WildTornado Includes XRP in Casino’s Cryptocurrency Payment Methods

WildTornado announced that it would include XRP as a payment method among the company’s list of impressive cryptocurrency payment methods. 

Including XRP in the casino’s payment method allows the players to enjoy Ripple’s technology accompanied by extremely low transaction fees. Players paying through XRP also increase the speed of transactions to remove the hassle of transferring money. 

WildTornado also accepts payment methods from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other large cryptocurrencies. 

More importantly, WildTornado set the standard for how seamless online casinos conduct business and transactions through cryptocurrency. Players can also transfer their winnings from the games to other cryptocurrencies.

Wildtornado Because of cryptocurrency, WildTornado saw its player database increase exponentially. The seamless transactions make it more fun for the casino’s existing players to gamble with cryptocurrency. 

Furthermore, XRP’s large market capitalization makes the coin accessible for more people to pay to play in the online casino. 

WildTornado also opened the doors to other ways companies can use cryptocurrencies, especially in the online gambling industry. 

XRP created a system that provides a swift transaction model while validating transactions using a distributed consensus mechanism. Furthermore, this system also completes transactions in at most 5 seconds. 

Furthermore, the added hype in the cryptocurrency market increases the casino’s net revenue by the number of cryptocurrency players playing in the casino. 

Following in the footsteps of WildTornado, other companies have already included XRP and other cryptocurrencies in their list of payment methods. 

For example, EarnBet created the first decentralized casino, accepting various cryptocurrencies to replace traditional cash. Other casinos that accept cryptocurrency payment methods are PlayAmo, 5Gringos, and BetShah. 

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