transitional resistance is close to the price of $0.2500 with a 100-hourly SMA. The successful halt over the price levels of $0.2500 and $0.2515 should not stun the present trading pressure.

The succeeding significant resistance is close to the price level of $0.2550. It’s over, which the XRP price might try to clear, and the price levels are $0.2580 and $0.2600 in the succeeding sessions.

There are instances of further losses if Ripple doesn’t succeed in clearing the resistance levels of $0.2500 and $0.2515.

The significant support is establishing close to the price level of $).2400. The close under the support level of $0.2400 might add selling pressure, and the price might drop to $0.2300 or $0.2250.

Ripple Explores the Significance of Trends in the Crypto Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, California – The XRP price dropped by 1.79%, which reverses the gain of $0.17 last Saturday. As the week comes to an end, the price is 1.83% up to $0.2465. On the other hand, Ripple stated that a new regulatory process would establish more legality to settlements with digital assets.

The XRP price of Ripple dropped by 1.79%, which reverses a gain of 0.17%. The price of the weekend is $0.2465.

There’s a bearish end to the week as well. The XRP price glided from a price level of $0.25127 to a low price of $0.24252. The price dropped through the primary significant support level of $0.2475, and the second support level is at $0.2439. It’s steering the level of $0.24, where XRP revisited the price of $0.2470.

The initial significant support level held on the XRP price while flouting back during the second support level. Now, the XRP price decreased by 0.46%, which is at the price of $0.24536. A bearish beginning witnessed the drop of XRP from the high price of $0.2465 to $0.24441. The price left the significant resistance and support levels unapproved early on.

The XRP will have to move to the pivot level of $0.2468 to support a move at the initial significant resistance level, which is at $0.2510.

The support level from the bigger market might be necessary. On the other hand, the XRP of Ripple will have to break through the $0.25-price levels.

The initial significant resistance level of XRP is barring a prolonged digital asset rally while the price is $0.25127 that might have a limit at any advantage.

The fiasco to move through the pivot level of $0.2468 might bring a significant support level at $0.2423. The price should steer on the support level of $0.2380 as it bars another prolonged digital asset sell-off.

Ripple restored the significance of regulatory clearness. This blockchain company has said that a new controlling framework will establish more lawfulness to a settlement with digital assets.

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have altered the boldness of watchdogs, and they might select to admit the significance of instant settlements by the approach of a new controlling framework. Customers might take advantage of instant settlements. It has to be a new approach to how legitimate frameworks from around the world will interrelate with digital assets.

There were reports that the European Commission might present a new legitimate framework up to the year 2024. It’s a way to control and ease innovation in the digital asset space. It appears that the EU desires to establish cross-border settlements fast and cost-wise by utilizing digital assets and blockchain-like stablecoins.

Reuters stated that the vision of the European Commission to the digital asset space is extraordinary. The expectation is for new legitimate frameworks to establish it to the crypto-market the soonest. It will solve most of the controlling concerns in existence.

A digital asset expert, Sydney Ifergan, stated that Ripple would be happy if instant settlements have approvals as a new normal. It’s by various nations around the world.