Ripple’s XRP Is a Great Crypto Choice for Investors, Says Analyst

Ripple’s XRP was once the third biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, but it is still considered a micro-cap option. This is especially true if compared with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Regardless, several investors choose the XRP and appear to prefer its growth trajectory compared to its relatively larger pears. 

This may be due to the long-term growth prospects seem to decline for an investment of a formidable size. That’s why investors, especially the bullish ones, are recommended by experts to focus on smaller-cap players. Especially if they think that the companies they’ll invest in have a shot at growing their influence relative to others on their level. 

Caption: The XRP's real-world uses stands out among peers, says analyst.

Caption: The XRP’s real-world uses stands out among peers, says analyst.

According to an analyst, one of the best choices for this is the XRP. This is because of its main goal to be a cryptocurrency that is designed for real-world use. As most digital coins have vague uses outside of their network, using them for payments is difficult, especially for larger currencies whose prices varies by hundreds to thousands each day. 

However, the analyst says that the XRP is immune to this because it was designed to handle payments. It especially solves a key problem in cross-border payments and allows for an almost instantaneous transaction process. 

Another key factor for this choice is RippleNet, XRP’s existing global payment platform. This is widely used globally and is gaining influence in recent years. This service greatly eliminates the hassles of transfers and fees, especially international transactions. RippleNet uses XRP and makes this process cheaper and more efficient. 

The analyst closes with a disclaimer that cryptocurrencies are still in a vague place today, but the XRP is still an attractive choice because of its real-world potential. He reiterates that the chances of succeeding after investing in XRP are more interesting than its peers.

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