YouTube Overlooked Notices on XRP Scams – XRP to Boost Its Price

CALIFORNIA, San Francisco – Ripple disputed YouTube’s claims, where the social media didn’t know anything regarding the “giveaway” scams of XRP. Ripple accused YouTube of “willful blindness” after multiple alerts regarding the fraud. As per CryptoWhale, the XRP demand will boost once the United States or the US regulation had clarification.

In April, Ripple had action over YouTube as it makes the platform accountable for several videos involved in scams. These videos used the Ripple’s logo and impersonated the CEO to endorse rip-offs that request victims. The fraud advises people to transfer their XRP funds for the eligibility of getting a more considerable amount than what they shared, yet they never received it.

YouTube filed a gesture to discharge the lawsuit back in July. It debated that it didn’t involve in scams. It also stated that it’s not accountable for any third-party content since it’s an online platform. However, Ripple responded to the motion of YouTube, and it disputed the claim.

Ripple debated that the 350 takedown prompts provided to YouTube sends a signal that they are aware of the scams. However, they decided not to do any action. This blockchain company blamed YouTube for “willful blindness” as it alleged that this online platform ignored clear notices regarding the frauds happening in the social media platform.

The worst part is that these uploaded scams are on YouTube every day, and some are receiving a lot of views in a few hours. Ripple stated that the users stole hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of XRP. The company agonized reputational reparations due to the failure of YouTube to act.

The filing alleges YouTube earned from gaining ad income coming from scam videos. It’s “materially contributed” to the state by providing a confirmed “check” on one of the giveaway scams’ channels.

Ripple is not the only one that blamed YouTube for not doing any action when it comes to stopping or preventing fraud.

On another note, CryptoWhale anticipates that XRP will boost because of the United States or the US regulation.

CryptoWhale, a famous export, stated in Twitter why XRP would have a bullish impetus in the long run as its development. It’s because it’s the only project on the market that pursues cryptocurrency’s regulation. The XRP altcoin will take advantage when a complete legal outline for digital assets operate in the US.

The analyst stated that this cryptocurrency faces criticisms for its centralized process. On the other hand, the analyst thinks that Ripple’s transparency is the reason. Ripple needs to collaborate with activities from the government.

CryptoWhale unveiled that the action will boost the holdings of XRP, and it’s at the present price alteration in the cryptocurrency market.

The expert stated that this blockchain company’s significance is biddable with ISO20022, which is for standardized settlements. As per the report of CNF, Ripple was the first DLT-oriented company to be a part of the standards committee of the ISO 20022 for cross-border payment back in May.

On the other hand, the ability to transfer a payment quickly around borders is not the resolution to the company’s entire dilemma. According to Ripple, the funds have to be in the position for the right accounts, at the right time, and in the right country to let payments flow.

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