XRP Price Anticipates a 40%-Drop – CEO Bashes Thieves on Scam

United States – The price of XRP prepares for a decrease of 40% as Bitcoin shows a price surge in a week. It holds a significant level in the XRP/BTC pair as it shows a downtrend. Also, the timeframe desires to regain a support zone at $0.20.

The CEO of Ripple blasts scammers on the false YouTube account, which used him as a bait to steal XRP funds.

Aside from the YouTube fraud case, another scam involved Google Chrome in the picture via “Ledger Live” extensions.

Garlinghouse seeks help to users in reporting fraud activities that encompasses XRP.

Furthermore, the price of XRP is uncertain at $0.16. After witnessing a price increase if 8% last week, it exchanges at this price. Also, it struggles as it attempts to break the amount over $0.171.

XRP Price Prepares for a 40%-Drop as Bitcoin Hikes

XRP Price Anticipates a 40 Percent Drop CEO Bashes Thieves on Scam

Bitcoin displays strength previously while there’s a price surge from $3,750 to $6,650 in one week. Aside from showing forte, yet experts also witnessed a similar action in commodity and equity markets.

The equity markets of the United States or the US saw a 23%-relief jump, while silver and gold displayed a 13% and a 25%-leap also. On the other hand, altcoins presented weakness. Ethereum was back to the satoshi level of $0.0205, while Ripple’s XRP is on a critical price level.

The XRP Price is displaying weakness as it has a precise downward performance on the Bitcoin pair. The essential support is up for help, along with the downtrend, wherein the satoshis level of 0.00002350 to 0.00002400. On the other hand, dropping this support point might cause the XRP price to create a considerable drop to 0.00001400 to 0.00001500 satoshis, which is a 40%-decrease.

The chart from TradingView displays an apparent decrease last year to the satoshis’ support point of 0.00002350 to 0.00002400. The support point gave a jump, yet the performance didn’t break the resistance level to the upside. A bullish decline at 0.000036 to 0.0000375 displays it, wherein it tested the satoshi’s support level is at 0.000024.

The support or resistance level becomes weaker; the more frequent experts test it. Traders might anticipate a decreasing performance to happen since they check the support point often. The impetus that the XRP price decreases under the level by 40% might be possible since the succeeding support is at 0.00001400-0.00001500.

The regular timeframe displays a downtrend. The XRP price is unceasingly establishing lower highs, wherein they test the support several times. Previously, the XRP price is under the crucial support level of 0.00002500 to 0.00002575 satoshis, wherein it’s a fundamental point for regaining.

Presently, the satoshis level sits at 0.00002360 In the previous support level before the 0.00001500-satoshis level took place. The new support, which is 0.00002500 to 0.00002575 wants support recovery to get a strong XRP view. On the other hand, it’s not entirely establishing any XRP bullish movement.

The following step to establish a strong XRP performance might be able to build a higher high over the satoshis level of 0.00003365.

The XRP/USD chart is displaying a downward movement. The XRP price is at the end-support level at $0.145, which is significant. A decrease is possible to happen if the XRP price drops under the level of $0.145. Moreover, traders must hit the level of $0.06 as the following support zone.

The Bitcoin pair-drop might consolidate with the downtrend, yet it might be due to the crypto markets’ weakness.

The movements of the price are akin to the actions from the recent cycle. The XRP price went behind to the support zone before the surge in the past sequence, as well. Similar measures are presently happening in the markets of cryptocurrencies.

The level of $0.145 to 0.15 is the immense support before the 2000%-increase in the bull market back in 2017. Presently, the XRP price is back on the level, wherein it’s providing all the recent bull cycle’s increases back to the crypto market.

Ripple’s CEO Gusts Crypto Scammers due to Stolen 1.4 Million XRP

XRP Price Anticipates a 40 Percent Drop CEO Bashes Thieves on Scam

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, slammed the virtual thieves behind a bogus account in YouTube. The report attempted to bait viewers to contributing in a bargain scam that concerns XRP.

The false account started on social media on March 23. After the busting, Garlinghouse gets back to the scammers via tweets. He stated that social platforms should tame scammers, regardless if it’s for cryptocurrencies or not, in a worldwide crisis where people are susceptible. These platforms should be answerable for thieving money with false freebies.

Garlinghouse also confirmed that Ripple or he would not organize giveaways, such as the recent scam.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency forensic specialists at Xrplorer also reported another scam, which led the case to theft, stealing substantial XRP amount.

The other scam involved bogus “Ledger Live” extensions, which are on the browser of Google Chrome. This scam stole about 1.4 million worth of XRP, and the thieves used HitBTC for the exchange.

Ripple shared a blog post regarding giveaway frauds, remarking that the company or its executives will never offer such giveaways. Moreover, it proposes that viewers should research on the site of the company, as well as in social media accounts, to verify the news.

Ripple is seeking help from the people as well in busting people behind XRP scams.

XRP Price Remains Wavering at the Price of $0.16

XRP Price Anticipates a 40 Percent Drop CEO Bashes Thieves on Scam

Ripple’s XRP exchanged within the price range of $0.136 and $0.171 since the previous crash on March 12. This digital asset slowly goes higher as it trades over the increasing line. On the other hand, it brawls to establish a ground over the $0.171-price. Hence, it’s currently exchanging within a rising triangle outline.

XRP might require to break the outline to command the succeeding direction where it will go.

Resistance is at the triangle’s upper border, which is at $0.171. It’s at the resistance levels of $0.182, $0.191, and $0.20, having a Fib retracement level of 0.618.

The primary support point is at $0.16, which is on the ascending line. Under the trend line, support points are at $0.14, $0.136, and $0.11.

The Relative Strength Index or RSI resumed to the 50-level to designate uncertainty between the bears and bulls. It might require to increase over 50 to break the triangle’s upper boundary. On the other hand, the Stochastic RSI has an overbought condition, wherein it’s aware for a bearish cross-over indicator that might put the cryptocurrency under the triangle.

XRP entered under the new support level at an SAT of 2525 over Bitcoin. It endured dropping to establish a new low for this year, which is at 2360 SAT. Furthermore, the crypto market found a dense support level at 2410 SAT, allowing it to come back to the SAT of 2455.

Experts anticipate the resistance level at 2525 SAT, 2600 SAT, and 2710 SAT if the bulls can halt over. However, the support level is at 2410 and 2360 SAT.

The RSI jumped back from extremely oversold due to the trading pressure. Moreover, the Stochastic RSI is extremely oversold, which is for a reliable cross-over indicator that must put the crypto market higher.

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