XRP to Reach $1.50 as per Crypto Experts After Staying on $1.36

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA – Buyers take over XRP with expected upsides where it might reach $1.50 after its $1.36-trading price in the past 24 hours.

XRP had a 60%-surge this week, increasing over the 100-day Moving Average or MA against BTC. Now, it remained in its place, trading at $1.36, which analysts found impressive because it broke the pattern at the beginning of August.

Last August 13, the XRP/USD price hit over $1, and on August 14, the price went higher to $1.25. The support levels are $1.19, $1.10, and $1.00, while the resistance levels are $1.27, $1.36, and $1.49.

Under the short-term price prediction, the first support is $1.19, followed by $1.10, $1.00, and $0.928. As for the resistance, it’s at $1.27, having a bearish .618 Fib, and it’s followed by $1.36, $1.49, and $1.62. Aside from that, the daily RSI or Relative Strength Index hit overbought conditions last weekend.

Moving over to XRP/BTC, XRP could not close the daily candle over yesterday’s SAT, 2728 SAT. Instead, it dropped to 2640 SAT. The support levels are 2565 SAT, 2380 SAT, and 2200 SAT, while the resistance is 2730 SAT, 2915 SAT, and 3000 SAT.

XRP to Reach 1.50 as per Crypto Experts After Staying on 1.36
Buyers squeezes out short-sellers, blocking the XRP price until $1.10

As for the short-term price prediction, the first support was under 2565 SAT, followed by 2380 SAT, 2200 SAT, and 2000 SAT. The first resistance was at 2730 SAT, followed by 2915 SAT, 3000 SAT, and 3090 SAT. Also, the RSI had overbought conditions, indicating that the market can retrace while the buyers regroup.

After the buyers took over this digital asset, squeezing out short-sellers from the bear trap, the price got blocked at $1.10. Despite the attempt of sellers to enter in a short position, it was not successful, leading the price to $1.30.

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