Retailers, Consumers to Benefit as NetCents Integrates Ripple’s XRP

MOSCOW, Russia – Brad Garlinghouse, the chief executive officer of cryptocurrency exchange Ripple, has announced recently that their firm has signed over 300 new partners to its RippleNet.

With international remittance service provider Moneygram already aboard, these companies are already working with the new On-Demand Liquidity offering that employs Ripple’s cryptocurrency, the XRP, for affordable and instant payments.

This week, another partner for Ripple materializes. Cryptocurrency payment gateway, NetCents Technology, Incorporated Z, has proclaimed that it has added the XRP on its platform.

On Twitter, the next-generation online payment processing service provider, who owns the handle @NetCentsHQ, confirmed the official announcement via a tweet dated November 7, 2019.

Based on the report posted online by NetCents Technology News, a website delivering the latest information about the cryptocurrency industry, and developments on NetCents Technology, the company has expressed its excitement on integrating Ripple’s digital currency to the NetCents merchant gateway.

Aside from that, the XRP will also be added to the Instant Settlement program of the firm. This latest development permits purchases at all NetCents participating merchants.

Furthermore, the integration development has reportedly started and will move into the integration trial on Friday, November 8, with the agenda of going live after that event.

The news report clarified that the XRP would only be added to the merchant platform of NetCents, and not to the NetCents Exchange at this point.

With almost US$2 billion per day in volume and a US$ 13.4 billion market capitalization, Ripple functions as a remittance network, real-time gross settlement system, and cryptocurrency exchange.

Mehdi Mehrtash, who is the Chief Technology Officer at NetCents Technology, Incorporated, acknowledged that Ripple’s XRP is a top virtual currency that possesses a high daily volume.

He also noted the fact that the digital currency of Ripple is increasingly on-demand by retailers.

Mehrtash said that Ripple sees eye-to-eye with their needs for their Instant Settlement program.

He remarked that they look forward to the official integration of the XRP to their platform, and offering it to their merchants.

According to the news posted online by U.Today, a global media organization focusing on delivering technology news, the addition of the XRP to the operations of NetCents may also impact the latter’s partnership with PornHub.

Retailers, Consumers to Benefit as NetCents Integrates Ripple's XRP ORIG
The addition of the XRP to the operations of NetCents may also impact the latter’s partnership with PornHub.

The principal business ally of NetCents is reportedly seen on expanding the list of its cryptocurrency payment options, now that NetCents has added the XRP.

In spring 2018, Pornhub reportedly partnered with the Verge digital currency platform, and integrated cryptocurrency, XVG, as the first digital coin on the adult content giant.

PornHub also introduced a futuristic promotional advertisement of the collaboration, with the slogan, “The future has cum.”

The adult entertainment juggernaut added the TRX as another option to pay for the subscriptions in cryptocurrency as well.

NetCents­­­ Technology, Incorporated provides merchants and consumers digital services for managing electronic payments.

The company is concentrated on capturing the migration from fiat currency to digital currency by using innovative blockchain technology.

In this manner, it can give payment solutions that are easy to use, hassle-free, and secure.

NetCents­­­ Technology, Incorporated works with its financial partners, exchanges, and mobile operators to modernize the consumer experience of transacting on the Internet.

It is integrated into the Automated Clearing House and registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada as a Money Services Business.

NetCents is available for deposits from 194 territories worldwide, offering its clients the freedom to choose the type of payment method they prefer.

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