XRP Price Targets $0.22 – Users Lose 8.5-Million XRP to Scammers

United States – Ripple’s XRP price gains strong impetus over the resistance zone of $0.1920 over the United States or the US dollar. It targets a more significant rally to the resistance levels of $0.2120 and $0.2200.

The significant bullish line establishing with the $0.1900-support level is showing in XRP/USD’s hourly chart. It will stay in its position if it alters lower than $0.1910 or $0.1900.

Ripple claims that XRP is the eco-friendliest and maintainable digital asset. It called out Ethereum and Bitcoin as energy consumers.

The selling of XRP altcoins in Ripple’s escrow account might continue for 20 years., a community site for brawling XRP-associated frauds, shared that about 9 million XRP transferred from legit accounts to hackers. Among these rip-off-kinds are airdrops and giveaways.

XRP Bulls Leads the Way – Aiming the $0.22-Price Level

XRP Price Targets 0.22 Dollar Drop Users Lost 8.5 Million XRP to Scammers
XRP price earned a bullish impetus, making it target $0.22 over the USD. Also, a community site records about 9 million worth of XRP scam.

Ripple displays a favourable signal over the resistance level of $0.1920 against the United States or the US Dollar. XRP price is probable to endure to the resistance zones of $0.2050 and $0.2120.

In the previous sessions, Ripple succeeded a bullish way over the $0.1850, which is similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin. The XRP price earned a strong impetus, wherein it cleared the significant resistance levels of $0.1900 and $0.1920. There was a halt over the pivot level $0.1900 with a simple moving average or SMA of 100-hourly. It opened the gates for more incomes, and the XRP price rallied to the price level of $0.2000. It established a price that’s close to the $0.2000, wherein it altered lower.

The XRP price exchanged over the price level of $0.1950, with Fib retracement level of 23.6%. The retracement ranges from a low price of $0.1857 and $0.2000 high. On the other hand, Ripple stayed over the price level of $0.1920.

The Fib retracement level of 50%, from the low price of $0.1857 to $0.2000 performed as bullish support. It appears that there’s a significant strong line establishing with the support zone that’s close to $0.1900, which is on the XRP/USD’s hourly chart.

Presently, the XRP/USD pair is increasing, and it approaches the resistance level of $0.1965. The primary resistance level for the bulls is still close to the price level of $0.2000. The price is probably to surge to the levels of $0.2050 and $0.2120m. It’s if there’s an effective halt over the $0.2000-price level.

Ripple is succeeding a decent strong path over the support level of $0.1920. The primary support level is close to the price of $0.1880 with an SMA of 100-hourly. The price is probable to continue to drop if there’s a bearish halt under the support level of $0.1800. Moreover, the next significant support zones are close to $0.1800 and $0.1780.

XRP/USD Will Move to $0.30 as per the Forecast

XRP Price Targets 0.22 Dollar Drop Users Lost 8.5 Million XRP to Scammers

Ripple didn’t win the label as the best-performing digital asset among 30 altcoins last year, even up to the first quarter of 2020. Some people called this digital asset out for moving behind strong price movements in the crypto market. However, it fell with a margin while there are bearish actions, like the movement in mid-March. The XRP/USD pair rose to the price of $0.11 as Bitcoin jumped to the price of $3,800. On the other hand, the XRP/USD pair Is below the price of $0.20 while Bitcoin recuperates to levels over $7,500.

Ripple’s market value is at $0.1955. The bulls attempted to overcome the resistance levels of $0.20, yet the trader congestion is uncertain. A traded low price was at $0.1926, and it’s presently the significant support in a brief term.

The entire digital asset market is in “green” status. NEO led the regaining after moving 4.35% higher. Cardano (ADA) surged more than 18% in the previous 24 hours, and it traded at $0.0437. As for Tezos (XRZ), it has an exceptional performance as it earns 13.74% in the last 24 hours. Moreover, other digital assets recover, which includes MINDOL with 11.34%-gain, Stellar (XLM) with a 9.26%-development, and Monero (XLM) with a 7%-gain.

Ripple published a report regarding the anniversary of Earth Day, wherein it elaborated how continuous printing of fiat via banknotes is harmful to the environment. This blockchain tycoon also explained how different digital currencies are globally maintainable. Moreover, the company estimated that the support of deforestation in the paper system, explaining how unsafe it is overtime. As per the company, the five-dollar bill’s lifespan is 16 months.

Ripple has many XRP altcoins in one escrow account, having 55 billion to be exact. The company sold 1 billion XRP monthly since its launch. A Ripple-associated publication, XRPArcade, states that sales might continue for more than 20 years. Moreover, it states it’s not probable to trade all the altcoins in 55 months. Also, the company stated that last year, it decreased the number of sold XRP coins every quarter.

Ripple’s unsatisfactory performance last year up to the first part of 2020 put some members of the XRP community on the authority. As per these members, they state that the sales alter the development curve. On the other hand, Ripple overlooked the comments, saying that the sales of XRP don’t influence the price.

XRP Holders Lose 8.5-Million Altcoins to Scammers

XRP Price Targets 0.22 Dollar Drop Users Lost 8.5 Million XRP to Scammers

A community site that brawls fraud unveiled the XRP that scammers got from different holders. The site is in beta version, and it shared the information via Twitter. As per the tweet by, XR holders lose six million XRP last year. In four months this year, users lost about three million more to scammers.

As per the site, users will withdraw the altcoins and send these to the addresses of the giveaway scams. These hackers might immediately dispose of the funds via several significant exchanges, like Binance. The site also said that XRP accounts linked with the giveaway rip-off have about 5.9 million XRP, with several laundered funds daily via swap services and exchanges.

Xrplorer is a comparatively new data source, and the confirmation for its reliability is yet t come. However, it shares a convinced insight to the current dilemma, which circles airdrop and giveaway cons.

These scams are not new, yet these are getting sneakier day by day. One significant scam that hit the headlines includes a fraud YouTube channel. This channel allegedly belonged to Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple.

The video featured the real CEO, yet the link led to a fraud airdrop, which is in the description. The airdrop provided 50 million of XRP to users who initially sent a portion.

YouTube took a while to remove scams. Before it removed the video, 14,000 people watched it already, and the channel gathered 342,000 subscribers. It’s not an inaccessible incident, and similar rip-offs arise. Hence, cryptocurrency users must be cautious.

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