RippleNet Home Launched, a New Product for Seamless Interaction

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Ripple has introduced its new RippleNet Home, a revolutionary product that aims to provide a seamless connection for their clients.

Now, all Ripple customers will be able to experience a smoother and more consistent way to interact with each other using the new RippleNet Home.

Cryptocurrency giant Ripple has launched its new product, “RippleNet Home,” which provides a system that allows their customer to partner and connects with each other. According to the demonstration shown during the SWELL conference this year, RippleNet Home will let companies and firms to receive insights and data about their real-time performance and payment flows. Further, the new product will enable businesses to expand their reach and better their capabilities in different markets all over the world. The new product is expected to change how business and partnering with other companies work.

The new Ripple platform can be leveraged in terms of evaluating how big or small the market is. It can also be useful in finding the most appropriate partners in an instant to help with the business growth of the company. With a list of possible prospects to partner with, companies can start getting connected after performing due diligence.

Through the new RippleNet Home product, teaming up with each other and looking for new companies to do business with has never been more convenient and instant to all Ripple customers. All members in RippleNet can also benefit from the instant settlement and low fees through Ripple’s other ODL (On-Demand Liquidity) service.

Based on reports, there are already about 300 members gathered in RippleNet, and about two dozen of the members are using the ODL service, leveraging in Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency for doing payments and other financial transactions to different countries around the globe.

According to Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, 2019 has proved to be the strongest year for Ripple so far. However, the CEO’s claim doesn’t necessarily pertain to the huge success, or lack thereof, of XRP. The native token of the company has stayed under the selling pressure during the annual SWELL conference and is currently trading at $0.283 mark.

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