Ripple Announces its Intention to Donate $1 Million to Ukraine

Ripple announced in its Twitter post its intention to support Ukraine by donating $1 million to the country. Ripple intends to allocate this donation between the World Central Kitchen (WCK) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)  

These organizations are working together to support the Ukrainian government rescue its refugees and providing relief to the soldiers fighting the war. 

Ripple joins different countries, organizations, and other cryptocurrencies in providing steady support to Ukraine. Some organizations also showed their support by donating fiat, food, equipment and even expressing their solidarity through social media sites. 

Ripple Announces its Intention to Donate $1 Million to Ukraine
Ukraine receives support from countries, organizations, and cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Ripple is working with the rest of the global XRP community to convert cryptocurrency to cash better. 

Ukraine also received different crypto asset donations with digital currency donations. Ukraine also received donations through NFTs, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, amounting to an overwhelming $54.7 million and over 102,000 crypto donations. 

Ripple Announces its Intention to Donate $1 Million to Ukraine
Ukraine-Russia war encouraged different kinds of crypto donations.

Mykhailo Federov also announced that the country accepts “meme coins” as forms of donation to the country. Tesla founder Elon Musk encouraged people to donate Dogecoin tokens, starting first as a joke. 

As of this moment, Ukraine is pushing for more donations from its neighbouring countries, organizations, and cryptocurrency investors as it expects Russia to step up its destructiveness on the country. 

Cryptocurrencies are also blocking out any Russian transfers through cryptocurrencies to support the global sanctions against the country. 

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