XRP Predictions: What Is to Come with the SEC v. Ripple Case

Lately, XRP Predictions have been volatile as several external factors affect the token and the wider cryptocurrency market. Other than the developing geopolitics in Europe, another cause for concern for XRP investors is the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit.

However, several members of the community who followed the case in the last few months think that Ripple is in its best position yet. Expectations are that the SEC will lose the case, especially with the recently unsealed memos from 2012. The memo advising Ripple about how to avoid making XRP as a security in the eyes of the SEC is especially compelling for the case of Ripple.

XRP Predictions- What Is to Come with the SEC v. Ripple Case
The SEC v. Ripple Case is drawing to a close.

Other than this, the presiding judge also gave Ripple several wins in the past. This allowed the company several deliberative process privileges they could use to make their defense stronger. One of these privileges revealed the difference between ETH and XRP in the eyes of the commission. 

It may be a little early to speculate on the possible implications of Ripple’s win in this lawsuit, but as most analysts expect a verdict to be given out soon, thus discussing it will be helpful for prospective investors.

XRP Predictions- What Is to Come with the SEC v. Ripple Case
The SEC v. Ripple lawsuit eagerly awaits a final verdict.

If Ripple wins, XRP Predictions will most likely make a turn for the better. It is expected that several investors will step in and buy the XRP en masse. However, this will depend on how Ripple chooses to move forward. The more likely outcome is as long as the company continues expanding its cross-border payment ecosystem, its recovery is more than guaranteed. 

On the other hand, if the SEC somehow manages to win, the judge could levy a hefty fine on the company and its executives. While the headlines will paint the company badly, several other cryptocurrencies quickly recovered after such a thing happened. 

Another thing to look out for would be MoneyGram’s future involvement with the company. Ripple’s previous announcement to go public at a valuation of over $15 billion could also be a massive push for the XRP. Regardless, as long as Ripple plays their cards right, they can recover from whichever way the lawsuit goes.

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