Ripple’s XRP Could Surpass Bitcoin in 2021

United States – Although the cryptocurrency market is slowly moving due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ripple’s XRP has still sustained the uptrend. The world saw XRP’s comeback in September when the government started to reopen the economy. Following its impressive weeks, where XRP achieved a new yearly high, many critics claim that this digital asset can outperform Bitcoin in 2021.

Everyone knows that Ripple ad Bitcoin and two of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in this decade. Though Bitcoin has been known for international bank payments, Ripple outperformed it in peer-to-peer payments and cross-border money transfers. More people from different countries prefer Ripple’s XRP since it is cheaper and faster than Bitcoin and other banks.

Indeed, Ripple is more affordable and accessible to people who want to move money around internationally. Bank transactions are often costly since the funds pass through various intermediaries. On the other hand, Ripple transactions cost cheaper and only cost at an average of $.0001 or 1/100th of a penny.

Regarding Bitcoin, the transaction fees usually cost $0.50, which is higher than Ripple. During these trying times, Bitcoin’s average fees have gotten as high as $55.16 per transaction.

Regarding the transaction speed, Ripple is also the winner. This year, Bitcoin transactions take about ten minutes, while Ripple’s only takes a minute or less. Again, Ripple has shown more convenience to its customers. When it comes to price, Ripple has over 100 billion XRP, while Bitcoin only has 21 million BTC. This situation means that XRP’s market capitalization spreads 4,761.9 faster than BTC.

XRP’s low price is more appealing to investors since it offers more room to grow than BTC. Although Bitcoin has a better decentralization, Ripple performs better in terms of speed and affordability. With Ripple’s XRP, more people can move money across borders quicker and cheaper. The company also shows a promising future in the years to come.

Many crypto enthusiasts have strong beliefs that Ripple can outperform Bitcoin in 2021. Currently, many startups are developing systems that can help people use XRP in transferring funds.

Additionally, more banking institutions, such as the Japan Consortium Banks, adopt Ripple’s payment technology to offer Blockchain-based solutions. Recently, Ripple confirmed that some Gulf banks in Saudi Arabia and the UAE had adopted its system to support cross-border payment transfers in the Middle East.

Indeed, Ripple is not an average currency. It offers something unique to other altcoins. It is vital to understand Ripple’s capabilities since it presents a solid investment opportunity for different companies worldwide.

Experts Go Bullish as XRP Drops to Support Level

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Ripple’s XRP drops during the previous crypto market-wide selloff, and the XRP price erase the massive of the earnings. It was able to earn during the last months. The partner of Ripple, SBI, wants to support the “Utility Fork” in XRPL.

Ripple’s XRP had a drop by the previous selloff in the digital asset market. The XRP price erased the immense significant gains where it’s able to earn during the last months. The hard-fought earnings by the depositors of the digital asset had a slow grind, which was higher.

The resistance during in the price region of $0.30 showed that it’s insuperable. On the other hand, the digital asset had a protracted merging phase, and it’s within the price region of $0.20, which is upper.

The exchanging range broke yesterday’s record as this cryptocurrency was not capable of avoiding the headwinds. Massive inflows of trading pressure established these, and it pulled Bitcoin or BTC to the price region of $10,000 for a short moment.

The Bitcoin price action provided shockwaves during the whole market. It’s causing significant and smaller cryptocurrencies, and these are alike to support huge losses.

Experts note that the support hit a significant move, which might rally higher in the coming weeks.

XRP is up by more than 1% at the price of $0.24. It’s marking an immense increase from the lows. It’s a previous low price of $0.23, and it has a quick instance.

This digital asset’s present weakness comes as BTC or Bitcoin brawls to keep a place with the $10,000 region. Bears showed a selloff, and it’s winding to a price level of $9,900, which was a sharp rebound.

The succession of XRP foremost kicked off several days when the price hit the high cost of $0.30. It started winding lower until it stopped under the support level of $0.20.

An expert explained that he’s anticipating to witness a sharp comeback in the close-term when it comes to the near-term of the XRP. It’s because of the resistance’s strength that’s under the current price.

On the chart, the support level of XRP is from $0.22 and $0.24, and it means that bears are touching to cancel it. If the price broke above, it might have a price action until it reaches the significant support level at $0.19 is massive.

Flare Network, a Ripple-backed project, will start its “Spark” airdrop program on December 12, and it’s already a hype. AS per the details from CNF, there are over 15,000 accounts, and these have 900 million XRP. However, there are conditions to be eligible to join the airdrop. On the other hand, the registration is presently probably via a tool, which Wietse Wind founded.

Mr Wind is the founder of the XRP Labs for XRPToolkit and XUMM.

It’s crucial for exchanges can assist the airdrop so that an extensive mass can gain from it.

SBI VC Trade, another company that Ripple supports, stated that it’s assessing how to handle the occurrence. The trading is part of the activities of the SBI Group. It might sustain the airdrop.

XRP Price to Merge in a Desolate Move – Active Wallets Stay High

SAN FRANCISCO, California –Ripple’s XRP price witnessed drop by 8% in the previous week, and it reached $0.287. The altcoin is presently exchanging with a dropping price network, while the price bounced back from the lower side. There are bullish indicators for this digital asset because active wallets’ productivity stays in elevation.

The XRP price previously increased to a resistance level of $0.335 up to a six-month high. It might be a bullish action in the short term, yet the traders immediately drove the XRP price under or closer to the everyday-candle price, which is under $0.32 and turned the status to a red flag. This digital asset was lower during the previous week, and it re-entered the dropping price station, which is displaying in the chart below.

The XRP price rebounded on Saturday, coming from the underneath part of the dropping channel, which was at $0.271. In the previous hours, the bulls pressed it to the present state, which is at $0.287, and it begins to eyeball at the resistance level of $0.30.

The initial resistance level was at $0.30, and the boost was up to the stated dropping price channel. The resistance level is at $0.313, with a Fib Extension of 1.424, $0.321, which is under a Fib Retracement of 0.886. It also includes $0.331, under the Fib Extension of 1.618.

The initial support level of the XRP price was at $0.28, and it succeeded a support level of $0.264, which is a part of the area of the decreasing price channel. Underneath the price of $0.26, the additional support level was at $0.246, or a Fib Retracement of 0.5.

The Relative Strength Index or RSI is under the middle-trend, yet it appears that the bulls attempt to control the impetus, pushing the RSI back over 50. The Stochastic RSI experienced a bullish crossover indicator previously, and it promised a reliable indicator.

As for the XRP/BTC pair, the XRP price decreased under the support level of 200-days EMA, and it was last week. As the price drop under the support level of 2435 SAT or a Fib Retracement of 0.382, it will hit a lower SAT, 2400. The purchasers reformed to drive the price of XRP back to the SAT of 2435 as it tries to hit the 200-days EMA.

The XRP.BTC pair might have a resistance that settled at the SAT of 2569, followed by the SAT of 2630, 2333, a Fib Retracement of .5, and 2230 SAT, which has a .618 Fib Retracement.

The price of XRP increased, coming from 18 cents to 30 cents in a few weeks. Santiment Research Company shared a data, displaying that that active address output listed for the third-biggest by market capitalization stayed high.

The price was at $0.286194, and the exchanging volume is at $1,817 billion. The amount of XRP went up by 0.4% in the previous 24 hours. It has a mingling supply of altcoins worth 45 billion, and the supply has a maximum of 100 billion. The information was as per Coingecko.

Like the rest of the digital assets, XRP has a long way before it climbs to its 2018 highs. Now, it fights to remain over the price of $0.30.

XRP Price Might Start a 45%-Rally – Crypto Might Survive as per CEO

CALIFORNIA, The United States – XRP earns about 50% in the previous two weeks, and it’s after Ethereum (ETH) on a steep rally. As per analysts, this digital asset is confident to move higher if it breaks a significant resistance. According to the CEO of Pantera, Dan Morehead, XRP is one of the cryptocurrency to survive long-term sustainability.

In the previous two weeks, XRP earned about 50%, and it followed Ethereum on its vertical rally higher. Experts believe that this cryptocurrency is possible to move higher after it breaks a significant resistance.

As per the digital asset trader, XRP breaks at $0.321 as its resistance, which is on a weekly scale, will start a noticeable increase higher. This trader stated that a 45.6%-movement to the price of $0.468 might take place in a couple of months.

Boosting the bull case of Bitcoin is the positivity that some traders have regarding Stellar Lumens (XLM). It’s well-documented, where the price of XRP strictly traces that of XLM and XLM to XRP.

As per NewsBTC, a trader stated that considering the previous trading volume and price action of XLM, it’s probably to trigger a longer-term in the bull trend.

The price action of XRP might be reliant on Bitcoin because of the connected nature of the digital asset market.

On the other hand, as for XRP bulls, experts began to flip bearish on Bitcoin as the chief cryptocurrency drops lower. Bitcoin is exchanging at $11,450, which is below from the $11,500 price, and it’s a first time.

Another trader assumed that Bitcoin might drop to the $9,000s, and possibly lower in the previous week. A CME gap, along with price declines were at $11,500 to $12,000. It Bitcoin is to retrace more that it has, it’s improbable that XRP will be in a green status for long.

Dan Morehead, the CEO of Pantera, thinks that XRP is one of the digital assets that will survive long-term sustainability.

As per Thinking Crypto, Morehead stated that Ripple is a productive member of the digital asset industry, regardless if everybody likes it or not.

Ripple had over half of the entire XRP supply, and it utilizes its digital asset as its payment platforms.

Morehead shared that Ripple did an excellent job, and it’s one of the big companies with hundreds of engineers establishing lots of code. He also shared how he foresees a world with 8 to 10 blockchains, and XRP is one of these.

The CEO of Pantera stated that he thinks digital assets are not necessary for fighting over one another. Plus, there are more than ample room for numerous projects to prosper.

As per Morehead, these digital assets are challenging trillions of dollar markets like cross-border currency movement, gold, wealth storage, and remittance. There’s ample opportunity, and another factor is that ETH and XRP don’t fight each other, while the company fight with the Argentine peso. He also explained that the company is competing for paper currencies, and there’s a lot of room for every digital asset,

Morehead stated that the top digital asset positions include Ethereum, Filecoin, Polkadot, Bitcoin, 0x and Augur.

Ripple Unites With SWIFT – XRP Price Might End in an Immense Move

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Ripple and SWIFT join in one platform by IBIS Management Associates Inc. This payment solution company utilizes RippleNet with the service of SWISSRoute. As for the XRP price, the sideways act might end in a big move after having a 23.5%-boost in the market.

IBIS Management Associates Inc., a consulting and payment solutions company, previously declared that it would let its customers utilize RippleNet in connecting. IBIS enhanced the SSWISSRoute service. It will allow users to access a gateway to the worldwide payment scheme of SWIFT.

The SWISSRoute service is a cloud-service key, and it permits the creation of “adapters,” which connect numerous payment systems to the typical funding scheme. The service users can access multiple funding institutions, which utilizes a single channel. The service lets venture flows with automation and streamlines. It will enhance the interbank connection. Also, it uses standardized international ISO messages, along with proprietary formats (MT).

As per IBIS, it states that users will have added benefits. They don’t have to get any proprietary software or hardware from SWIFT to connect with the SWISSRoute service. They can control the cloud-based services, and the infrastructure complies with the business continuity standards and security of SWIFT.

SWISSRoute utilizes the Alchemy real-time interface, and it’s enhanced with Finestra. As per IBIS, the typical customer for using the new adapter with RippleNet are those that operate in multi-bank situation are searching for a “modern” payment scheme.

IBS declared that its users could connect to SWIFT and Ripple in one platform. It stated that the customers would have unlimited funding opportunities. SWIFFRoute customers can process settlements via RippleNet. They can also access “out of the box” funding integration.

While Ripple establishes a partnership with SWIFT and IBS, the XRP price is going strong as it climbed up to $0.321.

XRP witnessed an immense drive this week as the price increased over $0.30, reaching a new high of $0.321. The bulls can’t come close over the $0.31-price level, which is the reason why this digital asset moved to $0.30.

The price increase led XRP back to a positive trend, creating a 6-month high. It might have to decrease under $0.215 for 200-days EMA, which is before it went in danger of becoming bearish again.

If the bulls drive higher, the first resistance level is at $0.313. It succeeded a resistance-price at $0.321, $0.331, and $0.35. However, the sellers break under the $0.30 price, and the support is at $0.291, $0.28, and $0.268. Plus, further assistance is at $0.26 and $0.25.

The RSI dropped a little from overbought conditions as purchasers regroup. Also, the Stochastic RSI established a bearish crossover sign, which signals a short-term retracement along the way.

The market is in functional status for XRP over Bitcoin (BTC). The crypto increased from 2200 SAT when this month started, and it reaches 2800 SAT. The resistance was bearish at 0.618 Fib Retracement.

XRP reviewed a little as it decreased to the support-level at 2360 SAST. It’s bullish, and it might need to reduce under 2250 SAT for 200-days EMA to become bearish.

XRP Exchange Volume Upsurges – USD Gets Weaker as Per CEO

SAN FRANCISCO, California – XRP experiences an immense rebound on the digital asset markets. After the local peak of $0.327, the exchanged trade volume is around $5.17 billion. The increment is at 417%. As for the CEO of Ripple, Garlinghouse, the United States or the US dollar weakens compared to digital assets.

Ripple’s XRP exchanged at the support of $0.17 on July 1. After that, the cryptocurrency broke out of the falling wedge from a long two-year period. This report was from the cryptocurrency analyst, MagicPoopCannon. Also, this digital asset regained its third sport, beating USDT’s Tether on Coinmarketcap.

The upward impetus of XRP caused a local peak, which is at $0.327. In the same period, the daily XRP exchange volume boosted from $1 billion to $5.17 billion. The last value attained by this digital asset was from August 2. There’s an increase of 417% since the start quarter-three of this year.

As per the, it displays a chart that delivers a better visual signal of the increase in everyday-exchange volume.

XRP tries to claim the resistance level of $0.30, as per the Q2 XRP Market report of Ripple. One significant takeaway from the article is the declaration by the company is the $32.55 million worth of XRP sales in quarter-two.

The XRP sale was OTC or Over-the-Counter, and it didn’t disturb the digital asset market value. Ripple’s team expounded the fact that in quarter-two, the entire sales of XRP is at $32.55 million compared to the past quarter, which was $1.75 million. The company endured concentrating on the Over-the-Counter or OTC sales, which provided the XRP liquidity to the ODL of RippleNet. The additional cash was significant as it lasts to change and enlarge into new corridors.

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, states that international populations endure losing assurance in money currencies. He said on Twitter that the US dollar may not yet step out of its place as a reserve currency of the world, yet it’s getting weaker if you are to compare it with digital assets, like Bitcoin.

Garlinghouse shared how several decried digital asset as a scam a year ago. Now, the majority of governments take blockchain seriously. It addresses resistances, like transparency and settlement, and these were difficult to solve before. The digital asset is 80% up, but the US dollar is 3% down on its year-to-date or YTD.

Garlinghouse added that outdated monetary systems are as bullish as the trust of people. He said that fiat currencies are losing. He explained what Tom Lee stated, a Fundstrat handling partner, everything comes down to believe in the funding system.

The CEO also said that when the international population endure losing poise in money currencies, like the US dollar, people will select to diversify. He added that the future international funding scheme would ensure the same.

Tom Lee, Fundstrat Global Advisors’ co-founder, explained that broken trust is in the typical funding scheme, which is a theme. The less confidence you have in the dollar, the more you trust alternatives.

Ripple Breaks XRP Sales Crash in Q2 – CEO Defends the Company

company against plaintiffs, stating that they can’t prove Ripple lied. Also, the company beats the XRP sales crash in quarter-two, earning $33 million.

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, responded at accusers in current litigation against the company. He stated that depositors couldn’t show that Ripple lied regarding the utility of XRP. The offenders accuse Ripple, saying how the company didn’t utilize XRP altcoins in 2017 when it comes to settling funding transactions. However, Ripple and Garlinghouse didn’t say otherwise.

In May 2018, Bradley Sostack, the plaintiff, filed a case against Ripple. His allegations were about how Ripple didn’t succeed in registering XRP with the United States or the US SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, despite qualifying as security.

Garlinghouse fought with Ripple as per Law360’s report. It unveiled that their filing with the federal court in California stated that the accuser didn’t succeed in offering necessary accurate claims to show that the company and the statements of the CEO are untrue.

Garlinghouse also said that Sostack is advising the court to establish unverified leaps of logic.

In the revised lawsuit, Sostack claimed that XRP doesn’t have utility because Ripple and the CEO didn’t succeed in disclosing it to their depositors. On the other hand, the defendants’ legal team advised the court to discharge it to their depositors.

The Sostack case is one of the several lawsuits against the company. On the other hand, things didn’t pan out as per the plan with the co-founder, displaying faith in the project.

The number of cases against Ripple boosted in the previous two years, and the accusations are about trading unregistered securities. As for the company’s side, it claimed that it established XRP to inspire people.

Despite the on-going case of Ripple from Sostack, the company recovered sales slump of XRP, selling $33 million in quarter-two of 2020.

According to Ripple, the company traded $32.55 million XRP during the second quarter of the year. There’s an increase over the awful sales of quarter-one, and the boost is by 1,760%. In about a year, this sign is the primary one of the sales growth of XRP.

As per the Markets Report for the second quarter, Ripple reported an increase in OTC or over-the-counter sales as it gained the advantages of new liquidity. It provided additions with Swisscom Blockchain, a telco, Sygnum, a digital asset bank, and Zero Hash, a switch execution facility.

Programmatic sates, a third party exchanging practice with a mid-quarter-three 2019-stop, contributed to three successive quarters of dropping XRP sales. It will stay on pause as the company, Ripple, concentrates on OTC markets, as per the practice issuer.

The volume of XRP didn’t fare as sales figures in quarter two. The average everyday-volume dropped to 196 million, which is from quarter one’s 322 million. The entire volume, which is by dollar value, almost halved to $17.86 billion, and it came from the quarter one’s $29.68 billion.

XRP Sales Boost 19-Fold – Price Recovers at $0.30

SAN FRANCISCO, California – RippleNet’s ODL or On-Demand Liquidity experiences 11 times of growth, as per the XRP Markets Report. The sales for XRP surge in the second quarter, having $32.55 million. Aside from that, Ripple bulls’ price rallies to $0.325, yet it couldn’t continue because of the $0.241-price drop recently.

According to the XPR Markets Report, it shows that the ODL of RippleNet faced a growth that’s 11 times larger than last year. As for the XRP sales, it increased in quarter-two. The boost was after it hit a low price in the 2020’s first quarter. As it grows, the ODL network of the firm stays popular.

As per the quarterly report of Ripple, which they released on August 3, the sales of the XRP token of Ripple recorded 18.6 times bigger than the sales report in 2020’s first quarter. The digital asset company noted that XRP sales reach $32.55 million, and the duration was from April to June 2020. In the first quarter, it earned $1.75 million. However, many complained about the company to sustain the balance sheet with XRP trades.

Ripple stated that sales grew after the company prioritized OTC sales instead of programmatic ones. It’s part of the company’s effort to deliver boosted XRP liquidity to the ODL customers. RippleNet’s ODL grew 11 times more from last year to 2020.

Cointelegraph conveyed that the price of XRP rallied in the previous seven days, which is at 40%, while in the last 24 hours, it’s nearly 8.5%. Several experts predict that XRP might even increase to $0.30 if Bitcoin (BTC) stays stable at $11,346.

The price increase attracted depositors, and about 30 new whales for XRP has $240,000 to $2.4 million in their accounts.

As the XRP sales increases, the price continued to rally $0.325, yet it couldn’t endure the uptrend since it faced a drop to $0.241 recently.

The price improved upward, over $0.28 high, and in the following day, purchasers continued driving the price up.  XRP received, yet the price is at $0.32. The upward movement stalled at the high-price level of $0.32 in the previous 24 hours.

Purchasers still struggle to push the price of XRP over the recent high since the price dropped after retesting twice at the resistance level. The market will increase, depending on the present indicators. Also, Ripple is probable to grow to $0.335, if it breaks the resistance level.

XRP will endure moving up as the price stops over the resistance level of the increasing channel. This digital asset is trading over the 80% range, yet the bands are leaning southward. It indicates a strong momentum, yet the price movement displays strong signals.

The price of XRP is dropping under the $0.32-resistance level while purchasers try to drive it over the previous high. After retesting at a price level of $0.32, a red candle body tested the Fibonacci retracement level, which is at 0.618. It specifies that the market will hit the Fib extension level, which is at 1.618. Plus, Ripple will increase to $0.335 in few days.

Ripple’s XRP Boosts With 30 New Whales – Scammers Impersonate CEO

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Ripple’s XRP increases 3.7%, having new 30 whales in the previous weeks. With the progress of XRP in the cryptocurrency market, scammers are impersonating the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, and they target

Ripple’s XRP has 30 new whales, who were gobbling up, and it’s an indicator that some big depositors rethink this digital asset.

The number of accounts with over one million XRP boosted by 3.7% and 30 new whales appeared in the previous two weeks. As per Bob Rubiano, a cryptocurrency guru and Wall St. insider, he said that digital asset is becoming a haven for big institutions because of the United States or the US dollar’s fall. Another reason as well is the unbalanced market, leaving several non-tech depositors down on the last two quarters. These depositors hold between $240,000 to $2.4 million XRP per account, and these backed to the upward pressure of the XRP price.

XRP encountered a price increase of more than 30%, which was from $0.19 to $0.25. There were about 30 big depositors to trust that the price increase will continue. There are some more significant funds showing interest in XRP, including JPM, Blackrock, Sequoia, BH, and more.

There will be an IPO from Ripple, and primary holder of this cryptocurrency include exchanges, like Bittrex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, and Kraken.

Speculation is the main reason why there’s a boost in whales. Plus, XRP reclaimed the third place, kicking out USDT’s Tether from the position.

Ripple earned recognition from a bill proposal, which came from the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection in the US. The bill is about cross-border payments, and Craig DeWitt, the Director of Product from Ripple, declared the P2P payment scheme for this crypto.

Aside from that, this digital asset caught the attention of significant international banks, including Barclays, and Standard Chartered.

With the success of XRP these past few months, scammers are targeting Ripple, especially the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. The scam was on Twitter, and there were dozens of programmatically managed Twitter accounts, inviting naïve XRP holders to read the, please. On the petition, Garlinghouse allegedly published it using

After using YouTube to scam XRP users, another incident involved Twitter. The initiated petition is about a social activism program on behalf of Garlinghouse. However, the page doesn’t contain any appeal. It doesn’t instruct anyone to support it or do something else.

The fraud Garlinghouse extended his gratitude to the community, and there will be a giveaway. However, before holders can participate, they need to send 1,000 XRP to 300,000 XRP, or $300 to $90,00, to talk about the giveaway. There’s also a link on the website’s giveaway.

The domain of the fake site, which scammers activated was since June 2020.

It’s a good thing that the petition and established site was in a rush, which is why the essence is not a top-secret for the majority of page visitors.

However, these scammers invented more scam systems to steal XRP funds from depositors.

Tiffany Hayden, a speaker from the community, stated that malefactors created a fraud newsletter on behalf of the company, CoinDesk.

XRP Price Extends Resistance Level Over USD – Ripple Overtakes USDT

The United States – Ripple’s XRP price over the United States or the US dollar extends upward, moving over the $025-resistance level. This digital asset currently consolidates gains over $0.24, readying for another upsurge. Aside from that, this digital asset overtakes USDT by market capitalization, landing on the third place. As per Anissimov, it might boost to the succeeding resistance block at $0.25.

The XPR price earned a strong momentum over the resistance levels of $0.2400 and $0.2420, which are against USD. The price exchanged at $0.2500, settling over the Simple Moving Average or SMA of 100-hourly.

In previous discussions, data displays possibilities for Ripple’s XRP to go over the resistance level of $0.2400. The XRP price earned traction over the resistance level of $0.2420 while remaining over the 100-hourly SMA.

The upward drive of the price hit the $0.2450-level, and the XRP price tested the resistance of $0.2500. Previously, the downside correction existed, ranging from the levels of $0.2450 and $0.2420.

The XRP price exchanged under the $0.2400, yet it found strong bids that are close to the $0.2380-support. The previous low on the price was near to $0.2382, and the XRP price is presently combining gains. Primary resistance is close to the level of $0.2410.

The Fib retracement level of 23.6% from the previous drop was from $0.2500 to @0.2383, and it’s close to $0.24100. The primary resistance on the advantage is nearby the price level of $0.2440 since it accords with the Fib retracement levels of 50%, from $0.2500 high to a low price of $0.2383.

It appears that there’s a significant linking strong trend, and it’s constructing with a support that’s close to $0.2380 on the XRP/USD pair’s hourly chart. If XRP/USD maintains over the trend line, it might begin a new upsurge over the $0.2440 and $0.2450.

The primary hurdle is already close to the resistance zone of $0.2500. A successful halt over the level of $0.2500 might lead the XRP price to the standards of $0.2560 and $0.2580.

The trend line support grasps the way for the price of $0.2380. The XRP price might encompass its drop to the level of $0.2320 if there’s a downside break under $0.2380.

The primary support is close to the price level of $0.2300, and the bears are probably to target a more significant correction wave to the level of $0.2200.

Another news concerning XRP is how this digital asset surpassed USDT’s Tether by market capitalization.

Konstantin Anissimov.’s executive director reacted to the revival of XRP. The director shared possible reasons.

According to Anissimov, there’s a drop on the XRP price under the moving average or MA of 200-day. As per July 25, the data displays the on-chain volume of XRP, rising at $1.75 billion. Moreover, the considerable purchasing pressure was significant enough to let the cryptocurrency break over the 200-day MA since February.

Anissimov added that XRP might endure to upsurge to the next substantial resistance barrier, and it sits at the price of $0.25.