Western Union Tests XRP – XRP Price Might Be Back to $0.165

United States – One of the leading payment systems, Western Union, have hopes on digital assets, especially when it comes to Ripple’s XRP. The company continues to test XRP despite its unstable performance.

Credit Suisse included JPM Coin, Libra, R3, IBM World Wire, and BitPay as some of the heads in the cryptocurrency zone.

XRP price increases over 2%, wherein it’s over the price level of $0.1860 over the USD. On the other hand, several blocks are close to the level of $0.1900.

XRP/USD might brawl to achieve strong impetus over the resistance levels of $0.1890 and $0.1900.

The XRP price is having difficulty in hitting the support zone of $0.18. Also, the Relative Strength Index or RSI dropped to level 48.

Western Union Checks XRP for Cross-Border Outflows

Western Union Tests XRP XRP Price Might Be Back to 0.165 Dollar

Western Union doesn’t give up on digital asset potentials as it endures to test Ripple’s XRP. As per Credit Suisse’s research, this money-transfer tycoon explores if the technology can lower the global payment charges, yet increase its speed.

According to researchers, Western Union tests and consider utilizing Ripple’s XRP for cross-border settlements regardless of the information that XRP is somehow less strong when it comes to technology.

Hikmet Ersek, the CEO of Western Union, stated on June 2019 that the early attempts of the company with Ripple’s XRP displayed that utilizing this digital asset was costlier than the in-house system of Western Union.

Molly Shea, the general manager of Western Union for Asia Pacific region, stated in February 2019 that the organization is tactically putting itself in place to use digital assets. It’s only if the firm becomes the next trend in global payments.

According to Shea, when people think about digital assets, if startups are about to launch, spectators should be ready. Moreover, she said that everyone needs to prepare from a technology viewpoint.

She further added that Western Union needs to prepare, wherein the regulatory must be preset. Yet, the company is continuously looking for trends where clients are searching. Furthermore, the company should assure that it must be ready to meet the prospects and needs of the customers.

As per the report of Credit Suisse in January, it states that digital assets are improbable to achieve consumer-to-venture settlements adoption. It’s for the medium span.

The report mentions hard times with clash processes and chargebacks, regulatory doubt, taxation, and price instability as probable factors that might slow acceptance.

Aside from Ripple, the Credit Suisse’s report also labels JPM Coin, IBM World Wire, R3, and BitPay, as some of the leads in the industry. These companies push the usage of cryptocurrencies for remittances.

XRP Regains yet There’s a Reason Why It Might Inverse to $0.165

Western Union Tests XRP XRP Price Might Be Back to 0.165 Dollar

Ripple is presently altering higher from the support level of $0.1810 over the United States or the US dollar. The XRP price experiences significant blocks, wherein the price might inverse to $0.1650.

Experts witnessed more losses, which are under the price level of $0.1850. The price exchanged to another monthly low for $0.1812. Furthermore, it’s altering higher.

There was a support zone establishing over the levels of $0.1820 and $0.1840. The XRP price is currently exchanging over the price level of $0.1850, with a Fib retracement level of 23.6%. The Fib level is from the previous drop, from the low price of $0.1965 and $0.1812.

On the other hand, Ripple’s XRP price is experiencing a bullish resistance that’s close to $0.1890, with a simple moving average or SMA of 100-hourly. The Fib retracement level of 50% is from the high price of $0.1965 and a low price of $0.1812. Hence, it’s functioning as a key block.

There’s a significant linking bearish line establishing with a resistance level that’s close to $0.1890. The XRP/USD pair is probable to brawl close to the levels of $0.1890 and $0.1900.

The bulls must gain speed over the level of $0.1920 to be on a favourable zone. The following significant resistance level is close to $0.1965. It’s probable to hasten to the level of $0.2000.

If Ripple didn’t succeed to endure over the resistance level of $0.1900 or the SMA of 100-hourly, there are probabilities of a new drop-in the impending sessions.

Primary support is close to the price level of $0.1850. The chief support is close to the levels of $0.1810 and $0.1800. Bears are probable to target a $0.1650-test level.

XRP Experiences Rebuff at a $0.20-Resistance Level

Western Union Tests XRP XRP Price Might Be Back to 0.165 Dollar

Ripple’s XRP is altering upward during the four-hour chart. The crypto market is increasing, and it hit a high level of $0.18588. XRP recovered on April 6, wherein it hit a new high price of $0.20500. As per the daily stochastic, the digital market hit the overbought status. It resulted in the development of traders to drive prices down.

The bulls retested the resistance level of $0.2050 for two times. It also retested the resistance zone of $0.1962 before the last descending action. The price movement caused by the bearish double top’s development.

The XRP price’s outline is accountable for the decreasing line. The trading pressure might endure, and the bears attempt to halt under the trend. On the bright side, the bulls need to protect the support level of $0.18 before an increasing action can continue. A stopover the $0.1880 and $0.19 is probable. It will push the bulls to stop at the $0.20-resistance level.

The bulls tried to break the resistance level of $0.20. The digital currency market dropped after the resistance’s two ineffective trials. The altcoin is combining over the support level of $0.18. The $0.18-support level is indistinct for the hold. If the present support grasps, Ripple will continue an increasing action. On the other hand, bears might stop the crypto market and current support. The market will drop to a range of $0.163 to $0.17.

The significant support areas are $0.25, $0.20, and $0.15. As for the resistance zones, the levels are $0.25, $0.20, and $0.15.

The XRP/USD is over the daily stochastic range of 40%. XRP is in a strong impetus, yet the momentum is unsteady. The XRP price action is displaying bullish indicators. The EMAs are progressively leaning upward. However, it’s experiencing a $0.20-resistance level.

The Relative Strength Index or RSI of Ripple fell to 48. It’s currently in a downward area, and it’s under the centerline. The pair might decrease further. The EMA of 12-day, as well as the EMA of 26-day, assist XRP. Furthermore, a halt under the EMAs will recommend bearish indicators.

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