Ripple Indicates Fresh Boost – Readies for a Moon Mission

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Ripple gradually moves to an optimistic area over the support level of $0.2480 over the US dollar. The price is probable to boost if it’s over the SMA of 100. This digital asset prepares for a “moon mission” as the bulls regain the key level.

Ripple trades in an optimistic are over the support level of $0.2480 against the USD. The price encounters a price level of $0.2580, and it’s over the SMA of 100.

In the previous three sessions, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum had optimistic movements. The price of XRP established a support level over the price of $0.2400. It previously climbed over the resistance level of $0.2450.

The XRP price earned its pace over the resistance level of $0.2480, and it stopped over the SMA of 100. There’s an increase over the price level of $0.2500, and the weekly high is established at a close level of $0.2580.

Ripple is presently consolidating over, and it altered lower under the Fib retracement level of 23.6%, which is an upward movement from the low price of $0.2372 to a high price of $0.2580. There’s bullish support establishing the price level of $0.2475, a downside, while the SMA is 100.

It appears that there’s a significant triangle establishing with the resistance level of $0.2600. There are opportunities for an upside halt over the resistance levels of $0.2580 and $0.2600 if the XRP price retains over the SMA of 100.

There’s a clear break over the channel resistance that may open the gate for a bigger move over the $0.2620. The succeeding significant resistance is near to the level of $0.2750.

There’s a threat of a new drop if Ripple doesn’t succeed in clearing at the resistance levels of $0.2580 and $0.2600. The downside halt under the SMA of 100 may put lots of weight on the bulls. The succeeding primary support is close to the triangle trend line, which is at $0.2420. The price might drop lower to the price of $0.2320.

On another note, XRP and the digital asset market is presently wedged within a merging phase as BTC fights to earn any conclusive momentum.

It does seem that these altcoins wait for further directionality, and it will come from Bitcoin before there are further movements. It triggered smaller digital assets to drop to sessions of sideways exchange.

Even though it stays indistinct on where the market might trend, the previous technical enhancements signal that any market-wide advantage of XRP might let it come into a full-blown moon mission.

An expert explained that in the previous tweet, the digital asset could regain a significant technical level that it previously had under. The ability to regain at this price level might be looming in the close-term as the support level does designate.

On the other hand, it’s still probable that it will stay premised on whether the rest can display continued indicators of strength or not. It might all depend on the reaction of Bitcoin to the resistance of $11,000.

XRP is currently exchanging over 2% at $0.25. It’s crucial to state that it marks a distinguished increase in the weekly low, $0.23.

Crypto Experts State How Probable XRP Price Might Drop

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Despite being over 25% this year, Ripple’s XRP price is still searching for gains. According to some experts, there are some reasons how it might fail. However, a Bitcoin expert states that XRP against BTC, yet it’s not the best moment to purchase.

Ripple’s XRP is over 25% of its performance this year. However, the fourth-biggest digital asset is still searching for cutting the gains. As per the bearish signs, it’s brought by the analyst from

The United States or US-based analyst rutted the XRP/USD part over three strictly bearish arrangements. They added a long-term MA or Moving Average wave. There’s a Bearish Divergence between momentum and price, along with a “death across.” Three suggestions have a prolonged dive to the $0.15, a typical support level at 35% under the present rate.

The expert from the TradingView highlighted a track of higher lows and lower highs that the pair of XRP/USD was leaving behindhand since the year 2018. The pair previously broke over the descending channel, yet a bullish upside refusal close to the 200-week MA curve endangered to drive it back in the variety.

The analyst mixed the downtrend movement of XRP in the previous bearish wave with its enhancing Relative Strength Index (RSI). The signal reproduces a digital asset’s weakness and strength, depending on the final process of the previous exchanging period. The weekly RSI of XRP produced higher – which is a signal of bigger purchasing impetus.

XRP also exchanged down under the “Death Cross” influence. It’s a strong indicator that originates into view after the long-term MA of the asset, which closes over the short-term MA. The weekly 200-WMA of XRP jumped over the 50-WMA in January 2020, establishing a bearish crossover.

A Bitcoin strategist, famous for his contrarian viewpoint, states that XRP has numerous separate advantages in the world’s leading digital asset.

The pseudonym digital asset analyst, “CryptoWhale,” stated via tweet that XRP is one of the digital assets in the top list.

Some of the reasons include XRP being x1000 faster and cheaper compared to Bitcoin. Also, the analyst stated that it’s more climbable and better for the situation.

The seeming important strengths of XRP clarifies why the fourth-biggest digital asset has many naysayers.

The strategist stated that the doubt nearby XRP is unjustified because he believes that the cryptocurrency will upswing from the ashes. Many disapprove XRP because it’s “dead,” yet it’s not the case. The digital asset by Ripple is over 10,000% since the beginning. The logarithmic ruler shows that they were witnessing an alike trend back from 2015 to 2017.

However, depositors highlight that it’s not the time to accrue XRP. The whole digital asset is also because of one more submission with BTC, which leads the plunge. The analyst plans to retain on the side until the alteration is done.

As per the expert, he’s not sure why people would establish long-term purchase positions to Bitcoin over $10,000. The range was for 0.06%, and every time fear follows it, it comes crashing from 65% to 70%.

XRP Price Might Not Hit $1 – Japanese Traders Ditch This Crypto

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Timothy Peterson, an investment expert, stated that XRP is not probable to hit $1, mostly $10. This analyst explains what you need to know if you’re a trader. Also, Japanese digital asset traders drop Ripple’s crypto to choose Bitcoin.

Timothy Peterson, an expert, stated that XRP is not probable to hit $1. He also explained that it’s not likely to hit $10.

Peterson is an investment expert, and it utilizes value assessments and user interest to develop the upcoming performance of cryptocurrencies. It’s also projecting the adoption.

As per the analyst, the number of XRP users is not working or improving. It means that XRP will not develop further than where it is now. He also said that XRP is part of Grayscale’s smallest funds, meaning that depositors don’t find it interesting.

Peterson also stated in a post that central banks are beginning to deliberate digitalizing money currencies. It’s a risk to the digital asset because its utilization is primarily for cross-border remittance, in which virtual currency comes with ease.

Even though Ripple’s digital asset is not doing fine in the previous years, it keeps one of its devoted fan bases, the XRP Army. These XRP enthusiasts think that XRP will hit a new ATH or all-time high regardless of having a weak performance in the crypto market. The prediction of Peterson should be a significant blow, and even though it’s challenging to convince other users, his predictions proved to be trustworthy in the previous instances.

This analyst forecasted before that Bitcoin or BTC might go back to $10,000 before August ends. Bitcoin’s price was over the $10,000 fee after the prediction happened, which was numerous weeks before the end of the forecasted time. Also, he has a projection that BTC will drop under $10,000 one more time. There’s no test, yet opportunities come to the current market setting. Bitcoin might go above that below, and the bulls hold a bullish place over the bears.

Ripple’s XRP is presently one of the top digital assets in green, while the market is beginning to recuperate from the bearish action in the previous days. The XRP price is still over $0.25, which is a critical level. However, there’s no answer as to when it will last.

In another report, most Japanese digital asset-traders prefer to invest in Bitcoin instead of Ripple’s XRP. As per the information on August 19 from JCVEA or Japan Virtual and Crypto Assets Exchange Association, Bitcoin’s dominance has a relation to digital assets in the Japanese crypto market. It hit over 87%, which was in April. There are no other digital assets that hit around 6% of volume exchanged, monthly active users for digital asset exchange boosted by 13,987, which is an ATH.

As per Yuya Hasegawa, it appears that depositors from Japan have an interest in Bitcoin more than other digital assets.

Bitcoin has 87.34%, while XRP has 5.08% only. This data was as per the dominance chart of digital asset monthly exchanged value. The report came from JVCEA. Bitcoin’s dominance didn’t hit over 70% back in 2017, yet now it’s over it.

XRP Gets Ready for an Immense Action due to BTC’s Movement

The United States – Credible Crypto, a trader, stated that Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP, positions to prepare for an immense action. He anticipates that bulls will begin to work. Also, depositors rush in because the market capitalization of digital assets might reach a two-year boost. The top digital assets, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, subsidize the entire market cap.

Credible Crypto, a pseudonymous trader and expert in the crypto industry, stated that the native token of Ripple, XRP, readies to kindle an immense move upward. There’s a new video, and this analyst says that the “bear market bottom” is ready for the third-biggest crypto-asset. He anticipates that the bulls will begin to work the price out sooner.

As per the analyst, traders are at the phase where this digital asset is likely to break the high price. He stated that he’s searching for growth to the advantage, and his primary zone of resistance is in the %0.40 region.

As the analyst tackles the correction for retesting the highs, he anticipates that traders will get their significant wave three to begin. The crucial wave is more prominent than wave one. The expert also stated that he expects the wave three to move to $0.67, despite the smallest movement. It’s already a big move because it’s doubled.

Credible Crypto examines the price action of XRP in utilizing the Elliott Wave Theory. The progressive technical investigation approach depends on recognizing recurrent wave patterns that display the annoying conduct of the contributors to the market. As per the Elliott wave values, the third wave is when the majority of the price growth happens in the cycle of bull.

The analyst and strategist also shared that Bitcoin thinks this cryptocurrency king is in the bull area too. He understands the top digital asset is approaching the resistance level of $14,000 in the close-term.

As per the crypto expert, now that Bitcoin is over the $10,000 level, it functions as a support. It’s a new floor before breaking $14,000. He also said that he expects the price to stay and move up to $14,000. Plus, he said that he’s hoping the price to move upper than $14,000.

The digital asset is becoming bigger these days due to the market capitalization of digital assets. Also, it increased over the worth of two years. It’s because of the previous rally in the three digital assets, such as XRP, ETH, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies.

Coingecko is a digital asset tracker firm. This company shared that the market cap value of the market of cryptocurrency, which is worth $380 billion.

Bitcoin or BTC contributed around 57% on the entire capitalization of the digital asset. Other digital assets established an imposing gain, which was in the previous months when Bitcoin endures its stability in the price volatility.

There are about 5,871 listed digital assets with 382 digital asset exchanges. Also, the cumulative exchanging volume is above $72.6 billion.

It displays on the international traders and investors hastening to the cryptocurrency, and it’s dodging against assets that are inflation-prone, like currencies.

XRP Might Begin a “Moon Mission” – Poises to Hit $0.93

CALIFORNIA, The United States – XRP faces a mixed price action after experiencing an explosive rally last week. The price consolidates at $0.30. This digital asset brawls to escape effects of Ethereum and Bitcoin’s weakness. As per an analyst, this digital asset is in a better position to see a surge going to the $0.93-price level.

XRP had some varied price action in the previous weeks, and it’s after this crypto incurred a fiery rally. The price increased to $0.33 in the recent week, and it consolidated under the support level of $0.30. It resisted gathering more strength.

Experts are noticing that the ongoing alliance phase might calm the storm.

A trader points to a plethora of various factors, suggesting XRP might be on the cusp, which is the beginning of the “moon mission.” Experts didn’t encounter this situation in ages.

Some of the factors include the capability to jump at the 200-day MA or moving average. It occurs to be where the critical horizontal support is, too.

Other expert echoes the sentiment, perceiving that the consolidation of the token is under the resistance level. It’s a bullish signal that proposes a breakout rally is around the corner.

XRP traded over 2% with a price of $0.295. It consolidated throughout the previous several days, having a resistance-level of $0.30. The present region of $0.30 came with significant resistance, and it’s where there’s sharp refusal after the price peaked in the previous week at $0.33.

The trends of XRP might be dependent on Bitcoin, along with the aggregated digital asset market. All major digital currencies are in the consolidation phases.

It might be the result of depositors starting to place a heightened emphasis on smaller digital assets. It has been sharing meteoric earnings during the previous weeks.

The cryptocurrency expert explained that it might experience a “moon” moment because it holds over the 200-day MA or moving average.

As of now, XRP struggles to get away from the effects of the weakness of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The struggle is at breaking over $0.30. It seems that bears established the resistance in this XRP price.

If purchasers do overcome this price level in the close-term, they should kill the resistance, which is sitting at the previous high of $0.32.

An analyst notes that he thinks this digital asset is presently winding up to establish an immense upside move in the following days. The step might send the digital currency to $0.93 in the close-term, as per him. Plus, these have a few vital factors supporting his system.

The trader points out that it’s breaking a downtrend of 950 days, and it can regain with some vital factors because the scenarios that recommend this parabolic move is impending.

Aside from that, XRP also formed a classic healthy pattern while consolidating under the resistance level. One analyst explained that he’s anticipating to witness a looming breakout in the coming days.

If XRP is to witness an essential close-term update, Ethereum and Bitcoin should drive higher, or stay steady around the present price level.

Ripple Breaks $0.24-Price – XRP Beats Tether on Coinmarketcap

The United States – Ripple’s XRP hits the high monthly price over $0.24 over the United States or the US dollar. It’s more than 8%, and it’s probable to go up to $0.25. Also, this cryptocurrency wins over Tether via Coinmarketcap, landing on the third place with a prediction price of $0.25.

Ripple got a strong momentum over the $0.2250 resistance-level after Bitcoin (BTC) began a downside alteration. The price of XRP broke a significant obstacle that’s close to $0.2320 with a 100 hourly SMA or simple moving average.

The price increase opened opportunities for more additions over the $0.2350-level. The XRP price exchanged to a new monthly high price of $0.2411. It’s also combining gains as of the moment. Also, the primary sustenance, on the other hand, is close to the $0.2380-level. It’s near the Fib retracement level of 23.6% from the previous rally, which is from $0.2171. This price had a boost up to $0.2411.

There’s a significant bullish trend line starting with backing near the price pf $0.2260, which is on XRP/USD’s hourly chart. On the bright side, the pair might brawl in clearing the resistance level of $0.2420.

There’s also a successful break over the price level of $0.2420, and it might open ways for another level higher. The XRP price is probable to reconsider at an XRP price prediction of $0.2500 in the close-term.

On the other hand, Ripple is possible to find a bullish purchasing interest close to the price level of $0.2350. The primary support is close to the trend line. The bears might aim at a test price level of $0.2250.

Further losses might begin a continued downward movement. Also, the price is possible to check the significant support level of $0.22.

It has been a comeback for XRP since January 2018, where the previous price was $3.84. This cryptocurrency edged out USDT’s Tether, breaking out from a falling wedge. As per the analyst, MagicPoopCannon, his XRP price prediction is up to $0.77. He explained how there’s a definite price aim at around $0.77. It corresponded to the price back in September 2018, which is where it started to form.

Coinbase exchange supposed to add XRP under its cryptocurrency list back in February 2019, yet it didn’t proceed.

Magic also shared the chart on how XRP broke out of the wedge. He stated that this digital asset might gun for the price of $0.25 before the forecast plays out. This analyst’s basis is the 200-day MA or moving average of the cost.

Magic also said that XRP is presently looking for resistance, and it’s under the 200-day MA, which makes it as the obstacle for the cryptocurrency. If this digital asset can pass over it and keeps it as the support, it might establish a decisive breakout.

XRP’s bullish price resulted in Coinmarketcap, landing on the third spot. Also, more than $800 million in this cryptocurrency’s market capitalization splits the two cryptocurrencies. If Ripple’s XRP can endure on the ascending trajectory, it might hold its place back in the third-place as per market capitalization.

Ripple Handovers Millions of XRP to Unknown Digital Wallets

USA – Crypto traders wonder after Ripple moved 356,2017,423 XRP to unknown wallets while Bitcoin Whales transferred $134,600,000. An analyst warned a drop in percentages. On the bright side, another expert stated that the IPO might do good for Ripple.

Ripple Transfers 356,207,423 XRP as Bitcoin Whales Handover $134.6M

Cryptocurrency traders are vexing to define why Ripple is transferring 356,2017,423 XRP, which is worth $78.4 million.

The San Francisco-based company, which owns over half of the XRP, sent the funds to unidentified wallets in two different transactions. The first handover occurred on Wednesday, January 22. As for the second transfer, it happened two days after the first transfer.

In response to the tweet of Whale Alert about the transfer of XRP, wherein it’s worth $39,496,930, digital asset enthusiasts linked the transfer to the Luxembourg-based digital asset exchange Bitstamp.

Traders gamble the undertaking was an over-the-counter sale to the trade and question whether the handover is linked to the plans of BItsamp to join the XRP-based liquidity result of Ripple.

In the meantime, Bitcoin whales are out to perform. On the last day, some of the most prominent Bitcoin holders on the record transferred 15,992 BTC, which is worth $134.6 million.

Four of the handovers involved Bitcoin transferring on an exchange. It might be sold on the open crypto market. The outstanding three allocations were traders moving their cryptocurrency from trade to wallets of unidentified origin.

A previous report from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance figured out that whales bought XRP and Ethereum at a boosting pace through December 2019. As for the significant holders of Bitcoin, these showed to expect a rally. It didn’t come to a realization.

XRP Index of Liquidity to Make New Records in Two Biggest Corridors

Ripple’s XRP has come near to breaking a new record about the index of liquidity on the two On-Demand Liquidity or ODL corridors in the Philippines and Mexico. These corridors are set up by MoneyGram, which is a Ripple-backed company.

In Mexico, the corridor goes over the largest local virtual trader Bitso. Ripple also financed in Bitso in the previous year to fund its further improvement.

As the chief executive of MoneyGram, Alex Holmes, said in the previous year, during the SWELL conference of Ripple held in Singapore. Around 10% of all MoneyGram transactions made to Mexico. Furthermore, these transactions were steered using XRP.

The international payments service operated by Holmes utilizes the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) scheme of Ripple.

The corridor in the Philippines goes via the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The present all-time high or ATH of Bitso’s XRP Liquidity Index has a total of 11,138,681. The current exchange volume is near to getting over the figure. Moreover, the present time is equal to 10,419,890.

The present ATH on is about to be exceeded as well. The day development is 42%, and the total is 1,442,610.

Cryptocurrency depositors look forward to each new milestone to do with Ripple’s XRP since these investors hope it will help drive the price of the coin up. However, it didn’t work. The previous XRP price increased was brief. Moreover, the coin is exchanging flat at the cost of $0.21 again, according to CoinMarketCap.

Expert Warns XRP Might Drop by Dozens of Percentages

For digital currency markets, as well as the news site Brave New Coin, Josh Olszewicz previously released a wide-ranging video study on XRP. At the end of the said video, this analyst talked about the chart of XRP over Bitcoin (XRP.BTC), providing his opinions on the exchanging par. He was also specific on where the crypto market might go next.

Olszewicz noted that in about 3,000 satoshis each XRP, the digital asset is looking very bearish as it’s under the 200-day exponential moving average. It’s also under the Ichimoku Cloud regularly. Moreover, it’s exchanging under a high volume zone, as noted by volume profiles. It’s indicating a bullish resistance overhead. Also, he stated that there’s nothing optimistic about the price action, and it might revisit lows.

Olszewicz continued to state that he doesn’t trust that XRP looks excellent, even in a void. He’s adding that depositors might short the highs because of the long-term bearish trend molded after the blow-off uppermost in early 2018.

As Olszewicz becomes skeptical about the future performance of XRP from a longer-term aspect, there’s a proof that starts to recommend that a short-term recoil is on the prospect. It’s for both the pair of a cryptocurrency over the United States or the US dollar and BTC.

According to the recent reports from Ethereum World News, Luke Martin previously stated that XRP/BTC has already recaptured a significant support level. It has endured for about a week consecutively. The hinge supposedly is “bullish,” wherein this analyst is anticipating outperformance.

Martin also stated that the present price action for the exchanging pair is very similar to the rounded bottom, which XRP formed in September. It preceded a bullish breakout in the rising direction onward the Swell event.

Michael Van de Poppe echoed the analysis. He said that the pair is on the edge of a downtrend-break out. It forced prices at the beginning of 2019. It also recommended a muscular strength is establishing.

Galaxy analyzed the performance of the asset over the dollar. He commented that the digital asset is looking prepared to rally 20% or higher to $0.28, which draws attention to the being of a strong uptrend. As the asset flipped several significant resistances to supports bode for the strong case.

XRP Expert Proposes IPO Might Be a Hit for Ripple

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple Labs’ chief executive in San Francisco, announced during a Wall Street Journal event held at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He shared that he aims to bring the company in public in the forthcoming decades. Moreover, he added that he anticipates several blockchains and cryptocurrency-related IPOs in the following 12 months.

Because of the unanticipated news, several spectators had thoughts about the declaration. Some users were doubtful, while some are positive. Hodor, a cryptocurrency analyst with 50,000 followers, explained why the company is going in public. He also said that it might be game-changing for it as well.

Hodor released a blog post last year to coil on how the plan of Ripple might affect XRP. He said that the company might issue stocks on the public stock market, and it’s seen as a sizable IPO. The estimate will take about $5 billion cash for equity, and it’s lesser than the previous $8 billion-IPO of Uber, $18 billion-sale of Visa in 2008, and $16 billion-public round of Facebook.

Even though Ripple invested 20%, wherein it’s worth $1 billion. It might have a significant cash reserve.

Hodor stated that with the $5 billion-cash, Ripple might contribute to bullish marketing. He said that no amount of probable marketing is out of hand. Moreover, the days of Superbowl ads on digital assets might be on spectators.

The analyst also stated that the sale of the shares of Ripple might provide the company more volume to contribute to more business trades and achievements. With the CEO of Ripple’s statement last year, acquisitions are a significant focus. The announcement was during the partnership of Ripple with MoneyGram.

Hoder recommended that the cash reserve might reduce the incentive of Ripple to partake in XRP’s programmatic sales, wherein depositors like Kyle Samani from Multicoin Capital may depress the asset price in the previous years. Moreover, he added that the IPO of Ripple might boost the adoption of the payment processing software, which preferred cryptocurrencies.

XRP Tries to Recover from a Bad Start despite Having a New Rival

UNITED STATES – XRP attempts to recover from its bad ending in the year 2019. It’s trying to recover to $0.20 after a slip last December 18. However, this cryptocurrency might have a new rival as per analyst.

XRP Tries to Recover after Ending 2019 in Red

Ripple (XRP) had a bearish medium and short-term exchange bias. Its market capitalization slipped to its scrawniest exchange level since December 18. Now, this third-biggest cryptocurrency is trying to recover to the $0.20 level.

XRP ended December 2019 with a 13%-loss, which ended the year in a negative zone by about 45%. A vital subject throughout the year 2019 for this cryptocurrency has been the incompetence of digital assets to hold into incomes as traders sell upside gatherings.

The technical analysis highlights that XRP will have to even out beyond the $0.28 level in the year 2020. The goal is to boost the concept that the bearish trend is above, while the new strong trend is starting.

From present levels, the XRP pair might have to stage an assembly of about 45%. The purpose is to retrieve the 200-day moving average. Moreover, another objective is to turn technically strong. Furthermore, this crypto will have to rally by 20% more to create a bullish setback pattern on the lower timeframes.

The size of the outline recommends that XRP might rally to the level of $0.28 if bulls can move the price beyond the $0.23 level. As for the daily timeframe, it highlights the significance of the $0.17 level, wherein it presently acts as critical technical assistance. Moreover, a loss of this segment might spark a significant sell-off of XRP. Also, professional signs are displaying a bullish perspective in the short-term, along with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) starting an inverted head and shoulders outline.

With the four-hour timeframe, it displays that the vital technical resistance is presently located at $0.20 and $0.23. The critical technical strength beyond the medium-term is found at the $0.28 and $0.38 level.

As for the downside potential, the four-hour timeframe is displaying that the pair of XRP has bullish long-term technical assistance about the $0.18 and $0.17 levels. Also, a loss of the $0.17-level might start a main drop in the XRP price to the $0.15 level.

XRP has to hold beyond the $.20 level to secure purchasing interest to the $0.23 level. An overall rally to the $0.28 level seems to be probable if traders can rally the digital asset to the $0.28 level.

XRP Exceeds Ethereum in Day-to-Day Transaction Value

On daily records, Ethereum (ETH) typically beats Ripple (XRP). However, since the beginning of January 2020, the shift became apparent. Ethereum may still have an abundant of transaction value, XRP is exceeding it.

On the first day of 2020, the situation of Ethereum and Ripple was still average. Ethereum noted beyond $80.4 million in operation value, compared to the $20.34-million transaction value for XRP.

On Friday, January 3, things started to look differently. XRP reached above $214.39 million in everyday transaction value. It’s the first that this cryptocurrency reached this high value, which indicates that something is happening. Furthermore, it might have to do with the escrowed assets unlocking from the contract.

Ethereum noted $137.267 million in transaction value on January 3 as well. With the “flippening” incident, analysts wonder if the scenario was a one-time event. Probabilities are very actual. It will be the instance, although it’s too early to conclude for sure. It certainly makes a fascinating scenario to deliberate among the communities of both.

Big Transfers Indicate that Ripple Traded 100 Million XRP

In December 2019, three big cryptocurrency transfers from Ripple shed light on how much this digital asset sold.

On December 1, Ripple unlocked 1 billion XRP from escrow.

Escrow is a monthly process intended to provide the company access to an extensive pool of digital assets to trade portions to establishments and on exchanges.

On January 2, whale watchers seen Ripple returned 900 million to escrow. It indicated that the San Francisco-based company traded a total of 100 million XRP.

The big transfers of XRP include 100 million XRP or $18,916,355, 300 million or $56,322,188, and 500 million or $93,870,314.

The XRP amount that Ripple traded per month established a blaze in 2019, wherein the price of the third-biggest cryptocurrency grieved. The company, which possesses more than half of the whole XRP, stated that the amount it offers doesn’t affect the price.

Several cryptocurrency influencers distressed, and they had a petition that commended Ripple to avert its practice. The request earned 3,875 signatures.

In the third quarter-market report, Ripple accused bots on Twitter for pushing a storyline of uncertainty, doubt, and fear about the sales or XRP.

According to the Twitter post, it’s stated that in quarter-three, bots were livelier in discussions around XRP. Also, in the bottom-line part, it’s mentioned that Ripple can’t control the price of XRP. XRP is exchanged on a fully operating and independent crypto market. Moreover, it includes above 140 exchanges, which this cryptocurrency played a limited role.

Ripple traded $66.24 million in XRP in quarter-three last year, which is down from $251.51 million in the recent quarter.

XRP and Utility Settlement Coin Might Be Rivals as per an Analyst

The founder of Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, has previously heated the argument on Twitter against the XRP army. At first, he stated that he found two significant issues with the XRP coin, as well as its price. He further recommended a scenario, which the central bank of every country has its cryptocurrency.

The XRP community quickly began preaching about XRP. Greenspan responded by offering a regular newsletter to this concern and outlining the dilemmas XRP might face in a short period.

Greenspan mentions to his tweet concerning central bank digital currencies or CBDC, and he said that the XRP community misinterpreted his point. On the other hand, he provided it to the people in the community. It’s the reason why he’s sending the newsletter.

As per the newsletter, Greenspan explained that he’s talking about the reluctance of US dollars to innovate when he tweeted about CBDC.

What surprised Greenspan is how the XRP army believed that central banks might need a bridge currency, wherein XRP is the best option. He also mentioned that the Bank of England’s head, Mark Carney, stated that central banks might utilize digital assets in the future. On the other hand, Greenspan noted that Carney was not referring to XRP when it comes to the “bridge currency.”

XRP might have a rival, and the Utility Settlement Coin (USC) is the viewpoint. The analyst specified that the governor of the Bank of England plans a new project, which is USC. The UBS bank will lead this project.

In 2019, UBS ranked in $63 million of investments, and USC might be a stern competitor of XRP. According to Greenspan, despite the gaining traction of XRP, it has a benefit of the first mover. He also said that a coin established by the bank might be advantageous to most big funding institutions.

Greenspan said that if Ripple becomes the backbone of international settlements, the price of XRP may soar. On the other hand, there’s a big chance that the price will not.

Ripple Stalls Its Recovery Impetus with a Stiff Resistance

Ripple (XRP) recovered from weekly lows on Friday, January 3, and it’s at 0.1846. This cryptocurrency combines the relief rally in the discreet trading on Saturday, January 4. Also, it tracks the board sentiment across the cryptocurrency space. The third-most traded digital asset delayed its recovery impetus, as the bulls sustained to run to substantial resistance close to 0.1950 regions. Regardless of the subdued exchange activity, this digital coin has a market capitalization of around $8.35 billion, which is up strictly 2% over the previous 24 hours.

The prices were stuck in a proportioned triangle spotted on the hourly sticks, along with a continued break beyond the downward trend line resistance at 0.1936 to ratify the stated realization. The bullish breakout will recommend a persistence of the previous recovery in XRP/USD. Hence, this cryptocurrency might retest the high price of 0.1941, wherein the succeeding resistance is aligned close to 0.1950.

The prices might drop to the key 0.1922 demand area if the bulls fail to take-out the 0.1936 barriers. In this situation, the 200-hourly simple moving average (HMA) is ascending. A crack of the previous might legalize a symmetrical triangle breakdown, which opens floors for an evaluation of the 0.1895-pattern goal. The bears might meet the quick barrier run at the horizontal 100-HMA, which is at 0.1918. Moreover, a fiasco to resist the last, the 50-HMA, which is at 1.1908, might come in play.

XRP Remains Optimistic While Ripple Creates Platform for Artists

UNITED STATES – Despite facing the struggle of having a stuck price way back, Ripple’s XRP remains positive in targeting a 175% rebound for the year 2020. Aside from working on its exchange price, Ripple is starting to build another platform for music artists and gain 100% of the income.

XRP Price Targets a 175% Optimistic Rebound as per Analyst

Ripple (XRP) faces controversy about the substantial loss it suffered, yet as per a noticeable expert, this cryptocurrency is about to halt the bearish jinx in the year 2020.

A famous cryptocurrency analyst under the user “Crypto Michael” shared about this theory on his Twitter account on Wednesday, January 1. He stated that the exchange of XRP to the dollar might suffer an immense trend problem this year. The top digital asset trader has foreseen that there will be a 175%-rebound for the pair. Moreover, this rebound is after taking signals from its bygone exchange data.

Crypto Michael pitted the present price of XRP against the same session of an exchange witnessed between the quarter-four of 2015 and the quarter-four of 2016. The digital coin had experienced a profound weakness correction, with its price dropping from $0.025 to $0.0041. The drop was in 12 months. Moreover, he said that this cryptocurrency forwarded a likewise bearish move in the year 2019, which is presently ranging in a probable setback area.

According Crypto Michael, he stated that immense downtrends are prepared to be broken down. Moreover, he said that it might provide a target price of $0.48, which is a possible rise of 175%.

Before the considerable breakout, Crypto Michael anticipated XRP to drift askew in a range stated by a support-price of $0.166 and a resistance-price of $0.254.

The flat move seemed to be significant in the price action of XRP in 2015 to 2016. It drifted alike in a strict area with a support-price of $0.004 and a resistance-price of $0.005. The askew momentum continued for less than six months before this cryptocurrency broke out to the positive aspect. Furthermore, it recognized a new high price of $0.009, with a gain of 125%.

In the present scenario, the breakout beyond the resistance-price of $0.245 might cover a price rally to $0.48, as per Crypto Michael. The bullish goal overlaps with one of the decreasing trend line resistances created throughout the constant downtrend of XRP.

When Ripple Labs battled an immense bout of FUD, that’s when the bullish forecast came. This company allowed its clients to utilize XRP as a settlement token, which is used for cross border currency transfers. Moreover, it sold $1.2 billion XRP in 2019.

The move didn’t go well with the investors of Ripple as various analysts construed that the efforts only put the XRP exchange rates down. The worse thing that happened to this cryptocurrency was its underperformance against the United States or the US dollar and Bitcoin in the year 2019.

As for Ripple Lab’s partnership, this company entered an agreement with some of the biggest banks around the world. It bought shares from MoneyGram, a remittance platform, and it was able to raise an extra $200 million in the previous funding.

According to the tweet of Peter Todd, a cryptographic expert, XRP doesn’t have to exist. He stated that it doesn’t provide users legit rights to anything. Furthermore, he shared that the purpose is to earn Ripple money by trading.

As per technical, it’s insufficient to pump the Ripple coin by 175%. It might require trust from investors, which is presently one thing that this digital asset is severely deficient.

Ripple Aims for a Bigger Breakout – Eyeing to Hit Above $0.20

In the previous days, the price of Ripple made attempts to exceed the resistance-price of $0.2000 against the United States or the US dollar. On the other hand, the price failed to earn momentum beyond $0.1980, which declined recently.

The price stays below the 100-hourly simple moving average and the pivot level, which is at $0.1940. The last swing high was at $0.1942, wherein the price is presently exchanging with a bearish angle.

The price is trading under the $23.6% Fib retracement level of the ascending move to $0.1942 high, coming from the $0.1881 low. On the shortcoming, vital backings are starting near the $0.1900 and $0.1880 levels.

The 50% Fib retracement level of the upward trend, from $0.1881 low to $0.1942 high, is near the $0.1910 level, as well, to assist. Hence, the bears need to drive the price under the $0.1900 and $0.1880 levels to begin a considerable decline.

The primary support of Ripple is close to the $0.1850 level. There’s a risk of a higher breakdown. In the stated bearish case, the price might speed up to the $0.1650 and $0.1720 support levels.

The bulls might make another effort to exceed the resistance level of $0.1980 and $0.2000. If the bulls triumph, the price will start a more significant rally beyond $0.2050.

The price might increase to the resistance levels of $0.2150 and $0.2200 in the bullish situation. If Ethereum breaks $138, and Bitcoin earns more above $7,500, then Ripple might have a robust optimistic moment.

The XRP price appears to be restricted in a below-range of $0.1980 and $0.2000 resistance levels. If there’s no closure under $0.1850, the price is probable to target a critical bullish break over the $0.2000 barrier in the forthcoming days.

XRP Price Continues to be Stable after 200 Million-Transfer

On January 1, Wednesday, the tweet of “Whale Alert” talks about the transferred XRP from the Ripple Escrow Wallet. As per the user, 200,000,000 XRP were transferred to Ripple, coming from the wallet. Moreover, the present value of the transferred amount is $38.1 million.

After the first tweet from “Whale Alert” about the 200,000,000-transfer, this analyst tweeted that Ripple Labs might be on its way to trade or allot. Also, it was stated on the tweet that 1,000,000,000 XRP, amounting to $192,008,043 dollars.

Regardless of XRP’s performance, the price stayed unfazed, which rallies 1.5% in the previous 24 hours, outperforming Bitcoin, which is at 0.5%.

In the previous month, Ripple didn’t do anything with the free coins from the escrow wallet. Whale Alert even tracked three transfers from the coffers of Ripple back to the wallet. Hence, the company terminated the sale of the token for the comment.

Even if Ripple liquidates the latest $200 million fund for its operations or not, experts say that this company can display a possibly long-term bearish case.

“Bully,” another famous cryptocurrency critic, laughed at the tweet of Whale Alert about the $200 million XRP.

The former senior analyst at eToro, and the founder of Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, rebounded the concerns in his Twitter account. He stated that past this week, the tokenomics of XRP have two main flaws, and one includes holding a significant portion of tokens to sell into rallies.

As per the Ripple’s quarter-three of 2019 report, this company shared that while there’s a reduction in the sale of flagship cryptocurrency. Still, the price is at $66.24 million in the previous three months. In quarter-two, the amount was nearer to $250 million.

Ripple claimed, as per the Ripple chief executive Brad Garlinghouse, that XRP tokens are not considered as an attempt to dump on retail depositors.

Ripple Executives Create a Platform for Music Artists

Aside from solely focusing on the XRP price in the cryptocurrency market, there is also other news for XRP users, especially musicians.

The director of product at Ripple, Craig DeWitt, has been working on a project as well. As per him, when mediators are cut, there’s a lower price, yet you get more art and revenue. He also told the Block that it has a built-in blockchain-based policy called xSongs.

The platform for music artists was live today, wherein they can either pay via Payburner wallet or other wallets. As per DeWitt, he stated that they built a wallet that’ll allow artists to accept payments.

DeWitt further shared that he was inspired by Bandcamp, which helps in emerging the xSongs scheme. He also shared how they care about indie artists, who wouldn’t be able to monetize without their project.

Payburner is a noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet. The Bandcamp is online music that’ll let artists share their music from their music.

DeWitt explained that Bandcamp charges 15% and a 6%-processing fee, having a total of more than 21%. As for xSongs, since it’s a direct artist prototypical, the platform and processing fees are 0%.

Regardless of the mentioned fees, fans paid artists $445 million via Bandcamp, and in the previous 30 days, they paid $8.9 million.

DeWitt was asked about monetization plans for xSongs, and he answered that he’s not interested in the moment in doing it. He said that he’s personally covering the expenses. Furthermore, he stated that when you create something that users love, monetization will take care of itself at the right time.

DeWitt mentioned that he also funded around 500 Payburner accounts, which is about $1,970 or 10,000 XRPs. When XRPL accounts are supported, the ledger safe keeps 20 XRPs.

xSongs had about 500 songs and 100 artists on the platform as per DeWitt. He yearns to have at least 1,000 music artists on the project, along with 10,000 music sales by second-half of the year 2020. Furthermore, he’s presently working with a Ripple’s software engineer named Chris Opler on the project. They have a hackathon team that’s beginning to work on the said project during their spare time.

DeWitt told The Block that once they see some scale, they’ll begin increasing the same content and artist-centric marketing that Bandcamp provides these days. He also added that music is the start. All digital stuff like art or e-books will be sold directly to users from producers.

Managers Predict Asia will Fuel Payments Modernization

Aside from the on-process platform that Ripple continuously work on, it predicted that online money remittance options might increase in Asia. This prediction came from Marcus Treacher, the senior vice president of customer access, and he stated it on a FinTech magazine interview.

Treacher has foreseen that one of the most renowned blockchain-powered payment schemes will be the group of payments revolution in the future. He pointed out that 80% of cryptocurrency trading is coming from Asia. Moreover, he also recommended that this crucial node in the international funding ecosystem has the greatest need for excellent payment infrastructure.

Blockchain played an important role when it comes to innovation. It had its ability to create micro-transactions like payments, loans, and remittances, which are more transparent and efficient, as per Treacher. Furthermore, he covered a range of other topics.

Treacher debated that “micropayments” will endure being famous, and it can also increase in potential. He said that the utilization case for micropayments has typically been restricted to messaging applications like Line and Telegram. He also explained that they could expect an increase of developers assembling to cryptocurrencies as the solution to keep-up with a real-time payment processing demand.

According to Treacher, technology costs are associated with development endue to climb. They can expect banks to go to cloud providers of banking technology to support the reduction of these costs. Since cloud-hosted funding technology providers improved new platforms with modern ways, these are placed into cheaply and easily plug into developing blockchain networks.

In the previous years, Ripple turned itself to a market leader when it comes to blockchain-powered payment services. Nowadays, this cryptocurrency has over 300 funding services in the network, wherein the number is continuously growing. Hence, as a mode, it tends to progress partnerships with the organization. Once the collaboration is agreed upon, this company will be able to support the organization with any liquidity dilemmas via blockchain-focused solutions.

On-Demand Liquidity or ODL is one of the products, yet not all Ripple associates utilize this. Another is the principal cryptocurrency, which is XRP.

Blockchain, Ripple, and other standings in the cross-border payments segment can be confusing at first. However, these don’t have to be complicated. Furthermore, it’s possible to stay ahead of the curve.