A Bullish Theory: XRP Aims to Reach $0.82 in The Near Future

ALTRINCHAM, Manchester – April has been a tough month for the crypto market. However, things are starting to be bright for Ripple as cryptocurrency enthusiasts hope that it can go up to $0.82 in the upcoming days. Ripple was one of the top gainers last March during the bull run despite most coins not showing any groundbreaking returns.

Since April’s start, it has already entered a bullish trend, which can pave the way for it to continue its upward trend. Some notable factors are in play, as well as why this estimate is being drawn:

  • XRP has already surpassed $0.72 and is continuing to gain a good upward trend.
  • XRP has been reported to have various steady gains above the moving average for 100 days.

These two are hard evidence that supports the bullish theory that Ripple is making.

A Bullish Theory- XRP Aims to Reach $0.82 in The Near Future
A chart showing data on the cryptocurrency market and its trend

Since it added 10% to Ripple’s value from last week, people are eyeing as much as a 15% gain. Some even see it getting ready to reach $0.83. Although this is what is happening now, still, there are risk factors that buyers and enthusiasts should effectively manage. In terms of buying, it could be recommended to go for it but with only a small capital to use to avoid risks. On the other hand, though, if you’ve got the mindset of “buy now and forget,” you can purchase Ripple since its outlook in the long term is bright.

A Bullish Theory- XRP Aims to Reach $0.82 in The Near Future
Four screenshots of data with differing trends and a magnifying glass

For XRP, it is all about momentum. It is what keeps it going steady and could make it gain even more in the next few days. Note that the strength index is still leaning a bit to the “bear” side, which is why buyers and enthusiasts should do any risk management in place effectively. A word of caution: once Ripple reaches a dip of $0.68 or lower, this analysis could be rendered null.

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